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FFXII[edit | edit source]

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • I was paying particular attention while selling my loot, not to "waste" pickups as my inventory is full (reached 99), and noticed Blood-darkened Bone was worth an appreciate amount (over 1000) so did a search about it finding that it's a rare steal (from Dead Bones) which I don't do so figured I got them otherwise then found out it's a common drop from Dark Lord so I now know know what to do if I'm in need of Gil, I just need to be able to face a level 45-59 foe.

Grinding[edit | edit source]

Zoom of the highlight of the area where undeads can be chained in Stilshrine of Miriam subsection Walk of reason

  • The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea subsections is shaped like a circle with Central Junction in the middle so it's possible to run around in circle with ever-spawning foes (from Westersand clockwise: Platform 1 - Refinery, Platform 1 - South Tanks, Platform 2 - Refinery, Primary Tank Complex, East Junction) ; the best part is that most of the enemies are Urutan-Yensa which chain, other types are easily avoidable so a very-long chain can simply be attained.
  • Stilshrine of Miriam subsection Walk of reason contain different undead types that are chainable (Ghoul, Ghast & Zombie Warrior) that are easy to defeat by the time the story get there plus the chain drop are quite interesting and Festering Flesh fetch a good price. I can't figure out why but there seem to be a respawn limit that seem to max the chain advancement of about 70 but zoning 2 maps away will get the enemies to start respawning again ; make sure to turn off attack gambits and remove inciting attack equipment (ie: Battle Harness) while going away so the chain doesn't break. In addition to the thumbnail of the map undead area highlight, there's a [[:File:FFXII-Stilshrine of Miriam-Walk of reason-grinding.png|zoomed-out]] version.
  • Sochen Cave Palace subsection Destiny's March top part shaped like a diamond filled with large bulky headless creatures that are chainable (Striker & Wendigo) yielding good XP and that drop in in interesting proportion Magotty Flesh that sell for about 750 Gil ; if you're stuck in Old Archades because you can't pay your way through, it's a good idea to head back there. Note that there's 2 types and the ones with a translucent blue chunk in place of their head absorb Ice and if, like me at that point, you have the Icebrand (that obviously add Ice element) I suggest you set a gambit similar to Foe: lighting-weak > 1000 Needles before the attack one so you actually don't heal them. There seem to be a respawn limit so to continue, make sure no one attack then zone 2 maps away then chain back where your party was ; I kill 2 birds with 1 stone: I go up to Temptation Eluded and continue it there BUT I keep my finger on the flee button and am very quick to use it as it also contain the flying gargoyles that would obviously break the chain.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

I would've named this section Forced Grinding but it could be confused the similar-named section.

  • Reaching Garuda blocking the party from stepping up to the Tomb of Raithwall for the first time, the members were the same level as it but I had to go back take 3 levels and even then had to resurrect a few times plus I already had my attack plan on as I peeked Garuda sheet (cheated). As I got to the desert I got the map so took the shortest route so perhaps the developers figured people would explore or get lost a bit before but then why put the map so close to its entrance. Perhaps they later figured it was too hard as unlike other bosses, this one can be fled from.
  • To get past Sochen Cave Palace first map through the Gate of the Soul Ward (door), thus get to Hall of Lambent Darkness, you must have been given the Mandragora Hunt but even at level 40, easily defeating all the foes to get there (I think I'm about 5 levels over will all the grinding I did for LP & items), I was annihilated. Although backup characters were almost level 15, so that might be less than what's expected for parties. The Mandragorans weren't so terrible, I raised probably 30 times before the final attempt at resisting them ; they'd run after the party killing 1-2 of them then giving up the chase over & over until they got the 3 and weren't leaving (so faced 4-5 instead of 2-3) so the 2 backups got KOed. My lesson from this is always groom your backups before going on the offensive ; as soon as my main characters got back on their feet I went for the lowest HP Mandragoran leaving my rescuers with low HP (ratio) or ailments. Solution: It didn't make sense to me that I could defeat Mandragorans but not the whole party/family/clan so I tried a couple times before I thought of how to do it properly. The most important thing are gambits! A hole in my previous setup was that the only curing would be if character had 24MP (&+) or if that the wounded would be critical as the only 2 gambits for that were Curaga & First Aid, the former requiring 24MP & the latter waiting until the character was almost dead and with the opposing party were almost invariably killed before its effect took place ; I was using Curaga < 60%, so I added Cure < 50%, so at 14MP & over they'd at least be cured until their MP get drained enough to reach 13MP so I'd have him/her charge him/herself thus having enough for Curaga. The rest of the gambits were more aggressive in curing ailments (in certain cases putting them higher than healing) and to forgo buffing considering the amount of rising (from KO) of the players. The next important aspect (I neglected) was the order of foe, if you played RTS (Real-Time Strategy) you quickly learn to defeat the enemies from easiest to hardest, the same apply here ; I found that Topstalk was the hardest (because of his high evasion) so I KOed the 2 other rankless, then royalties in rank order then it (Topstalk). I defeated the Mandragoran clan with even less XP (because I was fleeing from Tchita teleport crystal to Hall of Lambent Darkness) than earlier but with more knowledge ; I guess that the saying about knowledge & power holds true again.
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