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Hey! I'm Daniel, but more commonly known as Doc Rocco or Rocco. Doc Rocco as my initials are DR, and because I wanna be one. I'm relatively new to Final Fantasy, but still love it.

Don't you hate having to sit around all day?
Name Daniel
A.K.A Doc Rocco
Job Class Black Mage
Hometown Somewhere in Australia
Date of Birth 27/02/92
Age 16
Height 1.77m
IQ 145
Weapon Sword of some sort
Spells Ultima, Blizzaga, Flare, Curaga, Osmose, Dispel
Summons Shiva and Bahamut

About Me[]

I'm 16 now. I can legally drive! I'm Australian

My first Final Fantasy was FFX. Before that, I'd only played Kingdom Hearts, which I loved. After finishing it, I decided to try FFX, and fell in love with that as well. I then went on to FFX-2 and loved that as well. I thought Square could do no wrong. Until FFXII came out that is. Now I do like XII, but I think it lacks proper characters and story, which I enjoy. But everything else was fantastic. I also bought FFVIII, and loved that as well, whatever anyone else may say.

VP Wiki[]

I'm a bureaucrat there. Come visit and edit! We have 35 97 articles at last count. I know. HUGE.

And 'cause we're new, we are looking for admins. And we all know that big contributions on a small wiki aren't actually that big. And big contributions = Admin status!


What Userpage would be complete without Userboxes? None, that's how many.

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Totally useless info about me[]

Everyone else does it, so why not me? Which is false?

1. I am slightly deaf in my right ear

2. I like classical music

3. When I was 5, and up until the age of 13, I wanted to be a herpetologist

4. I actually enjoy the school part of school. I think it is because I am actually good at school.

5. I use a Mac

6. When I look upwards, my right eye is slightly lower than my left because of an injury when I was 11

7. I'm the only person in my family who likes tomatoes

8. I've only been on a plane twice - going to and from Queensland

9. According to a newspaper article, I was tipped for PM in 2006

Do I actually do anything round here?[]

Yes! I just updated the Aeons - (19/02/07) article big time - it was pretty much useless before- and try to use the forums! So actually, I guess not...

Well, I decided to do some FFXI magic pages. See how long that lasts... Hopefully I will contribute something decent.


Well, I'm up to two now. Big numbers!