This Page is all about my ideas about Vaan being underrated, with everyone thinking that He is not the Hero, while Everyone thinks that that crazy pimp is the hero. Just to make it CLEAR, Vaan's one of my most favorite characters, and he deserves the title of being the male protagonist of XII. I emphasized Balthier because I think he's somewhat being overrated to the fact that everyone thinks Balthier's the Hero, and someone shouts Vaan Sucks. IT'S GONNA BE PROVEN HERE THAT VAAN'S THE HERO.

Overview about Vaan[edit | edit source]

He is a street urchin born in the Kingdom of Dalmasca. He lives in Rabanastre, and he has a best friend, Penelo, and a brother, Reks. Vaan and Reks' parents died due to a plague. (before the empire attacked). When the empire attacked, it Penelo's Parents. The three of them were raised by Migelo, the owner of Migelo's Sundires. Vaan has a dream: To be a Sky Pirate. While anyone is a dreamer, his dreams came true, as seen in FFTA2. Although the producers thought of a big, brawny man, wouldn't that design be boring? The producers did make a good choice. For people, it doesn't matter. Because they think that "Ooh Vaan sucks, he's a whiner, a goddamn prostitute, Cover up man!" It's like saying In order for people to see a true hero, He must be a cool one, involved in the storyline, etc. etc., much like Balthier. Devil Breaker 15:24, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

"Put a shirt on, Dude!"[edit | edit source]

Many people seem to shun Vaan in Final Fantasy XII because he does not wear a shirt. He only wears a vest that exposes his chest. I will attempt to briefly explain the reasoning behind the "partial nudity." Vaan, as everyone knows is an inhabitant of Dalmasca. Dalmasca is a kingdom situated in the middle of a dessert. Desserts are hot. When it his hot, people take off their clothes. Hence, Vaan lacks a shirt in order to avoid getting heat stroke. Originally, I intended to make a Sam Kinison reference but thought better of it.--Werefang 15:46, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

And he finally wears a shirt at Final Fantasy Tactics A2, so what are you Vaan haters whining about now? Kuzlalala Squee! 11:16, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

"Sorry, dude. No Plot. No Service."[edit | edit source]

Now, many people seem to know that because Vaan seems to have no relevance to the plot they automatically assume that Vaan is not cut out to be a protaganist. Well, those people need to wake up and see what Square is trying to do for us! First off, let's go back to Vaan's brother Reks, who is pulled into this whole mess and used as a witness by the Empire in order to frame Basch- the whole reason why Vaan has misgivings in the first place. Then upon realising Basch was not responsible, Vaan decided to turn his hatred towards the Empire, and is the only person besides Ashe (who sees the spirit of her husband Rasler) who sees a ghost (who he sees as his brother). As a result, Vaan serves as somewhat of a catalyst in the war with the Empire. He can impersonate people in order to get the party forward and is the only person allowed to wield Anastasia in Revenant Wings. Not Basch. Not Balthier (No offense, you two). VAAN! Besides, doesn't well-balanced stats make a person a protaganist anyways? Cluna 06 01:09, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

"If you're not experienced, try some rats on the side"[edit | edit source]

Because Reks was killed in the war, Vaan want to avenge his fallen brother against Basch, who is supposedly the killer of Reks, who is actually the Judge Magister Gabranth— Basch's twin. Now some people here says it's impossible that some wansy-pansy whiney could be really trained in just short time. Well they're wrong, and he ain't a wansy-pansy whiney. Do you remember "Vaan Ratsbane"? Old Dalan gave Vaan this nickname, as it's like a title to Vaan. "Vaan the killer of Rats". Now how's that? Vaan's been killing rats in Rabanastre, which gave him some battle training. This training contributed to his fast thief-stealing from the guards. At the time when Vayne became the Consul, he sneaked in. Then he found the Goddess Magicite, then Pimp and Fran tried to took over the magicite when Ifrit came, and the three escaped. Later in the game, Balthier actually (though unlikely) trained Vaan the ways of the Sky Pirate. That's how Vaan became trained. Devil Breaker 15:24, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Don't forget to mention how huge the rats are! Master Conjurer 15:27, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

"How the hell does he suck? Any ideas? No? Good!"[edit | edit source]

