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I can't see your star; how can the darkness feels so wrong.

Your Star, Evanescence

Devil Breaker is a Final Fantasy Fan, and he is not a Fanboy. He is the 1,206,327th user of Final Fantasy Wiki. He also likes to draw, but can't draw right much. He also thinks that Cyan, Umaro and Vaan doesn't suck and in fact, he likes to use those characters. Also, he's an adept player of Dissidia Final Fantasy, such that all of his Characters are Lvl. 100. He is also an avid Zidane Tribal, Cid Highwind, and Terra Branford fan. He also likes characters that are also commonly disliked by the Community. Oh, and welcome to my User page! Feel free to look around. Just no vandalizing ok?

Devil Breaker
That's me, hahahaha! No really, that's me.
Name James Glenn Gomez
A.K.A Devil Breaker, DB (for short)
Preferred Job Class Red Mage, Gunner
Hometown Caloocan City
Date of Birth March 06 1994
Age 15
Location Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Gadgets Navigator, PSP, PS3
Finished FF Games DFF, CCFFVII
Favorite Character Zidane, Yuna/Gunner, Terra, Celes, Angeal, Genesis, Auron
O2Jam PH Nickname N1kk0Ch4n
External links Friendster Account, Facebook Account
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About Me
[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

I am Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg-- joke only. I'm James Glenn Gomez, aka Devil Breaker, probably not the youngest here in the wikia. I'm only 15 yrs old, and I played only a few FF games. But I'm knowledgeable about some games, especially Dissidia and FFX. If there are Filipinos here, I would be very happy 'coz I know I'm not alone.

First Final Fantasy Played[edit | edit source]

Not actually played, but watched. The first was FFTSW, back when I was in Grade 3 I think, then I played FF5/FF6 (Anthologies), my uncle gave me a cd of it. Then I watched Final Fantasy Unlimited but I didn't finished it 'coz of educational reasons, Then I played Crisis Core on my PSP (its been a few years since I played...), Watched FF7AC, Played Dissidia, and Now currently playing FF6A & FF5A.

Other games[edit | edit source]

I mostly played online games, but didn't get quite the hang of it. its always, when I get to a certain level, then my friend leaves me behind, I stop playing that game, and start another (it happens coz of the sleeping time in our home). Then I discovered, if I don't play any online games, and play offline ones, I'm better than my friends are. Much like I beat my friend in Dissidia (Woot:3). But so far, other than FF, I play mostly...
Tomb Raider (Legend and Anniversary)
Metal Slug Anthology
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Phantasy Star Portable

On My PS3
Tomb Raider Underworld
The Orange Box (That's Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2)

It's kinda sad that my Ps3 can't play PS2 games, coz I want to play X, X-2, and XII. For me, they have the most twisted storyline and I liked it. I also want to play Kingdom Hearts series (sorry guys never played it). My dad keeps telling me to sell what we bought (MY PS3) for my tuition fee at our school (Private School) then buy me a PS2 with many games.... so I can't totally bear it.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

1. Not that cute, nor ugly
2. Smart but not too smart
3. Already has white hair and is only 15
4. Quiet
5. Not-so-Friendly
6. Helpful
7. Polite
8. A Fan, not a Fanboy
9. Likes girls that can cook great
10. All in All, Balanced.

Now to Mimic everyone...[edit | edit source]

Table[edit | edit source]

It doesn't really mean Worst, just last place, all right changin' it!!!!

Favorites and Last TOP 1 TOP 2 TOP 3 LAST
Game Final Fantasy VI Dissidia Final Fantasy Final Fantasy V None whatsoever.
Game System Final Fantasy VI Crisis Core/Dissidia Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy VIII (The Draw System, 'nuff said)
Favorite Character Tina (I like her Jap name than the NA one)/Zidane, (Forgot to write this but its a tie) Vincent (Pseudo-Vampires are Cool, especially with Guns) Angelo (Is she considered a character?) Kimhari
Favorite Intro Dissidia Final Fantasy Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy Anthologies (FFVI Part) Final Fantasy Tactics (Not WotL, the 1st Version)
Favorite Ending Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy XII (Especially the 1 year after part, Kiss Me Goodbye really did it) Final Fantasy X I like endings
Favorite Jobs Red Mage and Gunner Bard Knight Samurai (FFT, I hate it when my Katana breaks)
Favorite Male Protagonist Zidane (I'm a Zidane Fan) Vaan (Balthier's not the Pro, Vaan is) Firion So many to think of, maybe Benjamin...
Female Protagonist Tina Ashe Faris AUFP (An unnamed Female Pro)
Antagonist (Male/Female) (Any Antagonist) Kefka Kuja Genesis Sephiroth (Dude it only takes 1 to defeat him, Kefka needs 12!!!)
Red Mage Tina Scott Red Mage of FFV Red Mage of FFI
Gunner Kaze Yuna Vincent Balthier (I like him, but nut really worst)
Black Mage Lulu Vivi Maria N/A
Anime Character Naruto (Naruto) Kyoshiro Mibu/Demon Eyes Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo) Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) Ryoga (Inuyasha)
Novelist Stephen King JK Rowling Dan Brown Stephenie Meyer
Books 'salem's Lot Robert Langdon Series Harry Potter Series Twilight Series
Band Evanescence Bowling for Soup Yellowcard Emo Bands

