Final Fantasy Wiki
Final Fantasy Wiki
Japanese Name FFWiki-tan
Kana エフエフウィキたん
Romaji Efuefuwikitan
Age 40-50 years
Height Unknown
Race Viera
Home The Final Fantasy Wiki
Job Scholar
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

FFWiki-tan is the living embodiment of the Final Fantasy Wiki. A hard working librarian, FFWiki-tan ensures that everything is working as intended and that all articles are up to regulations. When she isn't performing these important tasks she can be seen writing collaborative fan fiction, though recently she's become a bit depressed as she can't find a good writing team to work with.

Physical Appearance

FFWiki-tan is a Viera. However, unlike most Viera, she isn't exactly svelte due to having to attend to the wiki so much. She isn't chubby though, she's "voluptuous". She likes to wear glasses and jackets, what some would describe as the scholar look.

FFWiki-tan and the Wiki

FFWiki-tan spends all her day attending to the wiki for reasons that only she can comprehend. Even though her facial expression would suggest she has long past the point where she enjoys this, she still does it with a sense of duty that goes unparalleled.

If there's one place FFWiki-tan dare not tread it's the Dragon Neck Coliseum. The constant battles do not amuse her, and the bickering in the gallery tends to make her angry.

When she gets some alone time, FFWiki-tan can be seen attending to the Chocobo that appears in the site's logo. It is only during these times that FFWiki-tan displays an emotion somewhat like happiness.