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Job Class Machinist
Race Human
Hometown Manila, Philippines
Date of Birth 1998
Age ???
Height 5'2
Blood Type O-
IQ ???
Weapon Ultima Weapon
Spells Dark Thundara, Megaflare ,Holy ,1000 Needles, Trine, Ultima , and Absolute Zero

Hello FF fans and welcome to my user page. My name is Eclipse004 but you could just call me Eclipse. I'm best descibed as a very sarcastic and insane person who likes video games a lot. I also like Anime like Bleach and Naruto. I get sick a lot because my resistance is always down ^^;; Now I'm still learning how to play the guitar and speak Japanese. Gomenasai for visiting my page!!

My name: Eclipse004Edit

Explaining the name, it's the name that I always use in a countless number of video games. I'm really used to the name now. It originated when I was looking at a website with tons of pet names. I came across the said name and I found it really interesting. "004" is the day of my birthday, which is the 4th of October.

Bests and WorstsEdit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Bartz Klauser Cloud Strife Squall Leonhart Locke Cole
Female Protagonist Terra Branford Yuna Rinoa Penelo
Supporting Character Edgar Figaro Beatrix Ashe Relm Arrowney
Magic Spell (Offensive) Graviga Absolute Zero Ultima Fire
Potion Elixir X-Potion Hi-Ether Antidote
Couple Zack/Aerith Edgar/Terra Locke/Celes Cyan/Gau
Relic Genji Glove Mythril Glove Hyper Wrist Sprint Shoes
Job Class Machinist Majitek Knight Rune Knight Pictomancer
Esper Bahamut Ramuh Shiva
Villain Kefka Palazzo Sephiroth Exdeath Ultimecia
Black Mage Rydia Vivi Palom Lulu
Thief Zidane Tribal Locke Cole Marcus Vaan

Userboxes (I'll keep adding more and more!!)Edit

Userb female This user is a female.
FF4PSP-TellahSprite This user thinks you are a Spoony Bard.
FFT-enemy-RedDragon This user is a WikiDragon.
Userb faerie This user is a WikiFairy.
FF4PSP-EdwardSprite This user is a Spoony Bard.
Wiki This user has been a member of the Final Fantasy Wiki since January 2, 2010.
Userb windcrystal This user is of the Wind element.
User libra This user is a Libran.
FFVI Celes Chere Sprite iOS This user is a soldier, not some love-starved twit.
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
Userbox Yazoo All this user wants is to be with Mother.
TifaACPortrait Yeah, this user remembers you.
th_MKLogo.jpg This user also plays Mortal Kombat.

Userbox ff7-aerith2 This user wants to know how compatible Cloud and s/he are.
th_CnC_Nod_logo.jpg This user plays the Command & Conquer series of games as well.
Leon-PSP This user has delusions of grandeur.
FFVI Setzer Gabbiani Sprite iOS Ante up! This user's life is a chip in the pile.
FFV gilgamesh Impossible your dreams! - This user lives by this advice their mother gave them.
Freya menu This user believes that to be forgotten is worse than death.
Userbox bluchocobo This user is so cool, s/he actually turned blue!
Blackmage-ff1-nes This user syphons love out of the universe.
th_Magus_userbox.png If this user's fate is to be destroyed, he/she must simply laugh!
SeeD Logo 2 This user is an elite SeeD operative.
UserboxKujaFFIX If this user dies, we all die!
Userb-X-2 Yuna This user doesn't like your plan. It sucks.
Shinra Face This user is just a kid.
FFV Bartz Freelancer Sprite iOS This user is... kind of afraid of heights.
Userbox-DFirion There is only one path this user must follow!
Userbox-DTerra This user will never lose sight of his/her dream!
Userbox-DBartz The winds of victory are blowing this user's way!
th_Userbox_KHII_Kairi.png This time... this user'll fight.
Userbox ff6chocobo This user prefers saying Wark!
Userbox redchocobo Beware of the red hot fury of this user!
Warrior-ff1-nes This user likes swords.
Monk-ff1-nes This user misunderstands the Laws of Physics.
8BitKary This user has a habit of killing off their minions.
8BitMuffin This user owns an invisible sky castle.
FFX-2YunaLenne This user has 1000 Words that have never been spoken.
IThis user has completed Final Fantasy.
IIThis user has completed Final Fantasy II.
IIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy III.
IVThis user has completed Final Fantasy IV.
V This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VI This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
VII This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
IXThis user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
X This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
XII This user has completed Final Fantasy XII.
T This user has completed Final Fantasy Tactics.
CC This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
DoC This user has completed Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.
AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
TSW This user has watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
U This user has watched Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Top 10 MalesEdit

  1. Bartz Klauser
  2. Edgar Figaro
  3. Sabin Figaro
  4. Zack Fair
  5. Squall Leonhart
  6. Cloud Strife
  7. Warrior of Light
  8. Firion
  9. Shadow/Clyde Arrowney
  10. Cecil Harvey

Top 10 FemalesEdit

  1. Terra Branford
  2. $Celes Chere
  3. Rinoa Heartilly
  4. Garnet til Alexandros
  5. Lenna
  6. Rosa Joanna Farrel
  7. Tifa Lockheart
  8. Aerith Gainsborough
  9. Cara/Krile/Kururu
  10. Ashe Dalmasca

Top 5 Favorite Games (Not necessarily in FF)Edit

  1. Final Fantasy VI
  2. Final Fantasy V
  3. Harvest Moon DS
  4. Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright)
  5. Cooking Mama 3
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