MY RANDOM TOP 10[edit | edit source]

Games[edit | edit source]

  1. Final Fantasy IX
  2. Final Fantasy VI
  3. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  4. Dissidia
  5. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
  6. Tomb Raider: Underworld
  7. Half-Life 2: Episode 2
  8. Patapon
  9. Splinter Cell: Essentials
  10. Monster Rancher

Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Lara Croft- No one beats my Lara Croft (If you look closely, her boobs are as big as Tifa's and Lulu's)
  2. Zidane- of Course, he's Zidane
  3. Terra- One of my most high leveled characters in FF6
  4. Sam Fischer/Solid Snake- Spies 'r' cool
  5. Gordon Freeman- "Crowbars are only for geeky videogame characters." Anna Grimsdottr, Splinter Cell
  6. Leon Kennedy/Claire Redfield- No one beats these two as a duo!
  7. Harry Potter- You know the Boy who lived?
  8. Vaan- He's Vaan!
  9. Kasumi- Cute, Cute Cute!!!!
  10. Kyoshiro Mibu- He was possessed by Demon Eyes Kyo, that oughtta be something?

NEWS[edit | edit source]

  • Woot! My dad and I exchanged phones wooohooo!!!
  • The UPCAT Review is very hard...
  • I still play O2Jam
  • For people who thinks Vaan's cool, please gather around, if there are any. Please help me make the world see that Vaan's the Hero of FFXII and stopping that weird conspiracy that Balthier is the hero. If anyone wants to help me, then good. Here's the link. Thanks a Million!!!
  • Damn, my PSP got bricked- Full Bricked. Need to start all over again, damn.
  • PSP's got fixed. Good thing there's back-up woof:3.
  • Hell yeah I'm back. Caused a stir, but still here. help me with this arty guys!!!! Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008) abilities

N1ck0Ch4n's Wall of Nothingness[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

Genres[edit | edit source]

  1. Rock
  2. Classical
  3. Pop
  4. J-Pop
  5. Instrumentals

Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. Evanescence songs (No specifics, I like them all)
  2. What a Catch, Donnie (I love Fall Out Boy, but this is my Fave)
  3. One Step at a time (weird if you think about that I like it, but I like it, Jordin Sparks songs have sense ya' know?)
  4. Fukai Mori (Do as Infinity)/Kiss me Goodbye (Angela Aki)
  5. Canon Rock (Funtwo)/Symphony No. 25 in G Minor (Mozart)

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

50pxThis user knows that Vaan is a worthy hero, whether you like it or not.

Userb enon.gif This user believes that an edit count doesn't necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions.
Userb male.gif This user is a male.
User pisces.jpg This user is a Piscean.
Userb watercrystal.gif This user is of the Water element.
CC This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
D This user has completed Dissidia Final Fantasy.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.
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AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
TSW This user has watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
Kefka Palazzo menu.png This user is dancing mad.

Pro Amano.JPG This user thinks that Amano's art is better than the others.
Likes FF way too much.PNG This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much

Talk Boxes & Siggies[edit | edit source]


DB36 This is my 1st Siggie
Devil Breaker 36 14:37, 28 May 2009 (UTC) My other Siggie

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I love Chocolates
  • I could finish a spin-off but not a series game.
  • For me, there is no useless character. (I really love Cait Sith promise!)
  • I have a Homebrewed PSP
  • My PS3 only has 2 Games
  • Did I tell you that I love Chocolates?
  • I'm a moderate learner.
  • Sometimes I'm very slow.
  • I don't stick to Online Games much.
  • I'm going to take Mass Communications/Broadcast Communications as my collegiate course.
  • I really love Chocoloates

Walkthroughs[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Walkthrough (Unfinished)

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