Dissidia 012 Costume Predictions[edit | edit source]

Character Outfit Description Image Confirm
Final Score: 31 predictions total - 14.5 right
Warrior of Light Origins FMW appearance Armor is darker blue with fewer white and beige accents. No skirt FF Anniversary Light & Darkness.PNG Wrong
Garland FF9 appearance Armor is dark black with a red orb on chest. Helmet is removed to reveal white hair. Garland-ffix-boss.png Wrong
Firion Origins appearance No cape, blue and white armor FFOrigins - Firion.png Wrong
Emperor Imperial Shadow/Emperor of Heaven Armor turns bright green and dark purple. EX Mode is Emperor of Heaven with gold and lavender colorings Imperial Shadow FFII PSP.pngEmeror Soul PSP.png Half-right.
Onion Knight Arc Armor turns bright green with brown accents Arc-OnionKnight.png Half-right
Golbez DLC - Sprite appearance Bright blue armor with red cape IV-golbez sd.png Wrong
Kain Sprite appearance Armor turns bright blue with green highlights Kain Highwind battle.pngIV-kain sd.png Wrong
Bartz Anthology appearance Black and white armor, no cape http://www.videogamesblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/bartz-final-fantasy-v-wallpaper.jpg Wrong
Exdeath Unarmored appearance Black and blue outfit, no helmet revealing head Amano Exdeath real.jpg Wrong
Kefka Sprite appearance Green, gold and red outfit KefkaForward.PNGKefka2.jpg Right
Terra Blue EX Mode
DLC - black dress
------ Was a joke made on the IRC.TerraBlackOutfit.jpg Right/Right
Sephiroth KH appearance Different trenchcoat with red linings, two wings extending from hips SephirothKH2Cropped.PNG Right
Tifa Amano appearance White hair, red miniskirt and gloves AmanoTifa.jpg Right
Squall Balamb cadet uniform Blue jacket and pants, Squall will wear his jacket unzipped Balamb Uniform.png Wrong
Laguna Galbadia Uniform/Presidential Attire Blue uniform with silver armor/Blue shirt with no jacket
DLC - Knight outfit
FF8 G-Soldier.pngLagunaending.jpg All Right
Ultimecia Adel Blue, purple and red outfit with differently styled wings FF8 Adel.png Wrong
Zidane Knight of Pluto Silver armor with strap across the torso Zidane - Knights of Pluto Costume.PNG Right
Kuja Genome outfit Specifics varies depending on which Genome they choose Genomes2.png Wrong
Tidus DLC - Shuyin See picture. FFX-2 Artwork Shuyin.png Wrong
Yuna Gunner outfit/Concept art Frilly blue skirt with a different top and hairstyle./Single-piece dress with tails and collar. FFX-2 Artwork Yuna.pngFFX-Yuna sendingConcept.jpg Right/Wrong
Shantotto Domina/Belle Shantotto Grey and black outfit with gold swirls. EX Mode is white rode with black swirls. Normal and EX Mode appearances can easily be exchanged, doesn't matter Domina Belle Shantotto final battle FFXI.png Wrong
Gabranth Basch disguise Armored uniform with red shorts Reks.png Right
Vaan Tactics outfit Different pants, white shirt under the vest FFTA2Vaan.png Right
Lightning Early render appearance Darker red hair, uniform colors shifted around Lightning FFXIII2.jpg Wrong
Gilgamesh Necrophobe battle sprite/FF8 appearance
DLC - FF12 appearance
Darker gray skin, pink armor/Red cloak over armor with different armor underneath FFV-gilgamesh3.gifGilgamesh-ffviii.png Gilgamesh RW.png Half-right/Right/Wrong

Summons[edit | edit source]

  • Maduin, "Chaos Wave" - reduce stage Bravery to 0 and grant Bravery to both characters equal to half the stage Bravery. Comes in Manual (FF9 art) or Automatic (FF6 sprite). Automatic version is called when summoner's Bravery hits 0.
  • Bismarck, "Sea Song" - for a period of time after summoning, Bravery of either character will not fall as a result of attacks. Uses FF6 sprite.
  • Diabolos, "Dark Messenger" - reduce opponent's Bravery by 50% and add it to the stage Bravery. Uses FF8 art.
  • Golem, "Golem Wall" - for a period of time summoner takes no damage from Wall Rush. Uses RW art.
  • Phantom Train, "Runaway Train" - randomly freeze opponent's Assist, EX or Bravery for a period of time. Comes in Manual (FF6 sprite) or Automatic (FF8 art). Automatic version is called when opponent calls own summon.
  • Knights of the Round, "Ultimate End" - the thirteenth Bravery attack used by either character that hits successfully after this summon is called will instantly Break the target. Uses FF7 art.
  • Crusader, "Cleansing" - reduce stage Bravery to 0 and inflict Break on both characters. Uses FF6 sprite.
  • Jenova, "Geostigma" - for a period of time opponent takes significantly more damage from banish traps and stage effects. Uses FF7 appearance
  • Griever, "Shockwave Pulsar" - is summoned automatically when opponent lands HP attack. Charges energy for a period of time, if opponent's Bravery is higher than the player's when charging completes, they are inflicted with Break. Uses FF8 art.
  • Hades, "Black Cauldron" - is summoned automatically when opponent uses a summon that damages summoner's Bravery. Reverses the effect to increase summoner's Bravery by same ammount. Uses FF7 art.
  • Lugae, "Reverse Gas" - is summoned automatically when opponent calls a summon that raises their Bravery. Reverses the effect to damage their Bravery by same ammount. Uses FF4 art.
  • Maenad, "Lunar Light" - steals opponent's unused Summon and activates it for the player instantly. Uses FF4 sprite.
  • Emerald Weapon, "Yros Secca Storm" - damages opponent's Bravery by 1111 points for each accessory more they have equipped than the summoner. Does nothing if opponent and summoner have same number of accessories equipped, or player has more. Is summoned automatically when opponent gains stage bravery. Uses FF7 art.

Manikin Names[edit | edit source]

  • Rosa - Delusory Queen
  • Rydia - Delusory Caller
  • Yang - Delusory Monk
  • Edward - Delusory Bard
  • Tellah - Delusort Sage
  • Cid - Delusory Engineer
  • Edge - Delusory Ninja
  • Palom - Delusory Black Mage
  • Porom - Delusory White Mage
  • Fusoya - Delusory Lunarian
  • Ceodore - Delusory Prince
  • Leonora - Delusory Epopt
  • Ursula - Delusory Trainee
  • Luca - Delusory Apprentice
  • Galuf - Fallacious Amnesiac
  • Faris - Fallacious Pirate
  • Lenna - Fallacious Damsel
  • Krile - Fallacious Granddaughter
  • Celes - Phantasmal General
  • Locke - Phantasmal Treasure Hunter
  • Edgar - Phantasmal Monarch
  • Sabin - Phantasmal Heir
  • Cyan - Phantasmal Retainer
  • Gau - Phantasmal Wild Child
  • Shadow - Phantasmal Assassin
  • Setzer - Phantasmal Gambler
  • Mog - Phantasmal Dancer
  • Strago - Phantasmal Magus
  • Relm - Phantasmal Artist
  • Ultros - Phantasmal Cephalopod
  • Typhon - Phantasmal Henchman
  • Gestahl - Phantasmal Dictator
  • Aerith - Imaginary Flower Girl
  • Barret - Imaginary Rebel
  • Red XIII - Imaginary Beast
  • Cid Highwind - Imaginary Pilot
  • Yuffie - Imaginary Materia Hunter
  • Cait Sith - Imaginary Robot
  • Vincent - Imaginary Experiment
  • Rufus - Imaginary President
  • Genesis - Imaginary Poet
  • Angeal - Imaginary Mentor
  • Kadaj - Imaginary Remnant
  • Reno - Imaginary Enforcer
  • Hojo - Imaginary Scientist
  • Rinoa - Transient Tamer
  • Zell - Transient Dueler
  • Quistis - Transient Teacher
  • Selphie - Transient Student*(I couldn't think of anything else)
  • Irvine - Transient Marksman
  • Seifer - Transient Disciplinary
  • Ward - Transient Janitor
  • Kiros - Transient Follower
  • Edea - Transient Mother
  • Adel - Transient Tyrant
  • Vivi - Capricious Searcher
  • Garnet - Capricious Princess
  • Steiner - Capricious Bodyguard
  • Freya - Capricious Rat
  • Quina - Capricious Chef
  • Eiko - Capricious Loner
  • Amarant - Capricious Bounty Hunter
  • Garland (FF9) - Capricious Creator
  • Beatrix - Capricious Paladin
  • Auron - Ephemeral Guardian
  • Wakka - Ephemeral Blitzer
  • Rikku - Ephemeral Chemist
  • Lulu - Ephemeral Enchanter
  • Kimahri - Ephemeral Tiger
  • Seymour - Ephemeral Priest
  • Paine - Ephemeral Crusader
  • Ashe - Idle Descendant
  • Basch - Idle Captain
  • Balthier - Idle Leading Man
  • Fran - Idle Woodwarder
  • Penelo: Idle Orphan
  • Vayne - Idle Usurper
  • Dr. Cid - Idle Scholar
  • Larsa - Idle Brother
  • Al-Cid - Idle Spaniard
  • Reddas - Idle Judge
  • Vossler - Idle Commander
  • Snow - Fleeting Rescuer
  • Sazh - Fleeting Father
  • Vanille - Fleeting Tribal
  • Hope - Fleeting Supporter
  • Fang - Fleeting Ancient
  • Cid Raines - Fleeting Brigadier
  • Jihl - Fleeting Colonel
  • Yaag - Fleeting Lieutenant
  • Galenth - Fleeting Primarch
  • Sora - Imposter Adventurer
  • Riku - Imposter Rival
  • Roxas - Imposter Shade
  • Xion - Imposter Replicant
  • Terra - Imposter Pawn
  • Ven - Imposter Speedster
  • Aqua - Imposter Maiden
  • Mickey - Imposter King
  • Vanitas - Imposter Boy
  • Ansem - Imposter Seeker
  • Xemnas - Imposter Sorcerer
  • Xehanort - Imposter Master

Seifer[edit | edit source]

A brash and hot-headed youth with a tongue as sharp as his sword. He combines fire magic and swordplay to devastate enemies
As the head of Balamb's Disciplinary Committee, he was frequently cited one of Garden's top students, but his inability to take orders and disrespect for authority denied him promotion to the rank of SeeD. Frustrated over his failures, he allied with Ultimecia and continued to seek his childhood dream under her wing.
Though he would never admit it, Seifer considers Squall his only worthy rival and will stop at nothing to defeat him.


As Squall's rival and classmate, Seifer dreams of being a Sorceress Knight, and has allied with Chaos believing the God of Discord will help him fulfill that dream. Seifer taunts Squall with the power Chaos has granted him and considers himself superior. He is determined to protect Chaos from the heroes, but after being defeated twice by Squall and one of the other heroes, in Shade Impulse he is a shadow of his former self, questioning his own abilities but not willing to turn back from the path he's chosen

Like Squall, Seifer is a master Gunblade user, but in contrast to Squall's swift melee attacks, Seifer uses long-range combos that combine swordplay and fire magic, as well as variations of Edea's attacks, and his HP attacks are difficult to avoid. However, his HP attacks cannot be chained.

