"Am I awesome now? Okay, how about now?"
Name DragoonNobodies Adi
A.K.A Izad Laddarch, King of awkward
Job Class Archer with Thief subjob
Date of Birth 24/06/1995
Abilities Multi-shot, Elemental arrows, Lance dive, Chakram combo
Weapon Bow and Arrows, Spears, Chakrams
Limit break Draconian form

What you say?
―Quina Quen, Final Fantasy IX


Right. Name's DragoonNobodies, or simply Dragoon or Nobody. Originally I was Grovyle246. Yea I used to like Pokemon and Nintendo. But after a change in life, now I'm on Final Fantasy's side. I still like Pokemon though, just, not as much as back then. Anyway I'm here to help Final Fantasy Wiki. I won't edit anything else but english errors or adding missing information.

Uhh.. this page is still under construction, too.

Final Fantasy titles played so farEdit


What is this I don't even

  • Final Fantasy I Dawn of Souls
    • Checkpoint : Returned the Crystal Eye to Matoya
  • Final Fantasy III DS
    • Checkpoint : World of Darkness
  • Final Fantasy IV DS
    • Checkpoint : Lunar Subterrane
  • Final Fantasy V GBA
    • Checkpoint : fighting against crystals in Forest of Moore
  • Final Fantasy VI SNES & GBA - Finished (GBA)
    • Checkpoint : Halfway of Dragons' Den.
  • Final Fantasy IX
    • Checkpoint : Disc 4, Memoria
  • Final Fantasy X-2
    • Checkpoint : Chapter 2 start
  • Final Fantasy XII
    • Checkpoint : training after Bahamut Airship appears, level 50 average
  • Final Fantasy TA
    • Checkpoint : Second mission
  • Final Fantasy TA2 - Finished
    • Checkpoint : Hard mode - Everything up to the Final quest, including Brightmoon Tor
  • Final Fantasy CC : RoF - Finished
  • Final Fantasy CC : EoT
    • Checkpoint : The final dungeon (forgot name)
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy - Finished

Recently played

  • Final Fantasy CC : The Crystal Bearers
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Crisis Core FF VII

Noteworthy shizEdit

First Image uploaded : 50px
100th Edit : Dragon's Neck Colosseum - Zidane vs Balthier.
First Edit : Final Fantasy V weapons#Bows



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