How did Vaan suck to the community? Is it because of his effeminacy? No? Can anyone give any details? No? Everyone thinks that Vaan sucks, and the only thing people could say is "Vaan sucks period." or "Vaan suck because of his fake abs or something." Almost no one could bring up any cold, hard evidence about how Vaan sucks. Is it because everyone thought of a cool hero, but didn't turn out on what they like? Think about it, some people should shine some light on Vaan. They always think he sucks 'coz somebody's better. If Vaan was the big buffed hero, wouldn't it be a cliché? If Vaan's the cold type persona, wouldn't it be again a cliché? They made Vaan that way because everyone will get bored of the same damn hero— "The cold, silent big hero." I'm not saying that Vaan's better than Cloud or something (otherwise Cluna will kill me...), I'm saying that Vaan should be treated the same way Squall, Zidane, Cloud, Tidus, Terra, Cecil, Firion, and Bartz are treated— like a hero. These heroes are different in some ways, and that's why Vaan's made like what he is now. Otherwise, every single hero of Final Fantasy would be a cliché. If Vaan really sucks, give a cold, hard, true fact on why he sucks. DB36 08:28, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

SE sayz so?[edit | edit source]

They do, and they're right. Honestly, who made the game? Square-Enix. So, as the creator of the story they are the ones who decide who's the hero, and they did. Who did they pick? Vaan, period. Well, he may not be badass, he may not be emo, he may not be cheerful, he may not be tough, he may not be prince charming, he may not be a loner, he may not be a rouge, he may not be a woman, he may not be amnesic, he may not be sexy, he may not be energetic, he may not be wise, he may not be a super-mega-hyper mage, he may not be funny or humorous, he may not be, well, notable, but he is the main character and the hero of Final Fantasy XII. Why? Not only the series' creators picked him, but he gives a simple point of view of a teenager who's lost a lot to a war and even if he didn't fiercely intervene, he did intervene, and that caused the series of events that Final Fantasy XII. If it wasn't for Vaan, Balthier and Fran probably would have escaped Rabastre Palace, and not free Basch. Also, Penelo wouldn't be captured and so, Ondore wouldn't be contacted so as to rescue Ashe and do all the stuff. So, it all starts with Vaan, and it all ends with Vaan, who trained so hard killing mice so as to avenge his brother, and stand against the Empire that conquered his home. - Henryacores^ 13:14, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Vaan, the enlisted man[edit | edit source]

History books often point to the officers, generals, and leaders as heroes.  History always forgets the infantry men, the true soldiers that do all of the work.  This is Vaan: the young man who joined a small army because he didn't want to be useless.  It is no different than the young men and women that join the real life armies.  Have you ever heard of a Corporal Joseph Reger?  I didn't think so.  But he was stationed in Germany during the Cold War as a Nuclear Munitions Artillary specialist, and would have been one of the first men to fight Soviet soldiers had a war been started.  It would have been a lazy old "soldier" (a man who likely had never seen conflict, and likely hadn't used a gun since he graduated West Point) who would have sent him to his inevitable death but it would have been that same old man who would have gotten credit for the victory.  But it would have been the young men with the guns and the shells truely responsible for the outcome of every battle.  That is the responsibility of Vaan.  He fought with the hope of being part of something greater than himself, a cog in a massive machine.  Vaan is the soldier, the infantry man, the "ultimate weapon." (Quote taken from the slogan of Fort Dix,New Jersey.)--Werefang 17:28, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

What kind of hero Vaan is?[edit | edit source]

Vaan's seeming weirdness is easily explained by that Square-Enix has tried to give to him as much as possible similarity to Final Fantasy players.
1) Vaan originally - the simple person who has got to this history casually. If after battle in the fortress other wounded soldier would survived... But gamers are not connected with history of Dalmasca too.
2) He is not as noble as the princess Ashe, not as cool as Balthier, not as famous as Basch, and does not belong to long-living mystical race, as Fran. But almost all players are the same.
3) You think, Vaan's clothes are weird? But if you have suddenly got to Dalmasca, the general opinion would be - actually you are strange dressed.
4) Vaan at times is mistaken, tells absurd and makes stupid decisions. But it's not surprising. The majority of gamers are the young persons. Top executives of game development are often old humans. Some older persons consider that Vaan-like behaviour is characteristic for youth.
All other characters of a command are heroes from the start of the game. Balthier is the famous sky pirate from the start, ets. Vaan becomes the hero in process. This is his place - a place of the simple person with set of the lacks, managed to take a place in a party of heroes by hard work. It's very optimistic, that Square-Enix has chosen Vaan as central character. The company believes that each gamer, casually having got to the game world, there could pass the same way, as Vaan, from trainings on rats and to the ending. Without supernatural airship, wide popularity, long-term military experience or the crowned ancestors. Unfortunately, many choose a starting heroic bonus, preferring other characters. Maybe, they simply do not believe in himself?
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