Seifer's alternate costume removes the sleeves from his coat and colors his hair white and his clothing khaki. His third outfit is his KH2 attire. His Manikin, "Transient Rival," is green.

Exclusive Weapons: Beretta, Lionbane, Hyperion

Trade materials - Lost Pride*(A true Knight swings his blade for justice), Tattered Coat*(If this is the climax, why is the villain not playing their role?)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Backlash Ground Spin forward to attack with a back-handed strike
Fira Burst Ground Stab the ground and cause a plume of flame to erupt from underneath opponents. Initiates Chase.
Flametongue Ground Swing with a powerful melee attack that unleashes a wave of fire forward on the ground
Spin Slice Ground Swift three-hit combo that knocks the opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Flare Aerial Summon five fireballs surrounding opponents that bombard them one at a time
Dive Bomb Aerial Dive down and towards enemies, hits multiple times the sooner Seifer lands the strike. Causes Wall Rush.
Maelstrom Aerial Create a vortex of energy that draws opponents into it and hits multiple times.
Firaga Crush Aerial Summon a large fireball that splits into smaller fireballs that bombard opponents. Can be charged to increase the number of fireballs

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
No Mercy Ground/Aerial Swing Gunblade to release a blast of crescent-shaped energy blades that fly at opponents on an upwards curve. Can charge for range and speed
Firaga Blast Ground Fire five fireballs at opponent, then dash forward and use a strong Gunblade attack. Causes Wall Rush.
Demon Slice Ground/Aerial Spin towards opponents slashing wildly, then release a powerful blow that knocks them into the air
Fire Palm Ground Summon a large bolt of fire over Seifer's head that flies at enemies. Can charge for size and speed. Causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Seifer's EX Mode is "Sorceress Knight", in which the Hyperion and Seifer take on a green glow. In EX Mode, Seifer's Brave damage is increased, and he gains the "Break Reverse" ability, based on his Zantetsuken counter. By the effect of Break Reverse, if the opponent inflicts Break on Seifer, the opponent is inflicted with Break as well and neither character receives the Brave pool.

Seifer's EX Burst is Fire Cross, in which the player must stop flashing green bars on a power meter to successfully land hits with Seifer's fire magic. If they land all ten hits correctly, Seifer will finish the move with Bloodfest, slashing his opponent twice and causing the ground beneath them to explode in a flaming cross.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Don't disappoint me - when using Flare
You scared? - when using Dive Bomb
I got something for ya - when using Firaga Crush
Don't think so - when using Spin Slice
You gonna run? - when using No Mercy
Here it comes! - when using Fire Palm
Look out for this one! - when using Demon Slice
Let the fun begin! - when entering EX Mode
No going back now - when beginning EX Burst
Kneel before me! - when finishing EX Burst
You're on my list - when defeated
This can't be...why... - when defeated
I'm one step closer - when victorious
You can't beat a Knight! - when victorious

Time to face a true Knight! - when facing Warrior of Light
What a boring dream - when facing Firion
Have you even hit purberty? - when facing Onion Knight
I don't care for Boy Scouts - when facing Cecil
You're no Sorceress! - when facing Terra
What a young revolutionary - when facing Cloud
You ready for another scar? - when facing Squall
Let's go, fallen Knight - when facing Garland
Should I be impressed? - when facing Kefka
I suppose this could be fun - when facing Sephiroth
Don't compare me to you! - when facing Seifer
This your first real battle? - when facing Kuja
You're the real loser here - when facing Shantotto

That's it? You've a promise to fulfill? Come on, Squall! This is supposed to be the part where you swear your hatred for me, where you vow to stop me at any cost! The lone mercenary against the Knight...this is the climax! There's no stopping now! - when faced at the end of Squall's story

Genesis[edit | edit source]

A warrior who believes he was chosen by prophecy. He utilizes magic and swordplay to attack opponents with crushing melee combos.
An elite SOLDIER operative, Genesis' career was decorated, but he lived in the shadow of the Wutai Hero Sephiroth. When a wound from Sephiroth in a sparring exercise triggered his genetic degradation, he lead a revolt against Shinra to fulfill the words of LOVELESS and receive the mysterious "Gift of the Goddess" spoken of in myths.
Are his poetic recitals a sign of a deep madness, or an expression of his desperation for salvation? Perhaps not even he knows the answer...


Genesis uses his rapier in battle along with fire-aligned magical powers. He's primarily a heavy melee fighter, but has several ranged attacks. His attacks are somewhat similar to Golbez's in that they can hit at close and long ranges, but he can't cancel and chain his attacks together like Golbez can. His Brave attacks are fast and decently strong, but his HP attacks are slow.

Genesis' first alt outfit is his original Nomura artwork. His second alt is based on his degraded appearance, where he has white hair, his cloak is a more pale red, and he has a tear in the back where his wing sprouts. His Manikin, "Imaginary Poet," is red.

Exclusive weapons - Lost Wanderer, Forgotten Traveller, Unsung Hero

Trade Materials - Poet's Lament*(you sought a treasured gift that was with you all along), Banora White*(No mystery is without answer if one's belief is pure)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Impale Ground A quick, two-hit combo sword attack that initiates Chase.
Homing Ground Swing sword and send out four fireballs that track enemy. The sword blow knocks the opponent back into the air in such a way to ensure all four fireballs will hit.
Fire Storm Ground Swing to create an explosion underneath the opponent that launches them into the air. Sword swing knocks the opponent back into the explosion at close range
Hell Firaga Ground Fire three fireballs that spread out and hit opponent multiple times on contact, stunning them.
Sonic Thrust Ground Spin to attack three times, then slam opponent back with a blast of fire magic.
Crimson Slash Ground An extended melee combo attack that knocks the opponent back a great distance.
Black Feather Aerial Send out several black feathers that move quickly and track opponent. Strong homing and deals multiple hits, but does low damage
Flash Aerial Swing sword to fire five small fireballs that spread out and explode. The close-range sword swing initiates Chase.
Red Wrecker Aerial A three hit combo that slams the opponent to the ground.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Fire Crest Ground Stick sword into ground and thrust upwards, creating a column of fire around Genesis that reaches high into the air.
Black Flurry Ground Swing sword and send out a black shockwave of energy in a wave of feathers. Has large horizontal range but virtually no vertical range.
Dancing Sword Ground/Aerial Charge forward attacking five times, then leap up and end with an overhead cleave that knocks the opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Magic Sword Ground/Aerial Create four red magic swords surrounding opponent that collide to impale them. Absorbs opponents.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From description
Apocalypse Ground Sonic Thrust After knocking opponent back, create a crest of energy above them that strikes them with lightning bolts and slams them into the ground. Causes Wall Rush.
Apocalypse Aerial Red Wrecker After knocking opponent down, create a crest of energy below them that strikes them with lightning bolts and launches them back up into the air. Causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Genesis' EX Mode is Gift of the Goddess, where he sprouts a black wing over his left shoulder and his Rapier glows bright red. In his EX Mode Genesis can Glide and gains the special HP attack "Judgment Arrow" by holding R and Square. It has a fair charge time, but if successful Genesis fires a bolt of energy at the opponent at high speed. The attack crushes guards, inflicts Wall Rush and moves very quickly, making it difficult to dodge unless the opponent is far away.

Genesis' EX Burst is Power of Soldier. Genesis attacks his opponent with several sword slashes, then leaps into the air as a crest of energy manifests around them. Six circles in the crest light up in a random order, a button command appearing in them. The player must press the highlighted commands quickly before they fade. Failing will have Genesis cast a powered up version of Apocalypse, where he raises his hand to make the crest shock the opponent with electricity. Getting all six commands right makes Genesis uses Purgatorial Wave, where the six circles in the crest send columns of energy up into his rapier, and he descends from above to impale opponents, the impact causing the energy crest to explode around them.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Are you up for this?" - when beginning battle
  • "Show me your power!" - when beginning battle
  • "Don't....go easy!" - when beginning battle while low on HP
  • "Let's make this quick" - when beginning battle against a weaker opponent
  • "You'd dare face a hero?" - when beginning battle against a weaker opponent
  • "I'm not impressed" - when beginning battle against a stronger opponent

  • "I shall...accept this..." - when defeated
  • "This is the fate of a monster..." - when defeated
  • "Nothing shall forestall my return." - when defeated
  • "The goddess has forsaken me." - when defeated
  • "Erg...just a scrape" - when victorious while low on HP
  • "A painful tomorrow awaits you" - when victorious against a weaker opponent
  • "What a pitiful performance" - when victorious against a stronger opponent

  • "Fate is truly cruel" - when facing Warrior of Light
  • "Dreams are naught but mirages to be shattered" - when facing Firion
  • "Let light and darkness illuminate your path" - when facing Cecil
  • "A worthy dream...that you cannot fulfill!" - when facing Cloud
  • "A calm surface exposes turbulent depths" - when facing Squall
  • "I'll reveal your true face, false hero!" - when facing Shantotto
  • "Prisoner, I shall release you!" - when facing Garland
  • "Wandering souls will never know rest" - when facing Golbez
  • "The world needs a new hero!" - when facing Sephiroth
  • "Face oblivion with pride!" - when facing Kuja
  • "The beast descends at world's end..." - when facing Chaos

  • "Prepare!" - when using Impale
  • "Kneel!" - when using Homing
  • "No escaping this!" - when using Black Feather
  • "Back off!" - when using Crimson Slash
  • "Here it comes!" - when using Fire Crest
  • "Now! Take this!" - when using Dancing Sword
  • "Behind you!" - when using Magic Sword
  • "Take your last reward!" - when using Apocalypse

  • "The goddess smiles..." - when entering EX Mode
  • "I'll take you with me!" - when initiating EX Burst
  • "Prepare...take your last reward!" - when using Apocalypse
  • "Behold! I offer thee this sacrifice!" - when using Purgatorial Wave

Aerith[edit | edit source]

A young flower girl with a dark fate. She calls upon the spirit of the planet to protect herself.
The last of the ancient Cetra, Aerith met up with Cloud and joined AVALANCHE when a chance encounter intertwined the destinies of the group members. As she developed her powers to their fullest, she came to accept her duty as the last of the Cetra - to summon Holy, the ultimate magic that could stop Meteor and save the planet from Sephiroth. Unfortunately, her quest to summon Holy lead to her doom when Sephiroth killed her moments after the spell awakened.
Unyielding and confident, her delicate appearance belies an unbreakable will.


Aerith's fighting style is Limit Breaker. Aerith, similar to Lightning and Cecil, has three individual movesets, and her moveset changes automatically as she builds up EX Force. The more EX Force she has, the more powerful attacks she can use. With a full EX Gauge and while in EX Mode, Aerith is very powerful, but she is virtually helpless with a depleted gauge. Her attacks are varied and give her much protection, but she isn't so strong offensively until she powers up. She has the same HP attacks in all versions, but their effects power up as she charges her EX Gauge. Many of her Brave attacks are support attacks that help charge up her EX Gauge, while her offensive attacks generate a lot of EX Force. While fighting Aerith's power level is denoted by a flash of light appearing over her whenever she acquires (or loses) enough EX Force to change level.

Aerith's first alt is her Crisis Core attire, and her second alt is her Before Crisis outfit. As a fourth bonus outfit Aerith has her Kingdom Hearts outfit. Her Manikin, "Imaginary Mage," is pink.

