"I ain't afraid of your Yahweh, I ain't afraid of your Allah. I ain't afraid of your Jesus, I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your 'god' "

-"I ain't Afraid" by Holly Near






Origins of a FFantasy Nerd[edit | edit source]

Born Nicole in the year XXXX, Eggmund discovered the magic and wonder of RPGs after first playing Final Fantasy VIII and IX at the home of her friend, XX. Unbearably nervous, Eggmund did very poorly and decided that RPGs required more commitment than s/he was willing to give.

Many years later, after Eggmund took in a mate, XXX, said mate was into the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. Not selfish by any means, XXX decided to share her discovery with Eggmund. After buying the game her/himself, Eggmund was totally hooked. S/he fell in love with the the style of the game, and went on to buy Final Fantasy V, Dawn of Souls, the DS/GC Crystal Chronicles game(s), Tactics Advance (sold it; it was too boring), and gobs of FF merchandise. Including a Tonberry named Mr. Shanks, who is, in actuality, very huggable and fragile.

Now a bit of an expert, Eggmund has open debates regarding fan and canon pairings;, crack theories, plotholes, and how much Final Fantasy VII is a whored-out game.

Pages I've edited so far/Pics I've uploaded[edit | edit source]



Cu Chaspel (Ring of Fates boss)

Cu Chaspel Clone


Cecil Harvey






Great Crystal (Crystal Chronicles)

Golbez (Uploaded and added current Li'l Theo pic. )

Lian (Crystal Chronicles) (Uploaded and added pic. )

Eryll (Uploaded and added pic. )

Village (Uploaded and added pic. )

Bachenn (Uploaded and added pic. )

My own

To-Do List[edit | edit source]

-Update Norschtalen page

-Update Latov page

-Find pics for/update Waltrill page

-Organize King Kolka page

-Find pics for/update Veriaulde page

-Find pic for Eryll page.

scores[edit | edit source]

Scores (Square Enix Titles)
I (GBA) 9
II (GBA) 7.5
III (DS) 4
IV (DS) 9.5
V (GBA) 7.5
VI -
VII (PS1) 8
IX -
X -
X-2 3.5
XI -
RW -
T -
TA -
MQ {{{MQ}}}
CT -
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars|SMRPG 9
KH -
KH:CoM 5.5

Userbox things[edit | edit source]

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Crusher-ffvi-ios.png This user is lacking a title or any true power, but can rollback if needed.
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This user has completed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
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This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.
This user Hated Final Fantasy X-2.
This user Hated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Antiamano.png This user thinks that Amano's art is an abomination.
Squallmenu.PNG This user thinks that Nomura's art is better than the others.
Golbez-PSP-BattleSprite.png To be honest, this user isn't sure s/he wants to know the answer.
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FFTA-bombR.gif This user a splode.
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Likes FF way too much.PNG This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much
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FF4PSP-CidSprite.png This user is gonna kill the lot of ya if you don't come back safe!
TAYPSP-LucaSprite.png This user was never a fan of dwarven fashion, really.
TAYPSP-HarleySprite.png This user believes there are times when the head of a kingdom must act with a firm, calculated hand.
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS.png This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
FFVI Celes Chere Sprite iOS.png This user is a soldier, not some love-starved twit.
FFVI Setzer Gabbiani Sprite iOS.png Ante up! This user's life is a chip in the pile.
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Userbox X-2 Rikku.jpg Aw, this user wanted to be a Cactuar!
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Basch ffxiirw.PNG You would bind yourself to illusions, to the fallen. This user will cut you free of those bonds!
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HopeUserbox.png There is hope for this user after all.
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