Condition/Moment/Etc. SNES/PSX GBA
Somewhere in Locke's scenario Gotta get moving! The attack on Narshe is imminent. Who knows what's going to happen next? What are you standing around for!? It's almost time to launch the attack on Narshe. Marching orders could come down at any moment!
alternate dialogue for Merchant in Sabin's scenario MERCHANT: Good day. Need anything?

<C> See the goods <C> Not interested

Merchant: Good day to ya! Need anything?

(Take a look.) (Maybe another time.)

dialogue located in same spot as Imperial Camp dialogue SOLDIER: Who in blazes're YOU? Soldier: Who goes there!?
dialogue from Kefka in Imperial Camp when he's running from Sabin KEFKA: What an oaf! When I get my hands on him... Kefka: Pestering little...! Really want me to let you have it, do you!?
alternate dialogue where Sabin introduces himself to Cyan I'm SABIN, from Figaro. I'll explain more later. First, let's finish this! I'm Sabin, from the kingdom of Figaro. We can talk more later. Let's get out of here!
dialogue from an apparent NPC in Jidoor after Zozo There's only one airship in the world. It's owned by a gambler, or should I say pirate...? There's only one working airship in the world. It's owned by the Gambler. They say he uses it as a flying pirate ship...
dialogue from Locke during the opera LOCKE: Good luck...! Locke: Good luck.
dialogue from Locke during the opera LOCKE: Impresario, what's up above the stage? Locke: Impresario, what's up above the stage?
dialogue from Locke during the opera LOCKE: That has to be a joke! Locke: With that!
opera dialogue STAGE MASTER: Enter the room to the far left of the stage, then make for the framework above the stage. Stagehand: The door to the room on the left-hand side of the stage should be open now. You can get up to the catwalks from there.
before Kefka's scene with Ifrit and Shiva in the Magitek Factory Nee, hee, hee, hee, hee! Nee-hee-hee-hee-hee!
Esper world NPC dialogue You just want to peer into the human realm beyond the north gate, eh, Maduin? Wouldn't you love to see the human world beyond the northern gate just once, Maduin?
Dialogue after Gestahl strikes down Madonna MADUIN: Maadoonaaa!! Maduin: Madeline!!!
Dialogue at the Sealed Gate LOCKE: The sealed gate... Can you sense anything, Terra? Locke: The Sealed Gate...Are you feeling anything, Terra?
Kefka at the Sealed Gate Uwa ha! So, it's true! Uwa-ha-ha!
Kefka at the Sealed Gate KEFKA: Emperor Gestahl was right! Kefka: Emperor Gestahl was right!
Sealed Gate dialogue What the!!! Wh-what!?
Sealed Gate dialogue Espers? Espers!?
Sealed Gate dialogue What about those Espers...? ...Where did the espers go?
Sealed Gate dialogue TERRA: Look, let's return to the airship. Terra: We'd better head back to the airship.
Sealed Gate dialogue KEFKA: D... Drat it all!! I won't forget this! Grr... Curse you! I won't forget this!
Sealed Gate dialogue "Something happened..."
"I'm not sure..."
"What just happened...?"
"I'm not sure..."
;Dialogue when leaving the Sealed Gate; an identical line is attributed specifically to Terra Anyway, let's return to the airship. Anyway, let's return to the airship.
In-battle dialogue from the Sealed Gate KEFKA: Earthquake......? Kefka: An earthquake...?
Among the Vector dialogue, likely after the banquet Your friends... They're in the cafe. Your friends are in the pub.
dummied third line when the Espers emerge from the Sealed Gate and go to Thamasa We've no time to lose! We don't have much time!
Among the start of the Floating Continent dialogue Quick! Back to the airship!! Let's get back to the airship!
Dialogue from one of the bandits in South Figaro Gerad's a boss we can trust! But he looks awfully familiar... Gerad's a boss we can trust! Does look awfully familiar, though...
Dialogue from Gerad in South Figaro GERAD: You still here?! Gerad: You're still here!?
Dialogue from Jidoor look like......aren't you...Maria?! Sorry, my mistake... aren't......Maria!? No, my eyes must just be playing tricks on me...
Dialogue from Jidoor I went up to talk to Owzer, but he's nowhere to be found. There's something I need to talk to Owzer about, but I can't find him anywhere!
Auction dialogue How about 100000 GP?! I'll give you 100,000 gil!
unused Chocobo dialogue Kue!! Kweh!
Chocobo riding >(Ride a chocobo?)
>(Not yet.)
(Ride a chocobo.)
(Maybe later.)
when Terra falls during the ending escape EDGAR: Follow her!

SETZER: Leave it to me!
Edgar: After her!

Setzer: Leave it to me!
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