Exclusive weapons - Striking Staff, Princess Guard, Minerva Rod

Trade accessories - Cetra's Prayer*(No sacrifice is not worth taking to save the future), Hair Ribbon*(Heroes may die, but a legacy lasts forever)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks - EX Gauge 0%-30% Full

Name Type Description
Staff Swing Ground Use a slow three-hit staff combo that launches opponent into the air. Initiates Chase.
Healing Wind Ground Call a swarm of wind to block opponent's attack, filling a small amount of Aerith's EX Gauge if the block is successful
Quake Ground Swing staff into ground, sending out a small shockwave around Aerith that launches opponent into the air.
Piledriver Aerial Quickly descend to the ground and knock opponent down and away. Generates more EX Force than normal attacks.
Healing Wind Aerial Call a swarm of wind to block opponent's attack, filling a small amount of Aerith's EX Gauge if the block is successful
Light Force Aerial Swing staff and fire a blast of holy energy that knocks opponent back. Short-range but high knockback. Causes Wall Rush.

Brave Attacks - EX Gauge 31%-70% Full

Name Type Description
Staff Strike Ground Powerful two-hit staff attack that knocks opponent away. Initiates Chase.
Seal Evil Ground Swing staff and create a crest of light energy that stuns opponent when they touch it.
Quakera Ground Swing staff into ground, sending out a shockwave forward that launches opponent into the air. Initiates Chase.
Breath of the Earth Aerial Instantly absorb all EX Force in a short radius around Aerith.
Fury Brand Aerial Restore a bit of Brave and EX Force to Aerith. Cannot be used again for a period of time once used.
Light Blast Aerial Swing staff and fire a beam of holy energy that knocks opponent back. Fast execution and decent range, but small radius of effect. Causes Wall Rush.

Brave Attacks - EX Gauge 71%-100% Full

Name Type Description
Staff Slammer Ground Long, powerful staff combo that knocks opponent away. Causes Wall Rush.
Flash Slash Ground Spin staff to draw opponent in, then knock them back. Initiates Chase, absorbs.
Quakega Ground Slam staff into ground and send out a large shockwave out all around Aerith. Initiates Chase
Pulse of Life Aerial Fill Aerith's EX Gauge and Assist Gauge a bit, but has long lag to usage.
Planet Protector Aerial Guard against attacks then charge forward to deliver a powerful staff attack. Knocks opponent up or down depending on their position relative to Aerith. Causes Wall Rush.
Photon Feather Aerial Send out several orbs of light to bombard opponent. Low damage but hits many times

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Crimson Flare Ground Spin and throw a large red fireball that tracks opponent and explodes after a certain distance, travels around same speed as Terra's Holy, about the same size as Emperor's Flare. Tracking improves across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge.
Krysta Ground Swing staff and drive into ground to summon a large shard of ice in front of Aerith. Radius and reach into the air improves across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge.
Light Blessing Ground Swing staff and call a pillar of light to strike opponent from above. Speed improves across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge. Causes Wall Rush at level 2, Absorbs at Level 3.
Great Gospel Ground/Aerial Charge energy and send a wave of water out to strike in a spherical radius around Aerith. Range improves across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge. Absorbs at Level 2, has Magic Block at Level 3.
Judgment Arrow Aerial Fling staff at opponent to impale them. Speed improves across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge. At level 2 staggers, at level 3 crushes guards. Causes Wall Rush
Thor's Hammer Aerial Summon a large storm of lightning to strike opponent. Number of bolts that appear increases across three levels depending on Aerith's EX Gauge. At Level 2 absorbs, at Level 3 causes Wall Rush

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Aerith's EX Mode is Princess Guard Equipped, where the Mythril Staff transforms into the Princess Guard, granting her the abilities Cetra's Gift and Cetra's Might. Cetra's Might increases the power of Aerith's Brave attacks, while Cetra's Gift lets Aerith use any of her attacks regardless of her EX Gauge's level. She can shift between movesets by pressing R and Square, the aura over her changing color (red, blue or purple) to show which of her three levels of power she is currently accessing. This ability to freely change movesets gives Aerith a lot of versatility and makes her quite unpredictable, while allowing allowing her to switch up her EX Gauge charging attacks to keep her gauge filled and maintain EX Mode longer. Additionally, all of Aerith's HP attacks have their full-power effects active throughout her EX Mode, regardless of how full her EX Gauge is.

Aerith's EX Burst is Final Prayer. Aerith knocks her opponent back with her staff, then prays to charge energy as her staff spins around her. A Limit Meter appears beneath a shadowed display of the Square-Circle-Triangle-X buttons, and the buttons light up randomly. The player must tap the highlighted button quickly to charge up the Limit Meter within a time limit. If the player fails Aerith casts a stronger version of Great Gospel, calling holy rain to bombard the opponent from above. If the player manages to fill the gauge though, Aerith uses Holy, summoning tendrils of the Lifestream to trap and damage the opponent from all directions before she consumes them in a blast of sacred light.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I'm not backing down!" - when beginning battle
  • "Let's give it a go." - when beginning battle
  • "Planet...guide me to victory!" - when beginning battle while low on HP
  • "I'm not going anywhere." - when beginning battle while low on HP
  • "I'll go easy on you." - when beginning battle against a weaker opponent
  • "I don't get intimidated." - when beginning battle against a stronger opponent
  • "Trying to act tough?" - when beginning battle against a stronger opponent

  • "You shouldn't have underestimated me." - when victorious
  • "Was I too rough on you?" - when victorious
  • "I've still got a mission..." - when victorious
  • "Phew, close one there!" - when victorious while low on HP.
  • "The Planet is calling to me..." - when defeated.
  • "I can't...not yet" - when defeated
  • "Proud of yourself?" - when defeated by a stronger opponent

  • "Light alone isn't enough." - when facing Warrior of Light
  • "Is that the wind calling I hear?" - when facing Bartz
  • "We'll teach each other, right?" - when facing Terra
  • "You too huh? Hmmm..." - when facing Cloud
  • "Time for us girls to have some fun!" - when facing Tifa
  • "Cheer up, or else!" - when facing Squall
  • "You...remind me of him..." - when facing Zidane

  • "Your soul will be purified." - when facing the Emperor
  • "It's not your place to decide our fates!" - when facing the Cloud of Darkness
  • "Your heart is in turmoil...why?" - when facing Golbez
  • "I can't sense anything from you..." - when facing Exdeath
  • "I won't let you steal our future!" - when facing Sephiroth
  • "Fate's cruelty is a horrible thing." - when facing Kuja
  • "You boast too much." - when facing Jecht
  • "This is my fate!" - when facing Chaos

  • "Defend!" - when using Healing Wind
  • "Gaia's wrath!" - when using Quake/Quakera/Quakega
  • "Back off!" - when using Light Force
  • "Hold still please." - when using Seal Evil
  • "I'm getting angry!" - when using Fury Brand
  • "Here it comes!" - when using Light Blast
  • "That's more like it." - when using Staff Slammer
  • "Come here...there we go." - when using Flash Slash
  • "Planet's blessing!" - when using Blessing Light
  • "Try and run!" - when using Photon Feather
  • "Flames, go!" - when using Crimson Flare
  • "Be cleansed." - when using Great Gospel
  • "Gaia's judgment!" - when using Judgment Arrow.
  • "The storm is here!" - when using Thor's Hammer

  • "This is my duty." - when entering EX Mode
  • "Breaking my limits!" - when beginning EX Burst
  • "The Planet beckons us..." - when charging EX Burst.
  • "Your time has come!" - when using Holy

Celes[edit | edit source]

A Magitek Knight whose battle-hardened shell hides a soft heart. She can absorb the energy of an opponent's attack to power up her own.
A General of the Empire, Celes was pivotal to their conquest of the south, until their tactics proves too barbaric for her. Branded a traitor and imprisoned, she was freed by Locke and worked to redeem herself for her past evils by joining the Returners. She and Terra formed a deep bond through their mutual ability to use magic.
Though she wishes to see Cosmos victorious, Celes is not above swaying to darkness to help her friends if needed.


See here for how Celes would replace Vaan's role in the story of Dissidia 012.

In battle, Celes is a Counter Mage. Her attacks are based on Magitek abilities from FF6, and change in potency depending on what form of action the opponent takes. Celes' attacks allow her to block enemy attacks and counter them, or otherwise grow strong is the enemy is attacking. Celes is intended for technical players who can read the opponent's moves and react accordingly with the best countermove. This method of powering up based on the enemy's techniques, and potentially restricting what actions they can take, is meant to parallel Celes' Runic ability in FF6.

Celes' normal costume is a yellow and purple uniform faithful to her original Amano art. Her alternate costume recolors her uniform green and white, to approximate the look of her game sprite. Her third costume is her opera gown. Celes' Manikin, "Phantasmal General," is yellow.

Exclusive Weapons - Soul Sabre, Runic Blade, Gestahlian Blade

Trade accessories - General's Song*(It is when faced with despair that we must hold to hope most tightly), White Cloak*(Flicks of blood stain the bottom of this coat's pure color)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Ice Beam Ground Swing sword up and summon a beam of ice below the opponent that knocks them into the air. If the beam connects while the foe is using an attack, the attack does more damage. Initials Chase Sequence.
Blizzaga Ground Guard and summon a large shard of ice to fall on opponent. Causes Wall Rush.
Fire Beam Ground Guard and fire a beam-like blast of flame at opponent
Holy Ground Summon three orbs of energy around Celes that fly in the air surrounding her and slam into the ground to create an explosion around her feet. Absorbs opponents in.
Thundaga Aerial Conjure four lightning bolts around enemy that circle them for a short time. Initiates Chase.
Holy Aerial Summon three orbs of energy around Celes that fly in the air surrounding her and slam into the ground to create an explosion around her feet. Absorbs opponents in.
Ice Beam Aerial Swing sword up and summon a beam of ice below the opponent that knocks them into the air. If the beam connects while the foe is using an attack, the attack does more damage. Initiates Chase.
Tek-Laser Aerial Fling arm forward and fire a beam of energy at opponent from over Celes' head. Homes in on attacking opponents, but not on passive opponents. Can charge for speed and range. Causes Wall Rush.
Meteor Aerial Conjure a vortex near opponent that fires out meteors in random directions. Meteors have better aim if the opponent uses an attack during the move's duration.
Tek-Missile Aerial Guard and summon a projectile that slams into the opponent at high speed. Causes Wall Rush.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
X-Fer Ground Create a field of energy that grows larger to ensnare opponent and do Brave damage, then collapses on itself to deal HP damage
Flood Ground Conjure a wall of water to rush forward. Falls, then crests and rises again before vanishing
X-Fer Aerial Create a field of dark energy that grows larger to ensnare opponent and do Brave damage, then collapses on itself to deal HP damage
Ultima Aerial Create a field of blue energy around Celes that expands and collapses to cause an explosion.

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type Chained from Description
Flare Ground Ice Beam Summon fireballs to bombard opponent from all directions.
Flare Aerial Ice Beam Summon fireballs to bombard opponent from all directions.

Celes' EX Mode is Magitek Knight. While in EX Mode, Celes takes on a glowing blue aura, and gains the effects "Runic Blade" and "Minerva Guard". The "Runic Blade" status causes all of Celes' attacks to act as if the foe was attacking when she uses them, activating their more powerful effects. "Minerva Guard" increases her defense and boosts the strength of her attacks. And of course, she gets Regen status.

