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EURO 2008Edit

The Final MatchEdit

SPAIN - Germany 1-0

Knockout Stage TreeEdit

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Championship Match
1.Portugal 2
1.Germany 31.Germany 3
2.Croatia 1 (pen 1)1.Turkey 2
2.Turkey 1 (pen 3)1.Germany 0
3.Netherlands 11.Spain 1
3.Russia 32.Russia 0
4.Spain 0 (pen 4)2.Spain 3
4.Italy 0 (pen 2)


Teams that advanced are in caps. Those which have been eliminated are slashed. And Poland is in bold.

Group AEdit

7th June

  • Switzerland vs. Czech Republic 0-1
  • Portugal vs. Turkey 2-0

11th June

  • Czech Republic vs. Portugal 1-3
  • Switzerland vs. Turkey 1-2

15th June

  • Switzerland vs. Portugal 2-0
  • Turkey vs. Czech Republic 3-2
Team Points Goals
1. PORTUGAL 6 5:3
2. TURKEY 6 5:5
3. Czech Republic 3 4:6
4. Switzerland 3 3:3
Group BEdit

8th June

  • Austria vs. Croatia 0-1
  • Poland vs. Germany 0-2

12th June

  • Croatia vs. Germany 2-1
  • Austria vs. Poland 1-1

16th June

  • Poland vs. Croatia 0-1
  • Austria vs. Germany 0-1
Team Points Goals
1. CROATIA 9 4:1
2. GERMANY 6 4:2
3. Austria 1 1:3
4. Poland 1 1:4
Group CEdit

9th June

  • Romania vs. France 0-0
  • Netherlands vs. Italy 3-0

13th June

  • Italy vs. Romania 1-1
  • Netherlands vs. France 4-1

17th June

  • Netherlands vs. Romania 2-0
  • Italy vs. France 2-0
Team Points Goals
2. ITALY 4 3:4
3. Romania 2 1:3
4. France 1 1:6
Group DEdit

10th June

  • Spain vs. Russia 4-1
  • Sweden vs. Turkey 2-0

14th June

  • Sweden vs. Spain 1-2
  • Greece vs. Russia 0-1

18th June

  • Greece vs. Spain 1-2
  • Russia vs. Sweden 2-0
Team Points Goals
1. SPAIN 9 8:3
2. RUSSIA 6 4:4
3. Sweden 3 3:4
4. Greece 0 1:5



Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best
Rock Band Nine Inch Nails Tool Queens of the Stone Age A Perfect Circle
Metal Band Metallica Slayer Isis Iron Maiden
NIN album The Downward Spiral The Fragile Broken Still
NIN song Eraser, The Downward Spiral Somewhat Damaged, The Fragile Reptile, The Downward Spiral Wish, Broken
NIN member Trent Reznor (obvious) Robin Finck Chris Vrenna Charlie Clouser
Metallica album ...And Justice For All Master of Puppets Ride The Lightning Death Magnetic
Metallica song One, ...And Justice For All Dyers Eve, ...And Justice For All ...And Justice For All, ...And Justice For All Disposable Heroes, Master of Puppets
Metallica member Lars Ulrich (drums FTW!) Cliff Burton James Hetfield Kirk Hammett
Slayer album Seasons in the Abyss South of Heaven Reign in Blood Christ Illusion
Slayer song Seasons in the Abyss, Seasons in the Abyss Angel of Death, Reign in Blood Raining Blood, Reign in Blood Mandatory Suicide, South of Heaven
Slayer member Dave Lombardo (drums again!) Tom Araya Kerry King Jeff Hannemann
Maiden album Powerslave Piece of Mind Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden
Maiden song Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Number of the Beast Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Powerslave Montsegur, Dance of Death Powerslave, Powerslave
Maiden member Steve Harris Bruce Dickinson Dave Murray Adrian Smith
Rammstein album Mutter Herzeleid Reise, Reise Rosenrot
Rammstein song Sonne, Mutter Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?, Herzeleid Ich Will, Mutter Feuer Frei!, Mutter
Rammstein member Till Lindemann Christoph Schneider Christian Lorenz Richard Kruspe
Tool album Lateralus Aenima Undertow 10.000 Days
Tool song Pushit, Aenima The Patient, Lateralus The Grudge, Lateralus Aenema, Aenima
Tool member Maynard James Keenan Danny Carey Adam Jones Justin Chancellor
Erredupizer album Całka z Twojego Mózgu The Penis is Evil Psychomachia I&II Ride the S.L.U.T.
Erredupizer song Sprawdzian z Polskiego, Psychomachia II Hymn Absurdalowca, Ride the S.L.U.T. Klątwa Grobowca Erredupizera, Całka z Twojego Mózgu Nerd II, Całka z Twojego Mózgu.
Erredupizer member Me (haha) Ad Guests don't count Really.


Wow, what a mess.



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