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Merry Christmas. Kupo!

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Welcome to my "userpage". On this site I'm known as the Drakemaster Drake, or DMD. I've played most of the Final Fantasy games, and all the main series games except for XI (though I haven't finished them all). I haven't been "active" on this wiki in several years, and when I was all I really did was chat on the forums (I even moderated one for a while, but good luck finding any references to it other than on really old pages). I'm not sure if I'm back, but I'm bored tonight so I'm editing/updating my userpage. If you say hi on my talk page I'll get back to use. Eventually.

The following Final Fantasies I hold dear to my heart:

Final Fantasy IV- First Final Fantasy I played, back when it was II and I was IV. For a while I was known among some of my friends as a walking encyclopedia of this game. Those days are long gone, but I could probably still give you a full reenactment of the game complete with cheesy soundeffects. You wouldn't want me to, but I could.

Final Fantasy VII- Although I still have not finished the game, this is probably my favorite game in the series. I don't necessarily think it's the best game in the series, but nostalgia is a strong thing, and some of my greatest childhood memories revolve around playing this with friends and family. I used this game to teach myself how to read, after my mother got to the point when she refused to read me the dialogue.

Final Fantasy Tactics- This was the first Final Fantasy I beat, and also the one I've finished the most amount of times. Back when War of the Lions was about to come out I was part of a lot of arguments here on the wiki because I thought we should have left the original dubs names as the official names on the pages for the game. Of course, I hadn't played War of the Lions yet, and I was a kid, so I shouted an opinion despite not having touched the thing. Now it's my favorite remake in the series, and I was clearly on the wrong side of those arguments.

Final Fantasy IX- This is one of the deepest games in the series. It has great writing, awesome philosophical undertones, amazing character development, and the best music in the series. I can say very little bad about this game.

Oh, and now that it's been years and I never really do much on this Wiki anyway, I can tell you that I was User:Unbound Nexus. One day I just decided to create a sock puppet and screw around. You'll notice that I never actually comitted any vandalism under that username, because I had planned all along to reveal it was me, but then it became such a huge joke, I didn't want to ruin it by letting it out that it was all supposed to be stupid and silly in the first place. Well, now enough time's passed that I'm sure everyone's probably forgotten about it by now anyway, so I don't feel bad about spoiling the joke.

-- Drake, 3:34 AM, EST January 24, 2012, New York, NY

How hilarious is it that the thing I'm most remembered for doing on this wiki was making a silly sockpuppet? There are still people writing HAHAHAHAHA on the Unbound Nexus userpage to this day!

Final Fantasies Played[]

Fully updated for 2010! I present to you the Final Fantasy titles and spin-offs that I have played.

Final Fantasy- Completed GBA and PSP versions, never finished PS version.

Final Fantasy II- Completed GBA version, never finished PS or PSP versions.

Final Fantasy III- This game is hard. After giving up shortly after getting it because of the god damned Garduda(!), a friend and I played through it together in the Spring of 2008, but I gave up again (this time I beat Garuda). I don't think I'll be going back to it anytime soon.

Final Fantasy IV- First Final Fantasy game I ever played. Completed GBA and SNES versions, lost interest in PS version, stopped playing the DS version because of getting a pesky social life. I have the PSP version, but I haven't started it yet.

Final Fantasy V- Lost interest. Almost completed GBA version, stuck in PS version.

Final Fantasy VI- Lost intrest. About to kick Kefka's ass, though.

Final Fantasy VII- Second Final Fantasy I played, taught me how to read. Never finished it, surprisingly.

Final Fantasy Tactics- First Final Fantasy I beat. Completed all versions. This is the Final Fantasy which I've beaten the most amount of times.

Final Fantasy VIII- Never completed, probaly never gonna, though I did recently buy a copy off Ebay (2013 edit: lol Like six years ago!). I like to pretend that this game ends at the end of Disc 2. Not only is it long enough by that point, but the story just takes a dive after the whole "Edea is possessed" thing.

Final Fantasy IX- The deepest game in the series.

Final Fantasy X- Still playing. During this most recent playthrough I realized that BH is right, and this game might just be the easiest main series Final Fantasy after all. I've only died once so far, and that's because I foolishly didn't set up the proper defenses while fighting a Malboro on the Calm Lands. Right now, I'm at Mt. Gagazet, but just defetead Seymour Flux, and about to fight the Nova Dragon or something like that. 2013 edit: Wound up not finishing that playthrough. Actually, that's as far as I got, so I probably stopped playing a few days before writing that.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-Never completed, never gonna. This is a sad excuse for a Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy X-2-Never completed, have save file about an hour before the end. I am severly underleveled and I don't stand a chance against Shiva. After I beat Final Fantasy X I may go back and try my hand at this game again.

Final Fantasy XII-Just started a new game.

Final Fantasy Legend II-Currently playing on and off.

Final Fantasy Legend III-Never completed, never gonna. Still have my original copy, though

Kingdom Hearts-Finished, but I have yet to defeat Sephiroth, Ice Titan, or Kurt Zisa.

Kingdom Hearts:Chain Of Memories-Never completed, never gonna. Though maybe I'll pick up Re:Chain of Memories now that it's out in the States.

Kingdom Hearts II-Finished, but I have yet to defeat Sephiroth or clear the last Paradox tourney.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days-Kicked it's ass!

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2-Never completed, never gonna. Still have my original copy, though.