Celes' EX Burst is Spin Slice, where the player must rapidly tap the Circle button to charge up strength. At full power, Celes rushes the opponent and bombards them with a sequence of spinning sword attacks.

Ashe[edit | edit source]

A princess ousted from power seeking to reclaim her throne. She bombards enemies with skilled swordplay and powerful magic.
Formerly the Princess of Dalmasca, Ashe was forced into hiding when her father King Raminas was killed and Dalmsca fell to the Archadian Empire. Taking the alias Amalia and banding together a resistance force, she never gave up hope to see the Empire crumble at her feet.


Ashe's fighting style is Arcane Knight. She is skilled in both mid-range magic attacks and short-ranged sword attacks, and uses spells and sword attacks that hit over very specific ranges. Ashe's attacks both knock the opponent back or pull them closer towards her, and she can press X to cancel out a current attack if it connects, allowing her to attack again while the opponent is still reeling. This gives Ashe a lot of versatility and makes her combo attacks very powerful. As a downside, from range her magic is easy to anticipate, and the very precise areas her attacks strike in can make it difficult for players to use her until they master her fighting style. Overall she is a tactical character that requires careful strategy to use to her full potential.

Ashe's first alt is her wedding dress, and her second alt is her funeral gown. Ashe's Manikin, Idle Princess, is red.

Exclusive weapons - Hornito, Fumarole, Volcano

Trade accessories - Dynast Blood*(Power is not a means, it is an end. Discard power if one truly desires peace), Dawn Shard*(Faint wisps of magic bleed off their ancient magicite)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Imperian's Strike Ground A quick three-hit combo with sword that knocks the opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Dynast Blade Ground Dash forward a short distance and knock opponent up into the air. Initiates Chase.
Regal Slash Ground Slash once to stagger opponent, then leap up and slash again to slam opponent into ground. Causes Wall Rush.
Combustion Ground Create an explosion above opponent that drives them downwards. Causes Wall Rush.
Horology Ground Create a crescent-shape wave of energy some distance from Ashe that swoops back towards her. Does more damage the longer it makes contact.
Wrath Aerial Dive down and slice multiple times, then knock opponent away and up. Initiates Chase.
Holy Blade Aerial Charge sword with energy and leap up spinning sword to hit in all directions. If connects knocks opponent down.
Cleansing Strike Aerial Swing sword twice while moving forward through the air, then slam opponent away. Can knock up or down depending on analog stick position. Causes Wall Rush.
Lightning Force Aerial Call bolts of lightning to strike foe, driving them down. Causes Wall Rush.
Telekinesis Aerial Send out an orb of light to swing around opponent and hit them from behind, knocking them closer to Ashe.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Northswain's Glow Ground Send out a line of white energy beams along the ground that reach high into the air.
Judgment Blade Ground Charge forward to slam opponent with a powerful sword attack. Can charge for range. Causes Wall Rush.
Comet Ground Call a meteor to strike opponent from above from an angle above Ashe. Can charge for size and speed. Causes Wall Rush.
Heaven's Wrath Aerial Send out six orbs of light that arc through the air and bombard opponent from all directions.
Comet Aerial Call a meteor to strike opponent from above from an angle above Ashe. Can charge for size and speed. Causes Wall Rush.
Maelstrom's Bolt Aerial Create a storm of lightning in front of Ashe to stun opponent and damage them, knocking them down. Causes Wall Rush.

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type Chained from Description
Empyrean's Edict Ground Regal Slash Perform a series of light-infused sword attacks.
Empyrean's Edict Ground Cleansing Strike Perform a series of light-infused sword attacks.

Ashe's EX Mode is Dynast's Descent where she exchanges her usual sword for the Treaty Blade. In her EX Mode Ashe gains the abilities Nethicite Cutter and Magicite Absorption. The Nethicite ability lets Ashe reflect magical attacks when she is attacking and grants her a small boost to her Brave when she does so, while Magicite Absorption lets the player cancel out her magical attacks at any time by pressing X, letting her change up attack patterns at a moment's notice.

Ashe's EX Burst is Royal Judgment. Ashe charges the Treaty Blade with holy energy, then performs a series of powerful sword and magic attacks. A Mist gauge appears on the screen as the commands for Ashe's HP attacks appear, and the player must input the attacks in the right order to conserve their Mist and use the most attacks possible. The proper order is Northswain's Glow, Comet, Heaven's Wrath, Empyrean's Edict, and Maelstrom's Bolt. Input the commands in this order maximizes the Bravery damage done before Ashe ends the EX Burst with Raithwall's Fury, slashing open a portal in space with the Treaty-Blade and blasting opponents with holy light, casting them into oblivion.

Eald'narche[edit | edit source]

An arrogant and cruel prince with a calculating mind and powerful magic.
The elder of two royal siblings in the Zilart race, he desired to open the gates to Nirvana, letting him enter paradise but dooming Vana'diel. He lost his eye in his first attempt, but was undeterred. Cast into a deep slumber when the Zilart fell, he awakened after ten thousand years, his dreams of Paradise driving him even harder to see it in reality.
Regarding even his own brother as a mere pawn to be used, he will use any means to accomplish his goals.


Eald'narche's fighting style is "Quick Caster." Eald'narche has the power to charge up his Brave attacks by holding the attack button, but the trick is all his attacks have exactly the same casting animation when used, only the spell cast is different, and he also waits until the spell manifests to call out a battle taunt. This means the opponent can see when Eald'narche is preparing to attack, but has no way of knowing what attack he's going to use. Furthermore, Eald'narche casts the spell depending on what buttons the player holds when the O button is released, not when pressed - for example, if the player presses Down and O to begin charging and then presses and holds Up when releasing, Eald'narche will use the Up and O attack. This lets the player change what move they were using when they began charging to quickly react to the opponent's movements and adjust their attacks. This makes his Brave attacks very difficult to defend against and makes him a hard opponent to predict. Eald'narche's HP attacks are varied, and incorporate his defensive Exoplates.

Eald'narche's Manikin, "Prince of Antiquity," is dark blue.

Exclusive weapons -

Trade accessories -

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Force Fist Ground Teleport close to enemy and slam them with a magical punch. Initiates Chase
Burst Ground Create three orbs of lightning surrounding opponent that shocks them with a field of energy. Absorbs.
Quake Ground Cause a shockwave to launch forward along the ground that shoots shards of rock into the air when it hits the opponent. Travels quickly and has strong homing, but low chance of hitting aerial opponents.
Flare Ground Fire a string of fireballs at opponent that drives them back. Causes Wall Rush.
Dark Stream Ground Fling out hands and fire a large swarm of dark orbs that hit multiple times.
Force Fist Aerial Teleport close to enemy and slam them with a magical punch. Initiates Chase.
Burst Aerial Create three orbs of lightning surrounding opponent that shocks them with a field of energy
Electrocharge Aerial Fire a bolt of energy forward to knock opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Light Detonation Aerial Create a circle of light orbs around opponent that explode to do heavy damage.
Flood Aerial Create a circle of energy under Eald'narch, then summon a column of water around him. Absorbs.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Exo-Guard Ground Create a wall of Exoplates directly in front of Eald'narche to block attacks, then fire them forward like projectiles to slam the opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Exo-Storm Ground Create a line of Exoplates in a circle around Eald'narche that zoom forward one at a time in rapid succession to attack. Long range but weak homing, can be blocked.
Vortex Ground Create a field of energy that expands to draw opponent in and stun then, them collapses and explodes to deal HP damage.
Exo-Burst Aerial Gather energy and unleash Exoplates in all directs to attack. Has short range but quick execution. Causes Wall Rush.
Stellar Burst Aerial Throw an orb of magic at the opponent that explodes in a large shockwave.
Vortex Aerial Create a field of energy that expands to draw opponent in and stun then, them collapses and explodes to deal HP damage.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Eald'narche's EX Mode is "Crystal Force," where his eye and body glow bright purple, and the orb on his chest lights up blue. In his EX Mode Eald'narche's attacks do more damage, and the player can cancel out the charging sequence of his Brave attacks by executing an HP attack instead while holding O to charge, making it even harder to anticipate what attacks he's using.

Eald'narche's EX Burst is "Omega Javelin." Eald'narche leaps onto a platform as the Exoplates spin around him. The player must quickly press button commands as they circle the screen on the Exoplates, locking in five commands. When performed successfully, Eald'narche commands the Exoplates to fly out and impale the opponent from all directions, finishing by calling on a large shard of crystal to impale the opponent from above.

Balthier quotes[edit | edit source]


"Come keep me amused."
"Let's see how this unfolds."
"You'd challenge a sky pirate?"
"Quite the welcoming party."
"I suppose I might as well." - when low on HP
"Let's make this quick."- when low on HP
"Let me show you how it's done." - when opponent is weaker
"Hardly fit for a leading man." - when opponent is weaker
"Good to know I've got your attention." when opponent is stronger
"It's tough being popular." - when opponent is stronger

Vs. Cosmos:

"You can't live on resolve alone." [Vs. WoL]
"I see this rose has thorns." [Vs. Firion]
"Such an impulsive child." [Vs. OK]
"You just need to pick a side." [Vs. Cecil]
"You fancy mimicking a pirate?" [Vs. Bartz]
"Nothing personal, my dear." [Vs. Terra]
"Pick your path and stick to it." [Vs. Cloud]
"A lion? More like a kitten." [Vs. Squall]
"You're a common thief, nothing more." [Vs. Zidane]
"Your story needs a leading man." [Vs. Tidus]

Vs. Chaos:

"Tell Fate to leave me out." [Vs. Garland]
"You've been blinded by power." [Vs. Emperor]
"I'll shed some light on this problem." [Vs. CoD]
"If you desire a judge, I can suffice." [Vs. Golbez]
"The only Void is in your head." [Vs. Exdeath]
"Well, aren't we excited?" [Vs. Kefka]
"I see someone isn't holding back." [Vs. Sephiroth]
"I haven't time to deal with you." [Vs. Ultimecia]
"Time for the leading man to take the stage." [Vs. Kuja]
"Let's see who the real star is." [Vs. Jecht]


"Plan to teach me a thing or two?" [Vs. Shantotto]
"Let's see how you judge me." [Vs. Gabranth]
"The leading man...faces the finale." [Vs. Chaos]
"Sorry, I don't need an understudy." [Vs. Balthier]


"The leading man never dies."
"That's more like it."
"That's the ticket."
"What's the going rate for victory?"
"I near soiled my cuffs." - when low on HP
"I think I've earned a break." - when low on HP
"Nice moves there..." - when opponent is weaker
"Just accept your role gracefully." - when opponent is weaker
"I thought this would be hard." - when opponent is stronger
"You were too foolhardy." - when opponent is stronger


"I'd best take my leave."
"Should I be running then?"
"This can't be..."
"End of the line..."
"Plan to brush me from the limelight?"
"Don't suppose you're for an encore." - when opponent is weaker
"I let you win." - when opponent is weaker
"That was over the top." - when opponent is stronger
"Was there no other way?" - when opponent is stronger

Seymour[edit | edit source]

A Maester of Yevon with a pleasant demeanor and a calculating mind. He is adept in many forms of magic and enhances his skill with his familiar, the Mortibody.
In his original game he rose to the rank of Maester by murdering his father and used his standing to acquire power and information for himself. Emerging into adulthood from a life of pain and misery, he sees Spira as a prisoner of Sin's wrath and considers death the only way to release its people from their sorrow.


