Name drake_wyvermir
Job Class Psychoblade (Do not complain, it’s unique)
Hometown Classified
Date of Birth 29/08/199X
Height About 156cm
IQ Around 148
Weapon Muramasa
Spells Psi magic: Teleport, Brainstorm, Psychoblade, Telekinesis, Psychobomb, Time trip, Magic guard, Mazer
Summons None, thankyou very much!
Limit breaks Mindblow

About MeEdit

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These are my userboxes!

Userb male This user is a male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
biling This user is bilingual and can speak 2 or more languages fluently.
User virgo This user is a Virgo.
IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
VII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VII.
th_SMRPGMariopeace.gif This user plays Super Mario RPG.
Arc This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is intelligent, but also kind of shy.
FFVI iOS Gestahl This user is simply going to put you to sleep using the very power you've unleashed.
JGabranth Icon Your lives end at this user's blade!
Userbox Selkie This user is a Selkie.
Yuri icon This user can wield a sword now!
th_Pronintendo.jpg This user supports Nintendo.
th_Antisony.jpg This user hates Sony.

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