Quotes "So smug but for how long?" Genesis in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Name Dragoon
Job Class Sky Pirate
Hometown Midgar
Date of Birth 1996
Age 14
Height 6ft
IQ ?????
Weapon Altair
Spells Firaga,Wataga,Burst
Summons Marilith,Odin,Tiamat
Limit breaks Ultima Burst,Multi Summon

Hi to anyone watching im dragoon and im a FF fanatic. I discovered FF through Kh and thought it was great even though I had never played it.

The first game I got was Dissidia FF I got it for two reasons #1 I only knew how to play real time games. 
  1. 2 I thought it would help show me the story

until i found out that each FF game has a different story. My next game was Crisis Core I thought it was a great game I'll list my every favourite character later down the page. Now after that I went on a down streak I got FF 2 suck suck suck suck suck suck suck!!!!!!!! worst game ever! Even the first game of FF was better than that. Well after that I had to have acute Anti noob music treatment by Watching FF advent children Amazing! okay i'll be back once i've thought of something to write P.s where is biggs and wedge they arent any where if you see them please leave a message

Nero head

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