Seymour's fighting style is "Elemental Alchemist". Using a fighting style similar to Jecht and Shantotto, Seymour can chain his Brave attacks into each other depending on timing and button presses, potentially able to chain four attacks into one-another and cause massive damage. His Brave attacks also cover a variety of strategic options, such as Chases, Absorption, and both long and close-range damage. However, Seymour's HP attacks are poor, and his Brave combos have a severe recovery time if he misses them leaving him vulnerable to counter-attack. He is mostly a mid-ranged fighter, as his Brave attacks do chain into each other, but if he's at the wrong distance from the foe the chain may not connect.

Seymour's first alt outfit is his wedding attire. His second outfit is a white, black and violet robe. Seymour's Manikin, "Ephemeral Priest," is blue.

Exclusive weapons - Jyscal Scepter, Guado Staff, Spiral of Death

Trade accessories - Guado's Torment*(Do you think your pain will ease when you share it with the world?), Abandoned Fayth*(Cries of sorrow echo from within this small figure)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Fira Ground Raise staff and fire a medium-sized fireball forward, causing an explosion. Chains into Blizzara depending on timing.
Blizzara Ground Raise staff and conjure a swarm of ice shards that drive the opponent down. Absorbs and chains into Thundara depending on timing.
Thundara Ground Raise staff and summon three lightning bolts to strike the opponent. Chains into Watera depending on timing. Causes Wall Rush.
Watera Ground Raise staff and create a circular torrent of water under the opponent. Absorbs and chains into Fira depending on timing.
Judgement Ground Attack opponent with a simple three-hit staff combo. Initiates Chase.
Fira Aerial Raise staff and fire a medium-sized fireball forward, causing an explosion. Chains into Blizzara depending on timing.
Blizzara Aerial Raise staff and conjure a swarm of ice shards that drive the opponent down. Absorbs and chains into Thundara depending on timing.
Thundara Aerial Raise staff and summon three lightning bolts to strike the opponent. Chains into Watera depending on timing. Causes Wall Rush.
Watera Aerial Raise staff and create a circular column of water under the opponent. Absorbs and chains into Fira depending on timing.
Resonance Aerial Attack with a four-hit staff combo that slams the opponent down. Causes Wall Rush.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Lance of Atrophy Ground Throw staff forward and impale opponent. Can charge for range and speed. Causes Wall Rush.
Requiem Ground Charge an orb of energy and fire four red orbs that track opponent. If an orb strikes, the opponent is consumed in a blast of magic
Flare Ground Conjure a swarm of fireballs to collect ahead of Seymour, then explode. Absorbs opponent.
Lance of Atrophy Aerial Throw staff forward and impale opponent. Can charge for range and speed. Causes Wall Rush.
Flare Aerial Conjure a swarm of fireballs to collect ahead of Seymour, then explode. Absorbs opponent.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Seymour's EX Mode is "Power of Pyreflies," where he takes on his Seymour Natus form and gains the Mortibody which wraps around him. In his EX Mode, Seymour gains the abilities "Mortibody [Multicast]", and "Mortibody [Shield]." The former causes the Mortibody to cast the level one version of Seymour's Brave attacks when he attacks (Fire-Fira, etc), increasing the number of hits his Brave attacks do, and the latter makes Seymour invincible to Low priority attacks when attacking, deflecting projectiles and causing both him and the opponent to stagger if he's hit with a melee attack.

Seymour's EX Burst is "Ultimate Despair." Four Mortiphasms surround Seymour and rotate, four colored disks on them. The player must press Triangle to stop the top disk's rotation, Circle to stop the right disk, X to stop the bottom disk, and Square to stop the left disk. The player must correctly line up in the center, one each of the four disk colors on the Mortiphasms within a time limit. If they fail, Seymour casts a powered-up version of Requiem on the opponent. But if the player succeeds, Seymour bombards the opponent with Firaga, Blizzaga, Waterga and Thundaga, finishing the burst with a blast from an Ultima spell.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I will end your suffering" - intro
"You are too weak" - intro
"Know pain, and despair" - intro
"There's no salvation for the damned!" - intro
"Do you intend to punish me?" - intro
"You have been liberated" - when victorious
"Welcome eternal slumber" - when victorious
"You ought to thank me" - when victorious
"Life is but a dream..." - when victorious
"I...cannot die now..." - when defeated
"No...not yet!" - when defeated
"Do you pity me?" - when defeated

"Do you still resist?" - when using Fira
"Just give up" - when using Blizzard
"Destruction from on high!" - when using Thundara
"Sink into despair" - when using Watera
"Endure!" - when using Lance of Atrophy
"Feel my pain!" - when using Requiem
"Know sorrow!" - when using Flare
"Ultimate power!" - when entering EX Mode
"Your time is at hand!" when beginning EX Mode
"Rest in peace, in eternal darkness!" - when ending EX Burst

"Your hope ends here." - vs Warrior of Light
"Your dreams are futile" - vs Firion
"You seek naught but your own demise!" - vs Bartz
"The eyes of hope...beautiful..." - vs Terra
"Your torment...I shall release you" - vs Cloud
"Now, know true despair!" - vs Squall
"Play your part and vanish" - vs Zidane
"You cannot change anything" - vs Tidus

"Your cycle is a mere fallacy" - vs Garland
"You think to claim dominion over me?" - vs Emperor
"I will return you to your slumber" - vs Cloud of Darkness
"Oblivion is out of your grasp" - vs Exdeath
"Learn the joy of death firsthand" - vs Kefka
"Accept your fate and fade" - vs Sephiroth
"Embrace your death, and revel in it!" - vs Kuja
"Your power...shall be mine" - vs Jecht

Hope[edit | edit source]

A young boy from Palompolum thrust into the fight for Cocoon's future. He attacks with magic and uses support skills to enhance his spells.
Hope and his mother had the misfortune to be caught in Bodhum during the scare in the aftermath of Anima's discovery, and he and his mother were among those to be Purged. His mother perished defending Snow from PSICOM forces, and Hope blamed him and swore to make him pay. Joining Lightning in her vendetta against Cocoon and the Sanctum, under her tutelage he became a skilled spellcaster that would be able to one day keep his vow to confront Snow about his mother's fate.


Hope's fighting style is "Paradigm Archmage". By changing Paradigms, Hopes adds special effects to his attacks - as a Ravager he deals more damage but doesn't get more Bravery for the boost, as a Medic he gains more Bravery when he attacks but does the same damage to the opponent, and as a Synergist his attacks and the Bravery he gets from them are weaker, but his attacks generate more Assist Charge and EX Force. His attacks are varied and have different secondary effects in addition to damage. He also has three unique abilities - Vigor boosts Hope's damage according to his HP, normal at 50% or less to +50% damage at max HP, Overwhelm boosts Hope's damage when the opponent is under Break, and Boon boosts the Bravery Hope gets from attacking when he is under Break. However, Hope can only equip one of these abilities at a time. Using Hope well requires adapting to the flow of battle and planning to customize his moves to fit the player's play style. As downsides, his attacks do little damage, and Hope is strictly a ranged fighter with no melee attacks.

Hope's first alt outfit is his XIII-2 attire. In his second alt outfit, Hope dons his robe worn during the Purge. His manikin, "Fleeting Supporter", is yellow.

Note in the following table, Hope learns aerial variants of all his ground Bravery attacks, they just aren't shown to save space.

Exclusive weapons - Airwing, Skycutter, Nue

Trade accessories - Parent's Cry*(Standing on your own and standing alone are not the same.), Dreadnought Battery*(A discarded power supply for some ancient mech)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Fire Ground Send out two fireballs that track opponent. On contact, opponent will take slightly more damage from attacks for a short time.
Blizzard Ground Send out a shard of ice that fires straight at opponent. On contact, opponent's movement is slowed for a short time. Wall Rush.
Thunder Ground Summon a lightning bolt over opponent's head. On contact, opponent's dash speed and jump height are decreased for a short time.
Water Ground Create a burst of water under the opponent's feet to launch them into the air. On contact, opponent deals less damage for a short time. Chase
Aero Ground Conjure a torrent of wind around opponent. On contact, opponent is stunned for a short time.
Wind Breaker Ground Throw boomerang at opponent that rebounds back to Hope, turns to track opponent on rebound if they dodge. Wall Rushes on throw, begins Chase on rebound.
Cure Ground Heal Hope a small amount of Bravery.
Curasa Ground Heal Hope a medium amount of Bravery with proper timing. Also removes Break status if Hope is in Medic Paradigm on usage.
Haste Ground Temporarily increase Hope's movement speed and dodge range. Cancels out Protect and Faith.
Protect Ground Temporarily increase Hope's defense and block duration. Cancels out Haste and Faith.
Faith Ground Temporarily decrease Hope's attack start-up and cooldown. Cancels out Haste and Protect.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Blast Punch Ground Fire projectile at opponent, driving them back in a trail of explosions. Does more Bravery damage the further it drives them back, can angle up or down slightly on start-up. Wall Rushes.
Soaring Uppercut Ground Create explosion beneath opponent's feet to launch them upwards. Wall Rushes.
Last Resort Ground Create six orbs of light around Hope that spin for a moment, then shoot out to bombard opponent. Has weak tracking. Absorbs on start-up.
Obliterator Ground Create explosion in front of Hope that launches opponent back. Fast start-up, very low range. Wall Rushes.
Blast Punch Aerial Fire projectile at opponent, driving them back in a trail of explosions. Does more Bravery damage the further it drives them back, can angle up or down slightly on start-up.
Last Resort Aerial Create six orbs of light around Hope that spin for a moment, then shoot out to bombard opponent. Has weak tracking. Absorbs on start-up.
Obliterator Aerial Create explosion in front of Hope that launches opponent back. Fast start-up, very low range. Wall Rushes.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Hope's EX Mode is Paradigm Coordination, where he equips the Nue. Hope gains the abilities Coordination and Siphon Boost. Coordination grants Hope the beneficial effects of all three of his Paradigm roles at once, increasing his damage output and the Bravery he gains from attacking, and generating more EX Force and Assist Charge on successful attacks. Siphon Boost increases the duration of the secondary effects of Hope's spells and the buffing effects of Haste, Protect and Faith, and also makes their effects stronger.

