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Name DeadmanNK
A.K.A One Classy Mayon
Job Class Ninja/Astrologist
Hometown Somewhere In The Middle of The Void
Date of Birth Who cares?
Age 0, yet 100
Height 5'10"
IQ Smart... I guess?
Weapon Axe (Yes, I am an axe ninja.)
Spells The stuff here and Galaxy Stop
Summons Jecht
Limit breaks SHINING FINGER!

"We needn't show mercy to those who side with the Returners. ...Which is good, because I never seem to have any of the stuff."
―Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI

"I've got dreams. Dreams worth dying for!"
―Firion, Dissidia Final Fantasy

DeadmanNK is the main character of his own little world. He likes Final Fantasy, but doesn't like First Reality.

About Me[]

Well, I'm DeadmanNK. I'm a goof off who loves hanging out with friends and playing video games. My first FF game was actually Final Fantasy Tactics, which I loved. I'm not really sure what else to say, so if you want to know something just ask. I'm a pleasant guy and I won't bite your head off for asking. Just don't ask anything personal, like where I live or my social security number (which by the way is...).



Category Best Second Best Third Best
Game Dissidia FFT VI or IV
Story FFT VI X
Graphical Style Any 3D PSP Remakes GBA Remakes
Soundtrack Dissidia (yeah its cheating) VI FFT
Cast Dissidia/FFT VI IV
Monsters V I IV
Final Dungeon N/A ?? Whatever...
Final Battle Haven't finished enough
Battle system Dissidia Tactics IV
Level Up System FFT Standard Not FFII
Skill System Tactics V VI
Limit Breaks Dissidia (if they count) VII X


Category Best Second Best Third Best
Male Protagonist Bartz Cecil Ramza
Female Protagonist Terra Celes Yuna
Male Supporting Character Sabin Edgar Galuf
Female Supporting Character Rikku Yuffie Faris
Female Love Interest Yuna Garnet Tifa
Villain Kefka Emperor Exdeath
Minor Villain Gilgamesh Rubicante Scarmiglione
Recurring Boss GILGAMESH! Tiamat Demon Train
Cid Cidoflas Orlandu aka TG Cid Cid Highwind Cid Pollendina
Biggs and Wedge VI VII After Years
Airship Blackjack Falcon (IV or VI) Highwind
8 Bit Theater Character Garland Fighter Thief
II Character Emperor Firion Minwu
III Character ??? ??? ???
IV Character Cecil Golbez Rubicante
V Character Bartz Galuf Gilgamesh
VI Character Kefka Sabin Terra
VII Character Vincent Sephiroth Yuffie
VIII Character ??? ??? ???
IX Character Garnet Steiner Zidane
X Character Rikku Auron Yuna
X-2 Character Rikku Rikku More Rikku
XII Character Gabranth Balthier Basch


Category Best Second Best Third Best
I Song Matoya's Cave Four Fiends Battle Battle Music
II Song Final Battle Pandemonium Regular Battle
III Song Cloud of Darkness Regular Battle Boss Battle
IV Song Four Fiends Boss Battle Golbez's Theme
V Song Clash on the Big Bridge Battle Theme Lenna's Theme
VI Song Ultima Weapon Edgar's Theme Boss Battle
VII Song Battle Theme One-Winged Angel Boss Battle
VIII Song ??? ??? ???
IX Song Battle Theme ??? ???
X Song Otherworld Battle Theme Boss Battle
XII Song ??? ??? ???
Battle Theme VI II IX
Boss Battle Theme Four Fiends (IV) Clash on the Big Bridge Ultima Weapon
Final Battle Theme Cloud of Darkness Emperor Battle One Winged Angel

Top five males[]

  1. Kefka Palazzo
  2. Cecil Harvey
  3. Emperor Mateus of Palamecia
  4. Sabin Rene Figaro
  5. Golbez

Top five females[]

  1. Rikku
  2. Yuffie
  3. Yuna
  4. Agrias Oaks
  5. Garnet

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