FFXIV GM Rickroll

One of the signs of the End of the World: Game Master Rickroll

Well, what there is to say about me?

Not much, really. I'm just a regular twenty two years old Final Fantasy fan that just happened to have the idea to help editing Final Fantasy XIV related articles over here. Not that I don't like the previous games in the series (FFIX is my favorite, by the way), it's just that almost everything that could be said about them...well...already has been said, duh. But FFXIV is a whole new territory and - who knows - maybe I really could help adding some useful stuff about that game. Not to mention everyone else hated the game and aren't editing FFXIV articles or playing the game at all, so...someone has to do the dirty job.

Opnions about the main FF GamesEdit


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy II
Story Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VI ~
Graphical Style Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIV ~
Soundtrack Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy X-2
Cast Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy X
World Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX ~
Final Dungeon Ultimecia's Castle Kefka's Tower Crystal World Sky Fortress Bahamut
Final Battle Ultimecia Exdeath Vayne Carudas Solidor Necron
Battle system Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy Tactics ~
Level Up System Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy II
Skill System Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy Tactics ~


Category Best Second Best Third Best
IV Song Red Wings over Baron Zeromus Rydia
V Song Battle on the Big Bridge Dear Friends The Evil Lord Exdeath
VI Song Dancing Mad Terra Decisive Battle
VII Song Birth of a God Electric de Chocobo JENOVA Absolute
VIII Song Liberi Fatalli Premonition Under Her Control
IX Song Not Alone Hunter's Chance Dark Messenger
X Song Battle With Seymour Otherworld Hymn of the Fayth
XI Song Luck of the Mog Awakening Ronfaure
XII Song Esper Battle The Dalmasca Estersand Boss Battle
XIII Song Blinded by Light Sunleth Waterscape Desperate Struggle
XIV Song Coerthas Theme Chocobo Theme (Rental) Primal Judgement
Chocobo Song Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IEdit

Simple, direct, awesome. Never really played the original NES release, I tried to, I really tried...but it seems I'm not hardcore enough. The game isn't as fancy as current JRPGs, doesn't have lots of sidequests or an epic storyline, but it a simple, fun and worthy game even compared to the recent Final Fantasies. A great start for a great series. Gotta finish someday.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Good story for a NES game. Terrible everything else. Good lord I can't stand 1 more minute of this game until they remake the leveling system. Never finished, never will.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Fun, hard, unlucky. I always have some problem with my save whenever I try playing FFIII DS, so I kinda gave up halfway. But up to that point? Great game, interesting (albeit too simple) story, fun gameplay. I just guess the remake shouldn't have created characters and kept nameless Onion Knights, but that's just me. Kudos for creating the job system, FFIII.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

First really story driven FF. Created the ATB system. Awesome cast. Awesome soundtrack. Awesome dungeons. Awesome awesomeness. Didn't play it? GO PLAY IT.

...but really? Golbez was brainwashed'n crazy and then you go to the moon? Cut the drugs, Mr. Scenario Writer, please.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Screw the story, I have gameplay!

Final Fantasy V can be described in a single Yu Gi Oh Abridged Series quote. That is enough.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Some of the best graphics I've seen on SNES, one of the most memorable soundtracks in all video game history all packaged into an engaging storyline, fun game-play, interesting characters and a Joker clone. I miss those great times.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Lego-3D FFVI, now with less (and worse) characters and fun sidequests / minigames. Overated? Maybe. Good? **** Yeah. I just wish summon magic didn't take so damn long.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Either love it or hate it.

But, do you wanna complain about FFVIII? Go ahead and talk about the terrible romance story, the sub-par cast and villain, the easily breakable battle system or the insanely long summon animations, BUT PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT YOU NEED TO DRAW MAGIC FOR HOURS TO PLAY THIS GAME, PLEASE DON'T. GO REFINE ITEMS! I mad.

Phew, had to say that. By the way, Triple Triad is awesome.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Summon magic lenght finally reduced, if we ignore Ark. Best game of the series? Yes. Simple as that.

Final Fantasy XEdit

The less is said about this game, the better. Still fun and better than most PS2 games, actually, but below average Final Fantasy Game, imo.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

I know that I'm a minority on this one, but Final Fantasy X-2 is so damn improved over X that's not even funny. Battle system is easily the best in the series, job system is back and better than ever with in-battle job changing, the completely open world right from the start is nice, the simple plot is neither terrible (most of the time) nor awesome(most of the time), the sheer amount of stuff to do is incredible and the fun factor (pretty much what I want from any game) goes out of the roof.

If you really, REALLY hate the story and characterization, just skip the story scenes and pretend this is FFV-2 while VEGNAGUN PURGES THIS REPULSIVE WORLD.

I just wish the soundtrack wasn't so terrible and the requirements to get 100% weren't so retarded (didn't speak with a character hidden behind a crate during a ten second time frame? No perfect ending for you).

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Never played, never will (actually, I did play for two days or so during a free trial period, got BLM to 6 and did some quest about selling hats in Windurst, was actually kinda cool). Not that I don't want to, but I just don't have enough time to commit to two MMOs, and since there are pretty much no beginners in the game at this point, it would be a pain to play...

...but maybe I might try it out for real once Seekers of Adoulin is released.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Ondore's lies? Don't listen to that!

FFXII is a mixed bag. A great plot with a terrible pacing. A great world filled with VOID (can someone explain why some areas are SO DARN HUGE if there's NOTHING INTERESTING THERE? Thank you). A great party with lol Vaan. A great soundtrack but devoid of truly memorable songs. I guess I would like this game better if it weren't so long, I got tired when I realized I had around 60 hours of gameplay and was barely past the middle point. How the hell did Square put all that stuff on a single DVD, anyways?

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

I don't get the hate over this one, but at the same time...I do get it. I mean, the game is actually fun, even tho it was somewhat average. The only real problem I got with it is the whole 20 hours of corridors thingy. (and the fact that every area after the big plains whose name I actually forgot are corridors as well).

Battle system is very fun, but too much automated. I'd like it more if they implemented at the very least some *basic* control over the AI, because having to manually control the Synergist when I need buff B and C before A but the AI always use A D C B is annoying. Reminds me of Xenoblade, in fact. I had to control Sharla for any battle that required serious healing. Meh.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

<insert joke about A Realm Reborn grass quality here>


May add more stuff later, but for DiamondEdge, it is...


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