Hope's EX Burst is Gestalt Mode. Hope summons Alexander's six laser turrets around the opponent and commands them to attack. The player must enter the commands within a time limit as they appear on-screen (naturally, the four commands for Alexander's Gestalt Mode attacks) in order to fill up the Gestalt Gauge. Failure to fill the Gestalt Gauge by not inputting a command quickly enough has Hope end the EX Burst with a powered up form of Last Resort, the six turrets each firing a large laser blast at the opponent. Successfully executing all attacks to fill the Gestalt Gauge instead has Hope use Divine Judgment, the six turrets tracing out a magic crest under the opponent and then firing a laser barrage on them to deal heavy damage.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Bring it on!" - intro
"Let's go!" - intro
"I can't stop" - intro
"You should just back off" - intro against weaker opponent
"Be careful now" - intro against weaker opponent
"I won't back down!" - intro against stronger opponent
"It's all or nothing!" - intro when weak
"I'm not giving in!" - intro when weak

"Burn it up!" - using Fire
"Blast 'em!" - using Blizzard
"Strike!" - using Thunder
"Torrents!" - using Water
"Storm!" - using Aero
"Behind you!" - using Wind Breaker
"Not yet!" - using Curasa (fully executed)

"Try this on for size!" - using Blast Punch
"I decide my fate!" - using Last Resort
"Bombs away!" - using Soaring Uppercut
"Gotcha!" - using Obliterator

"Hope isn't gone yet!" - entering EX Mode
"Need help big guy!" - beginning EX Burst
"Nothing can stop us!" - failed EX Burst
"Got it! Finish 'em off!" - perfect EX Burst

"Wish I had your resolve..." - vs Warrior of Light
"Peace isn't won by dreaming" - vs Firion
"No kiddie gloves here" - vs Onion Knight
"Show some responsibility!" - vs Bartz
"Magic's not a curse, you know" - vs Terra
"Any goal that gets you moving, right?" - vs Cloud
"What's your reason for this?" - vs Squall
"What a dope..." - vs Laguna
"You lonely? I can tell." - vs Zidane
"Come on Light, don't hold back!" - vs Lightning

"We'll never lose hope!" - vs Garland
"Your reign ends here." - vs Emperor
"I'm not afraid anymore!" - vs Cloud of Darkness
"Discarding hope is no way to live." - vs Golbez
"You want destruction? Well here it comes!" - vs Kefka
"Past is past, even with your power." - vs Ultimecia
"You deserve to die alone if you're that selfish!" - vs Kuja
"You can't live for hatred." - vs Gabranth
"Your Day of Wrath is coming up!" - vs Feral Chaos

"There's hope for us yet" - victory
"One more down" - victory
"Some things you just do" - victory vs weaker opponent
"'was my only choice" - victory vs weaker opponent

"No....can't..." - when defeated in battle
"I messed up..." - defeat
"Mom..." - defeat
"I'll ask for help earlier next time" - defeat
"Should've stayed behind..."

Non-Final Fantasy Ideas[edit | edit source]

Sora[edit | edit source]

An optimistic and bright youth chosen by the Keyblade. He uses swift aerial combos to dazzle opponents.
In his original game he lived on Destiny Islands but yearned to travel to other worlds. When the Heartless invaded his home he awoke to find himself alone with the mysterious Keyblade in hand, and embarked on an adventure with Donald and Goofy to find his friends and return home.
Though he may sometimes act foolish, his sense of right and wrong never wavers.


Sora appears wielding the Keyblade, dressed in his KH1 attire. He is hesitant to fight Riku and puts up a brave front about fighting him, but in truth is worried for his friend's safety.

Sora's attacks are powerful from range and he excels are both melee combos and long-range magic. However, he doesn't do much damage and is vulnerable in melee fighting due to the lag time of his moves. If an opponent manages to evade the attack, they can easily counter while Sora recovers. At close-range, if Sora misses, he is in extreme danger. Sora battles using his signature attacks from across the KH series, as well as moves based on his Drive Forms

Sora's alternate costume is his KH2 attire, and in his alternate form his EX Form swaps colors - the white colorings become black and vice versa. His third alt costume is a white shirt with red shorts, based on his attire as a young child. Sora's Manikin, "Impostorous Master," is red with yellow highlights.

Exclusive Weapons - Wooden Sword, Dream Sword, Kingdom Key

Trade accessories - Trinity's Vow*(We never give up on each other, no matter what. Remember that.), Paopu Fruit*(A token of a promise made to a friend)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Blitz Ground 3-hit combo on enemies. Causes Wall Rush.
Ars Arcanum Aerial Rapid combo on airborne enemies
Strike Raid Ground Throw the Keyblade for a long-range combo. Hits up to three times
Sonic Rave Aerial Swing Keyblade and charge forward at high speed. Initiates Chase.
Light Fire Ground Shoot three balls of fire that track enemies
Shining Blizzard Aerial Shoot a barrage of ice shards that spread over a wide area
Gleaming Thunder Aerial Conjure a storm of lightning around foe. Absorbs.
Valor Beat Ground Strike enemies with a powerful combo. Causes Wall Rush.
Wisdom Shot Aerial Fire a barrage of magic bolts at enemy, tracks slightly

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Trinity Ground Slam the Keyblade down and create a field of energy around you that shoots a column of light upwards. Absorbs.
Ragnarok Aerial Charge an orb of energy that fires a barrage of lasers that spiral forward and outwards. The lasers home slightly if you charge long enough
Final Arcana Ground/Aerial Summon an aura and dash rapidly and uncontrollably around a small area. If you hit the opponent, you stun them and leap up to dive for a final blow. Causes Wall Rush.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From description
Master Disaster Aerial Ars Arcanum Spin and draw enemies into a keyblade whirlwind that hits multiple times. Absorbs, causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Sora's EX Mode is Drive Change, where he transforms into Final Form, and his Keyblade turns into the Ultima Weapon from KH1 (in his two alternate costumes, he uses the Ultima Weapon from KH2 and BBS). In EX Mode, Sora can glide, and he gains the special abilities "Magic Boost" and "Combo Boost". Magic Boost increases the strength of Sora's magic, while Combo Boost causes the Keyblade to leave waves of light when swung to do more hits.

For Sora's EX Burst Drive Crush, the player must synchronize their button presses with Sora's movements as he pummels opponents with the power of his Drive Forms. Sora transforms into Valor form and dashes past enemies with a powerful strike, then changes into Wisdom form and fires a barrage of magic bolts. He then changes into Master form and uses a magic-enchanted keyblade strike, and finally turns into Limit form and uses a Strike Raid attack. The player must press Triangle at the right moment to link the four attacks together. If they get it right all four times, Sora ends the attack by changing back into Final Form and performing an extended combo ending with an overhead strike that causes an explosion

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Deep freeze! - when using Shining Blizzard
Come on! - when using Master Vortex
Go, light! - when using Trinity
Take this! - when using Ars Arcanum
Power! - when using Ragnarok
Light! - when entering EX Mode
Here we go - when beginning EX Burst
You're not eternal after all - when finishing EX Burst
How about a rematch sometime? - when victorious
That's the power of the Keyblade! - when victorious
Is this for real... - when defeated
I can't find the light... - when defeated

Your radiance is amazing - when facing Warrior of Light
A warrior of light and darkness... - when facing Cecil
Let's swap stories once we're done - when facing Bartz
Are you really afraid of power? - when facing Terra
Can't you find your light? - when facing Cloud
Darkness won't scare me away! - when facing Cloud of Darkness
Your heart yearns for light? - when facing Golbez
You're freaking me out! - when facing Kefka
Have we met before? - when facing Sephiroth
You look familiar... - when facing Ultimecia
You ready Gramps? - when facing Jecht
This is for your own good - when facing Riku

Riku[edit | edit source]

A mature boy robbed of his destiny by darkness. He uses the brute force of darkness to overwhelm his enemies.
Sora's best friend, Riku was the Keyblade's intended bearer, but when his weak heart fell prey to dark forces the Keyblade passed to Sora. He set out to find Kairi and Sora wielding a demonic sword in place of the Keyblade, and quickly mastered the power of darkness in his search. This same power nearly proved his undoing when it began to devour his heart.


Riku uses the Soul Eater blade and is in his KH1 outfit. He fights Sora to settle their rivalry and mocks Sora about the Keyblade, claiming he is it's true destined user. It is discovered in Shade Impulse that Riku gave into the temptation of darkness and was controlled by Chaos due to his weak heart, and is freed once defeated.

Riku is "a warrior with the brute force of darkness". In contrast to Sora, Riku is extremely powerful in melee combat, striking opponents with powerful combos that do heavy damage. However, his ranged attacks are weak, and if an opponent can keep their distance from Riku, he'll be hard pressed to get in a good hit. He does have ranged attacks, but they're stronger at closer range than long. Many of Riku's moves are "dark" versions of Sora's, but function differently. He otherwise uses attacks based on his Sleights from Chain of Memories and his Limit attacks from Kingdom Hearts II.

Riku's alternate costume is his KH2 attire. His third costume is his dark robe. Riku's Manikin, "Imposterous Comrade," is yellow with red highlights.

Exclusive Weapons - Heartbreaker, Soul Eater, Way to Dawn

Trade accessories - Heart of Light*(Darkness can never extinguish the light, only obscure it.), Explorer Raft*(A hard-worked wooden raft)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Last Saber Ground A powerful four-hit combo that knocks opponents into the air. Initiates Chase.
Helm Split Aerial Attack airborne enemies with a powerful blow that slams them to the ground. Causes Wall Rush.
Dark Raid Ground Throw the Soul Eater for a mid-range combo. Hits up to three times
Impulse Ground Swing the Soul Eater and unleash a short-range burst of dark energy. Causes Wall Rush.
Dark Firaga Ground Conjure three fireballs to circle Riku and spread outwards. Absorbs.
Black Blizzaga Ground Summon a large pillar of ice under the opponent
Shadow Thundaga Aerial Fire a long bolt of lightning at opponent that tracks them
XIII Blades Aerial Summon 13 shadowy swords to circle Riku 360 degrees, hitting several times
Dark Maelstrom Ground Spin rapidly to hit enemy with a flurry of attacks. Absorbs.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Dark Barrage Aerial Charge up a massive orb of dark power and release to fire up to four fireballs that home in on opponent.
Dark Shield Ground Block attack and charge forward to attack with an overhead cleave with the Soul Eater. Causes Wall Rush.
All's End Ground/Aerial Throw Soul Eater forward, exploding in a blast of dark energy at a certain range. Can charge for range.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From Description
Master Hearts Aerial XIII Blades Summon a large dark aura around the Soul Eater, and swing to attack 360 degrees. Absorbs, causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Riku's EX Mode is Dark Change, in which Riku turns into his dark form, and the Soul Eater transforms into the Dark Keyblade (in his alternate costumes, Riku instead gains The Way to Dawn and Oblivion Keyblades). Riku gains the ability to Glide, and gains the special ability "Eternal Session", which causes the Dark Keyblade to leave waves of dark energy when swung, doing more damage, and also boosts the strength of Riku's magic.

For his EX Burst Dark Aura, the player must synchronize their button presses with Riku's movements. Riku dashes at opponents surrounded in a dark aura, and the player must press Triangle at the precise moment the Riku comes close to land the hit. If done all five times, Riku ends the EX Burst by firing a barrage of dark fireballs into the opponent, then dashing forward to deliver a final Keyblade attack.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You giving up? - when using Helm Split
My turn! - when using Last Saber
Catch this! - when using Dark Firaga
Surrender! - when using Black Blizzaga
Is that it? - when using XIII Blades
Outta my way! - when using All's End
Darkness! - when entering EX Mode
Welcome to oblivion! - when beginning EX Burst
Behold the power of darkness! - when finishing EX Burst
You're nothing compared to me - when victorious
My heart is too strong - when victorious
I'm....fading.... - when defeated
I can't...no! - when defeated

Your light is a lie! - when facing Warrior of Light
Open your heart to darkness - when facing Cecil
Don't fear destruction! - when facing Terra
Drown in your despair - when facing Cloud
Let your hatred consume you! - when facing Tidus
Let's see who destiny favors - when facing Garland
Darkness is my strength! - when facing Cloud of Darkness
You stink of darkness - when facing Golbez
Your Void doesn't scare me - when facing Exdeath
Time holds no sway over darkness - when facing Ultimecia
I'll change your tune! - when facing Kuja

So, you finally made it, it's about time. You're my greatest rival, Sora. We've always spurred each other on, to be stronger, but it ends now! This universe doesn't need two Keyblade masters! I'm the true master, you don't have what it takes! You're just an impostor, a fake. And fakes should be destroyed! - when confronting Sora

Roxas[edit | edit source]

A blond-haired boy clad in a black cloak. He wields two Keyblades and attacks with a ferocious fury.
Sora's Nobody, Roxas inherited his appearance and mastery of the Keyblade, but not his memories. Organization XIII sought to use him in Sora's place to further their plans, but Roxas' growing independence derailed their schemes when he betrayed them and attempted to free the hearts they were keeping captive.
Though he acts aloof and distant, his passive demeanor hides an underlying rage for Organization XIII's manipulation of him.