Chocobo Tales-Never completed, never gonna. My brother still has his original copy, though neither of us have a clue as to where it is.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles-Never completed, don't know if it actually has an ending. If it does, never gonna.

Mario Hoops 3-0n-3-Never completed, never gonna. My little bro did unlock Ninja from Final Fantasy, though.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII--Have yet to clear all missions.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII--Still playing.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings-Never finished, never gonna. This is possibly the worst Final Fantasy thus far.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift-Almost finished. Stuck on the Illua battles. God, I hate that bitch! Reflex my ass. Returned to my pal (who lent it to me for quite a while).

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates-Never finished, never gonna. Better by far than the original, but still not up to standards.

Final Fantasy Adventure-Never finished, never gonna. I haven't even seen my copy of this in almost nine years!

"Chocobo Mobile Challenge"-My brother downloaded this game some time ago. I'm going to play it and make an article for it within the (week/fortnight/month/year/decade.

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My Crap[]

[[Forum:The Waystone|Moderating The Waystone]]-I used to be the moderator of the Waystone, an old forum for discussion on everything non-Final Fantasy. The Waystone was crushed to dust back in 2008. It was probaly for the best.

My random shit. Might write a few new Kyu And Blue stories soon, but don't count on that.



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Favorite Final Fantasy Quotes[]

"How do you prove that you exist? Maybe, we don't exist." -- Vivi, Final Fantasy IX

"You think you die, and that's that? You think you die, and everything'll be sugar and rainbows?" -- Sazh, Final Fantasy XIII

Adventures in Ivalice[]

Back in the day, I had a feature on this page called Adventures in Ivalice. I would updateit every so often to talk about what I was currently doing in Final Fantasy XII. I plan to start it up again soon.


  • I always keep my cell phone in my left pocket and my keys in the right.

  • I am partly responsible for the creation of Coca Colo.

  • The last book I read was The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman.

  • I still plan to write a walkthrough of Final Fantasy II, regardless of what anyone else says. (I totally don't.)

  • I have met four people that can be considered famous. Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbaca in the Star Wars movies, Darren Shan, the writer of The Demonata book series, Kevin Smith (twice), a filmmaker/actor (he's probably best known for Clerks and Zack and Miri Make a Porno), and sorta Bruce Willis (I really only said hello to him, though I spoke in-depth with all the others). Since originally writing this, I've also met Felicia Day, George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Colin Baker, Chris Elliot, and Dan Harmon.

  • I believe that Kingdom Hearts is a spinoff of the Final Fantasy series. (So, back in the day when I was around here often, there was an argument about whether or not Kingdom Hearts characters and enemies should have pages on the Wiki or not, with those against it saying that Kingdom Hearts wasn't a spin-off of Final Fantasy, but a separate series with character cameos. This was resolved when the Kingdom Hearts Wiki was established, but it was Serious Business at one point.)

  • Mymindislost welcomed me to this wiki.

  • I am really a sockpuppet of CSM. No, I'm not kidding.

Alright, I am.

  • I hate Judge Judy, she's not even a judge anymore, she is a mediator. (Um... Okay.)

  • My favorite fast food place is probaly Wendys, but McDonalds is a close second. (Dude, McDonald's clearly is superior due to their awesome fries. Also, you're going to die before your fifty if you keep eating McDonald's so often.)

  • As I write this I am listening to the song La Vie Boheme, from the musical RENT. (But not as I'm updating it.)

  • I hate Kefka, if you didn't know yet. (Not anymore, though I still find him pretty uninteresting.)

  • I am honored to be on the top favorite users list on Azul's userpage. I won't write a list of my own, but I will say that if I did, Azul would be on it. Great guy.

  • I actually don't dislike High School Musical or High School Musical 2, but this may be due to the fact that Ashley Tisdale stars in them. (Was this something people discussed back in the day? Maybe. I actually watched the first High School Musical movie on Netflix the other day, and was surprised that it wasn't that bad. Still a fan of Tisdale's.)

  • I want to write more trivia about myself down but I can't think of much more. I have Harry Potter Scene It but my brother accidently ruined the CD and lost the board and most of the cards. (Wow, forgot about this.)

  • I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and those of you that are my age, live in the United States, and claim you never have are liars. (Nah, there are millions of people my age who never played Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.)

  • It is impossible for me to think of one song as my favorite.

  • I've been to seven concerts. One U2 concert, one Linkin Park concert, one Billy Joel, one Paul McCartney and four Bruce Springsteen concerts. (I've been to at least six more Springsteen concerts since then, as well as two Maroon 5 concerts, a Kelly Clarkson concert, a Neon Trees show, and quite a few more I can't remember at the moment.)

  • I no longer oppose the Midgar Press being changed to the Bonga Bugle, because Tactics Advance 2 is way cooler than the first. UPDATE:Agh! They've gone and changed it again, this time to The Shinra News. Why, cruel world, why?

  • I have been to four Broadway shows. Those were Beauty And The Beast, Tarzan, The Sea Farer, and RENT. None of them still play. (I've certainly seen more shows since then, but like the concerts thing I'm totally drawing a blank on this one.)

  • I believe I have Marfan Syndrome, but haven't gone through the nesscesary tests with a doctor yet. (My doctor told me I was paranoid when I brought this up. He said the same thing whenever I asked him anything health related. I have a new doctor now, and I'm pretty sure I don't have Marfan Syndrome, just a terrible diet.)

  • I can't think of anything else to put in my trivia section.