I am a stone in the river of time
―Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Vanishing Star 1
Name Derum
A.K.A Daemon Derum, Gran Scion
Job Class Dark Knight
Hometown New Valendia
Date of Birth June 4
Age 18
Height 6'2"
IQ 120
Weapon Inquisitor
Spells Meteor, Heartless Angel, Supernova, Tera Flare,Hell Thundaga
Summons Bahamut, Odin, Eden, Griever
limit breaks Super Nova, Lion Heart, Omnislash, Storm Convergence


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game IX VII CrisisCore XI
Story VII VIII CrisisCore XI
Graphical Style Crisis Core XII X VII
Soundtrack CrisisCore X VII XI
Cast VII VIII CrisisCore XI
Monsters XII VII X DirgeofCerberus
Final Dungeon CrisisCore X VII XI
Final Battle I DirgeofCerberus CrisisCore X
Battle system DirgeofCerberus VII CrisisCore VIII
Level Up System VII DirgeofCerberus IX III
Skill System VII X CrisisCore VIII
Limit Breaks VII VIII X VI


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Zidane Squall Laguna Vaan
Female Protagonist Yuna Ashe Tifa Rikku (X-2)
Male Supporting Character Zell Cid Red XIII King of Cornelia
Female Supporting Character Rinoa Lenne Aerith Princess Sara
Male Love Interest Squall Zack Cloud Tidus
Female Love Interest Rinoa Yuna Aerith Lulu
Bubbly Ditz Yuffie Selphie Rikku Moogles
Temporary Player Character Seifer Laguna Seymour Sephiroth
Villain Sephiroth Jecht Chaos Yu Yevon
Minor Villain Astos Mika Materia Wutai Soldiers
Recurring Boss Omega Weapon Ultima Weapon Gilgamesh Orthros
Biggs and Wedge VIII VII Star Wars X
Airship Gummi Ragnarok Celsius Fahrenheit
I Character Garland Chaos Chronodia King of Cornelia
III Character Ingus Luneth Refia Arc
VII Character Zack Cloud Vincent Barret
Crisis Core Characters Zack Cloud Genesis Gillian
Advent Children Characters Zack loud Kadaj Barret
Dirge of Cerberus Character Vincent Yuffie Weiss Cait Sith
VIII Character Laguna Squall Seifer Quistis
IX Character Zidane Freya Dagger Steiner
X Character Jecht Auron Yuna Yu Yevon
X-2 Character Paine Shuyin Yuna Brother
XII Character Basch Balthier Fran Reks


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
VII Song One Winged Angel Those Who Fight Further Aerith's Theme First Mission
VIII Song Maybe I'm a Lion Eyes on Me Liberi Fatali Blue Fields
X Song Otherworld Suteki Da Ne Yuna's Theme To Zanarkand
Battle Theme Those who Fight Further Force Your Way X III
Boss Battle Theme Those Who Fight Further Four Fiends (FFI) Attack Battle on the Big Bridge
Final Battle Theme One Winged Angel Otherworld Crisis Core Chaos (FFI)


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Crisis Core Summon Bahamut Fury Odin Phoenix Moogle
VII Summon Knights of the Round Bahamut Zero Hades Choco/Mog
Guardian Force Griever Bahamut Eden MiniMog
Aeon Anima Bahamut Magus Sisters Yojimbo
XII Summon Zodiark Ultima Hashmal Belias
Overall Griever Knights of the Round Bahamut Fury MiniMog

Job classesEdit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Fighter Squall Cloud Jecht Tidus
Thief Zidane Yuffie Rikku Thief (I)
Paladin Ashe Cecil Boko Knight
Black Mage Lulu Vivi Fran Black Mage
White Mage Yuna Aerith Rinoa White Mage
Summoner Yuna Rydia Tactics (Evoker) Summoner (III)
Blue Mage Kimahri Blue Mage (Tactics) Gun Mage (X-2) Blue Mage (XI)
Ninja Yuffie Edge Shadow Ninja (FFI)
Samurai Sephiroth Auron Samurai (Tactics) Samurai (XI)
Gunner Vincent Yuna Laguna Corsair (XI)
Dragoon Cid (VII) Kimahri Dragoon (Tactics) Dragoon (XI)
Monk Tifa Monk (Tactics) Monk (III) Monk (XI)
Gambler Cait Sith Setzer Tifa Wakka
Dancer Penelo Dancer (Tactics) Songstress (X-2) Dancer (XI)

Top five malesEdit

  1. Zidane Tribal
  2. Zack Fair
  3. Sephiroth
  4. Squall Leonhart
  5. Cloud Strife

Top five femalesEdit

  1. Rinoa
  2. Aerith
  3. Zalera
  4. Fran
  5. Yuna

Worst five malesEdit

  1. Raijin
  2. Wakka
  3. Edward
  4. Hojo
  5. Shinra (X-2)

Worst five femalesEdit

  1. Leblanc
  2. Terra
  3. Cloud of Darkness
  4. Shera
  5. Ruvie Tuesti


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