Roxas's fighting style is Keyblade Warrior. Roxas uses mid-powered melee combo attacks and long-range magic attacks based on his control over light. This means that, like Terra and Golbez, Roxas is skilled in both long-range and short-range fighting, but he is most proficient at close-range. His attacks are not overly strong, and his HP attacks are slow.

Roxa's default outfit is his black cloak. His first alt costume is his Twilight Town casual clothes. His second alt costume is Ventus's attire. Roxas' Manikin, "Impostorous Shade," is dark blue with silver highlights.

Exclusive Weapons - Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Two Become One

Trade accessories - Nobody's Memory*(What mattered the most was remembered the least.), Winner's Stick*(A memento of friendship ungiv'n too long)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Cross Swing Ground Swing Keyblade back and forth twice, then cleave upwards to knock opponent back and begin Chase.
Circle Slice Ground A quick, short-ranged spin attack to knock opponent back.
Cross Combo Ground Attack with an extended Keyblade combo from all directions, then knock opponent back. Causes Wall Rush.
Light Flash Ground Dash forward quickly leaving a plume of light energy behind Roxas.
Light Sweep Ground Create a Nobody crest in the air that fires a line of energy beams forward in a cone-shaped firing line.
Aerial Upper Aerial Charge upwards with Keyblade outstretched, then slam opponent down. Causes Wall Rush.
Orbital Slice Aerial Charge towards opponent spinning horizontally with Keyblade outstretched
Slapshot Aerial Swing Keyblade left and right rapidly to hit multiple times. Absorbs.
Light Force Aerial Conjure six Nobody crests in a line ahead of you that fire beams of light to drive opponent down. Causes Wall Rush.
Light Barrage Aerial Fire five orbs of light energy that shoot up and curve down

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Light Pillar Ground Create six pillars of light to circle Roxas for a moment, then fire outwards. Absorbs.
Light Wave Ground Slam Keyblade into ground to send a wave of light energy forward along the ground
Event Horizon Ground/Aerial Charge Keyblade with light energy and charge forward while swinging several times. Causes Wall Rush.
Light Prism Aerial Charge Roxas with light energy to fire a beam of light. Can charge for range

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Roxas's EX Mode is Eternal Memories, where he duals wields the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. In his EX Mode Roxas gains the special ability "Synch Blade", which increases the number of hits his melee combos do and boosts the damage he does, greatly increasing the power of his attacks.

Roxas's EX Burst is Magic Hour. Four Nobody symbols appear circling the enemy and light up randomly. The player must tap the Triangle, Circle, Square or X buttons, depending on which crest is highlighted, to bombard the opponent with beams of light. A power meter fills up as the Burst is executed - if the player is able to fill it within the time limit, Roxas finishes the burst by crossing the Oathkeeper and Oblivion over his head and charging pasting the opponent, slashing them in an X-shaped pattern and consuming them in an explosion of light.

Aqua[edit | edit source]

A graceful Keyblade Master with a gentle heart. She combines Keyblade skills and magic to create elegant and powerful attacks.
In her original game, Aqua was the only one of her friends to achieve the rank of master, before the Unversed threatened the worlds. Split apart to fight the new threat and forced to watch as they drifted away from her, she was ultimately forced to strike them down when they fell to the manipulations of Master Xehanort.
Her heart remaining strong even after ten years, she never gives up hope the three of them will one day be reunited.


Aqua's fighting style is Magical Mistress. Aqua combines Keyblade attacks with close-range magic to create graceful combo attacks, and she moves and attacks at a fair pace. Similar to Sephiroth and Jecht, maximizing Aqua's Brave damage requires the player to properly time the press of the button to continue the attack and do more damage, otherwise the attack ends prematurely and Aqua is left vulnerable to counterattack.

Aqua's first alt costume colors the blue portions of her outfit a darker blue and her hair a lighter blue. Aqua's Manikin, "Imposterous Apprentice," is blue with purple highlights.

Exclusive Weapons - Rainfell, Brightcrest, Stormfall

Trade accessories - Master's Legacy*(The vow to protect the worlds is hard to keep. But a meaningful vow always is), Wayfinder*(Made with a prayer for a friend's safe return)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Quick Charge Ground Leap forward and attack opponent with an overhead strike. Time button press correctly to knock opponent away and initiate Chase.
Barrier Dash Ground Charge forward cloaked in energy to hit multiple times. Blocks lesser attacks.
Light Surge Ground Attack with a twirling Keyblade attack. Time button presses to link two more attacks and finish with a powerful blast of magic. Causes Wall Rush.
Triple Firaga Ground Fire a fireball at opponent. Time button presses correctly to fire up to two more fireballs.
Mine Shield Ground Charge energy to create crests of energy around Aqua that explode and launch opponent into the air. Charge for radius. Absorbs.
Transcendance Aerial Create an anti-grav field to damage opponent and knock them up into the air. Absorbs.
Magic Hour Aerial Slam down on opponents cloaked in an aura of light. Time button presses to attack up to two more times. Causes Wall Rush.
Thundaga Shot Aerial Conjure a lightning bolt to strike opponent. Time button presses correctly to call down up to two more bolts.
Teleport Spike Aerial Create six orbs of light in the air and launch them towards opponent. Time button presses correctly to launch all orbs successfully.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Magic Pulse Ground A quick, short-ranged spin attack that sends orbs of light into the air around Aqua. Absorbs.
Sky Climber Ground/Aerial Enlarge Keyblade and jump on it, then charge forward at high speed to ram opponent. Can hold button to aim at opponent before charging. Causes Wall Rush.
Prism Rain Aerial Hold button to charge energy, release to fire up to seven beams of color that track opponent.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From Description
Bladecharge Ground Triple Firaga Surround Keyblade in a large aura of light and charge forward while swinging in all directions. Causes Wall Rush.
Ghost Drive Ground Mine Shield Shoot four spears of light up at opponent, then teleport to attack with Keyblade. Causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Aqua's EX Mode is Keyblade Master, where she dons her armor (with cape this time) and her Keyblade transforms from the Rainfall to the Stormfall. In her EX Mode Aqua gains the special abilities Spellweaver and Restore Barrier. Spellweaver enchants Aqua's Keyblade with a magical aura to power up her attacks, and Restore Barrier automatically protects Aqua from lesser projectiles and gives her a small increase to her Brave when she blocks an attack.

Aqua's EX Burst is Lightbloom. The player must rapidly rotate the analog stick to fill up a power meter as Aqua spins to blast enemies with orbs of light-enchanted water. If the player is able to fill up the meter within the time limit, Aqua finishes the burst by enchanting her Keyblade with an aura of light and dashing past to the opponent to deliver the final strike with her weapon.

Geno[edit | edit source]

A citizen of another world sent to recover the Star Pieces. His hands conceal a variety of arm-mounted weaponry.
A spirit from the Star Road, Geno descended to Mario's world to help him battle the villainous Smithy and collect the seven Star Pieces that Smithy had scattered when he destroyed the Star Road. His normally insubstantial spirit took up residence in the body of a doll, grown to life-size, for the duration of the journey. Though he is focused and dedicated to his mission, he is truly just as caring a friend as any other being.


Geno's fighting style is Dazzling Star. Geno can move while using some of his attacks and uses long-range projectile attacks fired from his arms and hands. His attacks normally execute quickly but can be charged for greater power, letting players use quick, weak attacks or slow, powerful attacks, depending on their fighting style. His HP attacks are based on his magical abilities from Super Mario RPG and fire blasts of energy at opponent. As a downside Geno's attacks have a strong lag, and his defenses are weak. He also moves a bit slowly. Geno's first alternate outfit colors his cape purple, as he appears when poisoned. His Manikin, "Temporary Doll", is blue.

Exclusive Weapons - Finger Shot, Hand Cannon, Star Shot

Trade accessories - Celestial Light*(Our time here does not matter. What matters is the bonds we forge with it.), Geno Doll*(An odd twinkle shines in the eye of this small toy)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Rocket Punch Ground Fire fist at opponent to launch them into the air. Initiates Chase.
Finger Shot Ground Fire a barrage of bullets that spreads out over a wide area. Can charge for focused fire. Can move while attacking.
Hand Cannon Ground Fire three large shells that arc downward after a certain distance and explode on impact. Can charge for range. Causes Wall Rush.
Hand Gun Ground Fire a string of bullets are opponent. Can charge for better tracking and faster turning. Can move while attacking.
Double Rocket Punch Aerial Fires two fists at opponent. Causes Wall Rush.
Finger Shot Aerial Fire a barrage of bullets that spreads out over a wide area. Can charge for focused fire. Can move while attacking.
Finger Cannon Aerial Fire a single shell upwards that arcs down and explodes on impact. Can charge for range. Causes Wall Rush.
Hand Barrage Aerial Fire a string of bullets to drive opponent back and up. Initiates Chase. Can move while attacking.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Geno Beam Ground/Aerial Fire a blast of blue energy forward. Has decent range, can charge to aim on an upward angle before attacking.
Geno Whirl Ground/Aerial Fire a disk of energy that tracks opponent for a period of time. Can charge for speed. Causes Wall Rush.
Geno Blast Ground Call several beams of energy to strike opponent from above. Can charge to fire up to five beams. Causes Wall Rush.
Geno Flash Ground Fire an orange orb of energy that expands and collapses to explode. Can charge to increase duration. Causes Wall Rush, Absorbs

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Geno's EX Mode is Star Shot Equipped, where Geno equips his strongest weapon from Super Mario RPG, turning his bullets into small stars of light. In his EX Mode Geno gains the abilities Geno Boost and Geno Charge. Geno Boost increases the strength of Geno's Bravery attacks, while Geno Charge lets them charge up faster.

Geno's EX Burst is Geno Barrage. Geno blasts his opponent back with his guns, then calls on the seven Star Pieces to attack. As Geno remains in the middle of the screen to focus energy his opponent moves around in the background, a button command appearing over them. The player must press the commands as they appear to call one of the Star Pieces to shoot down and strike the opponent in a wave of colored light. Inputting all six commands correctly will maximize the Brave damage done before Geno ends the EX Burst with Ultimate Star Shot. The Star Pieces flow into Geno as he unveils his arm cannons, and fires the pieces as giant projectiles from his cannons, creating an explosion.

Bonus Character - "The Boy"[edit | edit source]

A young man with a quick wit and a quick hand. He is a master of Alchemy and skilled with many weapons
In his original title, he was a normal boy from Podunk thrust into the virtual world of Evermore. With his faithful dog by his side, he journeyed through Evermore's four historic regions as he searched for a way home. His search would entangle him in a conspiracy to wrestle control of Evermore from it's creator and plunge it into a nightmare.
Never backing down from a challenge, he often points out his adventures remind him of his favorite movies.


Pure crack right here, but "Secret of Evermore" is one of my favorite Super NES RPGs, so...here we go!

