• LAO rules do not apply, until the player has entered Luxerion for the first time.

Yusnaan: The Patron's PalaceEdit

  • Fight the first enemy of the game, an Anubys.
Anubys Unleash the entire ATB bar with Thunder.

Switch Schema and empty the entire ATB bar with Blizzard.

He will be Staggered, lowering his Physical resistance.

Eliminate him with Attack from both Schema.

HP-lrffxiii-icon 40,000
Focus Magic→Physical
  • Attack the enemies one by one.
Niblet Unleash the entire ATB bar with Thunder to eliminate.

Physical attacks are not as effective.

HP-lrffxiii-icon 9,600
Weak FireElement-lrffxiii-icon
Focus Magic
Anubys Perfect guard its attack with Guard.

If done right this will Stagger it, lowering its Magical resistance.

Eliminate it with Magical abilities from both Schema.

HP-lrffxiii-icon 40,000
Focus Magic→Physical
  • Defeating all 3 enemies opens the door.
  • Run up the stairs to the salesman and buy 4 more Potions for free.
  • Run up and follow Snow to the next enemy encounter.
  • Defeat the Anubys and Niblet team, starting with the Niblet.
  • Simply follow Snow through, defeating enemies along the way.
  • Open the door with the button, and go inside to fight the first (tutorial) boss.
Zaltys Unleash the entire ATB bar with Thunder.

Switch Schema and unleash the entire ATB bar with Blizzard.

Zaltys will Stagger, lowering its Physical resistance.

Overclock, and unleash all Attack.

Hitting its head will Stagger it again.

Simply use Attack until defeat, optionally Overclock once more.

HP-lrffxiii-icon 110,000
Weak IceElement-lrffxiii-icon
Focus Magic→Physical
  • Progress to the door to be transported.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Locked Abilities Only
Day 0
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Equilibrium Lightning - LRFFXIII
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Crimson Blitz LRFFXIII Crimson Blade
SchemaShield-lrffxiii-icon Night Lotus LRFFXIII Twilight Lotus
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Dark Muse LRFFXIII - Dark Muse
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Scramasax LRFFXIII Gladius
SchemaShield-lrffxiii-icon Double Cross LRFFXIII Gothic Buckler
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Mist Wizard LRFFXIII Mist Wizard
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Devil's Daughter LRFFXIII Devil's Daughter
SchemaShield-lrffxiii-icon Prytwen LRFFXIII Diktynna
Day 1
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Fighter's Emblem
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Nocturne LRFFXIII Nocturne
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Providence LRFFXIII Providence
ArmAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Runic Ring
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Sickle of the Faithful LRFFXIII Sickle of the Faithful
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Twist Headband
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Magician's Token
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Miqo'te Dress LRFFXIII Miqo'te Outfit
ArmAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Mage's Gloves
ArmAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Thorn of Aggression
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Wolf's Emblem
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Liberator LRFFXIII Liberator
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Quiet Guardian LRFFXIII Quiet Guardian
Day 2
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Red Mage LRFFXIII Red Mage
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Liberator LRFFXIII Liberator
SchemaShield-lrffxiii-icon Juno Sospita LRFFXIII Juno Sospita
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Ignition LRFFXIII Ignition
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Electronica LRFFXIII Electronica
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Woodland Walker LRFFXIII Woodland Walker
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Watery Chorus LRFFXIII Watery Chorus
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Hunter of the Wild LRFFXIII Hunter of the Wild
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Vengeance LRFFXIII Vengeance
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Imp's Crest
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Fencer's Earrings
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Soldier's Tie
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Soldier's Tie
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Sight's Circlet
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Corundum Pin
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Demon Earrings
ArmAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Thorn of Will
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Midnight Mauve LRFFXIII Midnight Mauve
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Death Herald LRFFXIII Death Herald
LRFFXIII Garb Icon Dragoon LRFFXIII Dragoon
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Femme Fatale LRFFXIII Femme Fatale
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Stormbane Choker
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Zirconia Brooch
SchemaShield-lrffxiii-icon Pendragon LRFFXIII Pendragon
FFXIII Gunblade Icon Battleaxe of the Believer LRFFXIII Battleaxe of the Believer
ArmAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Thorn of Protection
Day 3
HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Witch's Rosary
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Final Day
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