Introduction Edit

I'm a college student in the Computer Systems Technician - Software Support program.

Contributions Edit

Most of my work done on the wiki have been edits on Final Fantasy Dimensions, usually doing monsters, and skill pages. I created the Battle Strategy for FFD's Leviathan (and did NOT have fun with this boss)

FF History Edit

FF Games Cleared

Final Fantasy III (NDS) - NEVER EVER EVER going to try beating this game again. I don't even know where to begin with this game. I had troubles no matter what I did since that stupid cave that's sort of northwest to Ur, and if I remember correctly, Djinn is the boss in that cave and killing him restores the people of Sasune back to normal.

Final Fantasy IV - This game was pretty tough on the GBA version. Gotten pretty much nowhere in the iOS version because "Hard" difficulty is just ridiculous.

Final Fantasy VI - Sadly I haven't played every Final Fantasy game, but this one is my favorite of all time.

Final Fantasy XII - I liked the battle system in this game, but it was really tough as well. Jimcloud, why you hate the Battle system in this? D:

Final Fantasy Dimensions - Aside from the fact that I liked the story, this game is JUST TOO HARD! As if the bosses in the story line weren't hard enough at certain points, Ω Weapon just killed me. I could talk about this game all day. The music is good in it though. Especially the boss themes.

Achievements Edit

January 31 2014 - Defeated Ω Weapon in Final Fantasy Dimensions at Max Level.

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