The Boy is the unnamed protagonist of Secret of Evermore. He fights using a combination of Alchemy skills and weapons, and uses the primitive weapons from the Jurassic World - a bone sword, spider-claw axe, and a spear of dinosaur horn. These weapon classes - Sword, Axe, Spear - are the three weapon types of Secret of Evermore. The Boy's fourth weapon is the Bazooka, the strongest weapon in the game, but difficult to use since it needs a constant supply of ammo.

The Boy's attacks are limited compared to other fighters. However, similar to Ultimecia, his attacks have the ability to be charged by holding down the button command. Charged attacks have their animation changed and their effects altered. This reflects the Weapon system of Secret of Evermore, where Weapons can be charged to unleash stronger attacks as they level up, and Alchemy grows in strength as it is used over time. Overall the Boy's Brave attacks are very fast with little lag to them, letting him fire off multiple projectile attacks and recover from using them very quickly. However, his HP attacks are not so advantageous, and have a great deal of lag to them, as well as being difficult to use.

The Boy's alternate costume colors his hair white and his clothing black to resemble the "Bad Boy" enemy. His dog also takes on a darker color scheme as the "Bad Dawg" enemy. The Boy's Manikin, "Deceptive Boy," is colored red.

Exclusive Weapons - Thunderball, Particle Bomb, Cryo Blast

Trade accessories - Call to Adventure*(A true hero never backs down from a challenge!), Movie Poster*(Ad for some strange monster movie. Looks ridiculous.)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Flash Ground Fire a slow-moving fireball that tracks opponents. Charges into "Fireball", which moves much faster but does less damage.
Acid Rain Ground Create a cloud of acids that trap opponents and hits multiple times. Charges into "Corrosion", which has a larger area of effect but hits fewer times. Absorbs.
Hard Ball Ground Throw a ball of clay and stone into the air that descends onto opponent from above. Charges into "Crush", which summons a giant stone fist which is slower but does more damage. Causes Wall Rush.
Drain Aerial Throw a quick orb of blue energy at opponent to knock them back. Charges into "Double Drain", which summons two orbs of green energy that do more damage but aren't as accurate. Initiates Chase.
Explosion Aerial Throw a charge of powder forward that explodes in the air. Charges into "Nitro", which does more damage but has a smaller area of effect. Causes Wall Rush.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Bone Crusher Ground Swing bone sword to slam opponent with melee attack. Charges into "Bone Charge", which has the boy charge forward while attacking twice in a row. Causes Wall Rush on charge.
Horn Spear Ground Draw back and throw lance to strike opponents from range. Charges into "Piercing Spear", which moves faster but has shorter range. Causes Wall Rush.
Spider Claw Aerial Throw axe in a crescent-shape pattern that loops back to the thrower. Charges into "Spider Web", in which the axe loops around 360 degrees before returning, but moves slower. Absorbs on charge.
Thunderball Aerial Draw the Bazooka and fire an orange projectile at enemies that explodes on impact. Charges into "Cyro Blast", which causes a smaller explosion but travels faster. Causes Wall Rush.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

The Boy's EX Mode is "Neutron Power", in which his weapons become "Neutronium weapons", the strongest class of weapons in Secret of Evermore - the Neutron Blade, the Atom Smasher, and the Laser Lance. In EX Mode, the Boy's weapons glow green, and he is under the effects "Atlas" and "Energize", which boost the strength of his attacks and makes them charge faster, letting him overwhelm opponents with powered-up Alchemy spells and strong HP attacks. This again reflects Secret of Evermore, where "Atlas" boosts attack strength, and "Energize" greatly speeds up the charge time of weapons.

The Boy's EX Burst is "Teamwork", which involves his calling his dog, and the two of them team up to attack the opponent. The player must press five button commands in succession, just like Firion's Burst. For the attacks, the Boy attacks with one of his weapons while the Dog tackles the opponent. For each attack the Boy changes between his weapons, while the Dog changes breed between a wolf, a greyhound, a poodle and a robot, reflecting his changes from Secret of Evermore. For the fourth hit, the Boy changes to the Bazooka. If the player gets all five button presses correctly, the duo end the Burst with "Double Blast", in which a laser cannon emerges from the Dog's back, the Boy charges up the Bazooka, and the two unleash a simultaneous blast at the opponent.

Me[edit | edit source]

A young man drawn into a new world he has never known. He wields sword and magic with minimal skill, but has great potential.
Called into the cycle of conflict to fight for Cosmos, he is not as skilled as his comrades but will not back down from an enemy. He has yet to develop his own fighting style and so mimics the techniques of other fighters he knows from his favorite video games. As his wisdom of his new home increases, so does his proficiency with his powers.
His wit is sharp enough to match his sword, and tends to cut deeper than he realizes.


Drake Clawfang is described as a Student of Gaming, and uses attacks themed around the various video games series he has played during his lifetime. However, his proficency with the games has varied, and thus all of his attacks change in effect depending on a variable of some kind. His outfit is a open, dark blue robe with a black shirt and track pants (what I typically wear around the apartment). His alternate costume colors his robe black and his hair is shorter. His weapon is a simple longsword.

Exclusive Weapons - Power Cable, Wireless Controller, DS Stylus

Trade accessories - Power of a Mod*(Shiver at it, bitches), Fanfic Link*(You are such a whore. Don't ever change.)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Nitro Crash Ground Charge forward a short distance and unleash a single powerful punch. Damage increases as Support Abilities are mastered
Dark Fallout Ground Fire a fireball that tracks enemies. Speed increases as Brave Attacks are mastered
Spin Attack Ground Whirl around 360 degrees with a sword attack. Damage increases as HP Attacks are Mastered
Heart Taker Ground Charge up an orb of magic and launch three spheres of energy that whirl outwards and forward. Damage increases as higher-level Equipment is used
Rising Kingdom Ground Swing sword and charge upwards in an uppercut, then slam the opponent down. Damage increases as more Booster Accessories are equipped
Revolution Aerial Guard and fire a stream of blue energy at opponent. Damage increases as more Basic Accessories are equipped
Icy Wind Aerial Conjure a wide-hitting blast of wind to sweep opponent backwards. Damage increases as more Action Abilities are mastered
Clanking Ratchet Aerial Pummel opponents with several sword hits that knock them into the air. Damage increases as the EX Bar fills
Blade Tornado Aerial Pause then charge forward while spinning sword around to knock opponent away. Damage increases as the Assist Bar fills

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Soul of Defiance Ground Thrust sword into air to unleash a short-ranged wave of magic from under you that travels upwards and outwards
Alpha Nova Ground Fire an orb of energy into the air that stays stationary and explodes over a wide area a period of time later.
Absolute Illusion Aerial Surround self in an orb of magic that expands and explodes.
Craft Star Aerial Create a magic field around you and conjure up an orb of powerful magic that fires at opponent. Can charge for speed and size.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From Description
Mega Saber Ground Spin Attack Unleash a flurry of sword attacks, then jump up and knock opponent down and away

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Drake's EX Mode is Master Gamer. In EX Mode, all his Brave attacks act as if the maximum possible value for their variable was in effect.

Drake's EX Burst is Playing for Real, where Drake knocks the opponent away and summons his computer console to encircle him as he charges energy. The player must rapidly tap the Circle button to charge up a Limit Meter. At full strength, Drake lashes out his PC's power cable to tie up the opponent, then bludgeons them repeatedly with the CPU unit. The Burst ends with Drake leaping up grabbing his flatscreen monitor before descending to smash it over the opponent's head, creating an explosion as he leaps back and poses.

Attack Quotes[edit | edit source]

Incoming! - Nitro Crash
Blaze of glory! - Dark Fallout
Round we go! - Spin Attack
Hold still! - Heart Taker
Going up...and down, keep up! - Rising Kingdom
Ha...not this time! - Revolution
Got cold feed? - Icy Wind
Having fun yet? - Clanking Ratchet
This is not a drill! - Blade Tornado

Havin' a blast! - Soul of Defiance
Catch this! - Alpha Nova
This is it! - Absolute Illusion
Begone! - Craft Star
This might hurt...I warned ya! - Mega Saber

Enter the end game! - entering EX Mode
No more holding back! - beginning EX Burst
Game over! - finishing EX Burst
Abort, retry, you fail! - using EX Revenge

Dissidia Quotes[edit | edit source]

Light never much impressed me - vs Warrior of Light
Not very subtle, is it? - vs Garland
Flowers? Damn yaoi fans... - vs Firion
Hold still Mr. Bowie - vs Emperor
Sora? - vs Onion Knight
Not a woman? Yeah, right - vs Cloud of Darkness
Oh look, a yin-yang bomb! - vs Cecil
We all know you're the real villain! - vs Golbez
You watch your back, I'll watch my head - vs Kain
What's with the man-skirt? - vs Bartz
I want Gilgamesh, dammit! - vs Exdeath
Morphing? Oh no, it's ass-kicking time! - Gilgamesh
Why do I always get the cute ones? - vs Terra
The joke's on you, laughing boy! - vs Kefka
You'd be amazed at the rumors about you - vs Cloud
Well, better you than her... - vs Tifa
Ooooh, I'm gonna enjoy this... - vs Sephiroth
Roar in pain, pathetic kitten - vs Squall
I'll cramp more than your leg - vs Laguna
This is where I tell a lame time pun - vs Ultimecia
This ought to be fun - vs Zidane
Shakespeare called, he wants his lines back! - vs Kuja
Only in a dream will you beat me - vs Tidus
Maybe this'll teach you to not do sequels! - vs Yuna
You got nothin on Kain pal! - vs Jecht
Back off before I step on ya' - vs Shantotto
Lay off the caffeine lady - vs Prishe
This is for Ashe! - vs Vaan
Pride? Not when I'm done - vs Gabranth
I'll match you in both sword and snark! - vs Lightning
Shiver at the power of a Mod! - vs Chaos

Time to play! - Intro
Game time! - Intro
Try and keep up! - Intro
Meh, I'm bored already. - Intro
Short and sweet, how I like it! - Intro against weak opponent
I'll go easy...not! - Intro against weak opponent
Yeah yeah, ain't you a toughie! - Intro against strong opponent
Should I be impressed? - Intro against strong opponent
That beeping is grating, let's hurry up! - Intro when low on HP
Ugh, I'm off my game today... - Intro when low on HP

Well that was dull. - Victory
A mod's work is never done. - Victory
I went afk, I miss anything? - Victory
Level completion GET! - Victory
You were barely worth the Exp! - Victory against weak opponent
Aw, did I hurt someone's feelings? - Victory against weak opponent
How humiliating this must be for you. - Victory against strong opponent
Now you see that skill overcomes power! - Victory against strong opponent
Can't believe it came to this. - Victory when low on HP
Hey, why is my health bar red? - Victory when low on HP

Aw man... - Final blow
Time for a reset. - Defeat
I should stick to editing... - Defeat
Meh, wasn't worth fighting anyway. - Defeat
What the hell happened there? - Defeat against weak opponent
I lost to a rookie? - Defeat against weak opponent
Well, that's what I get... - Defeat against strong opponent
Seems I've level grinding tdo. - Defeat against strong opponent

Wikian Quotes[edit | edit source]

So, the disciple rebels... - vs 8Bit
My sword is mightier than your pen - vs Cluna
Zidane says hi - vs NeoBZX
Mind translating "you don't stand a chance"? - vs Yuan

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