Final Fantasy XII Enemy
384 Doctor Cid001 Cactite/Cactoid002 Ichthon
Minimum stats Maximum stats
Level Evade %
4 0
100 112
Power Defense
12 5
Magic Power Magic Defense
7 7
Level Evade %
27 7
1771 999
Power Defense
42 18
Magic Power Magic Defense
21 25
Location(s) Dalmasca Estersand, Dalmasca Westersand
Bestiary Location The Dalmasca Sands
EXP Awarded I don't know
LP Awarded 1
CP Awarded I don't know
Common Steal Earth Stone
Uncommon Steal Cactus Fruit
Rare Steal Broadsword
Common Poach Cactus Fruit
Rare Poach Bundle of Needles
High Drop Cactus Fruit
Medium Drop Earth Stone
Low Drop Potion
Very Low Drop Virgo Gem
Resistant to Nothing
Weak Against Wind
Absorbs N/A
Immune to Doom, Confuse, Reverse, Lure, Charm
Attack(s) Attack
Abilities None
Innate abilities N/A
Additional Info Docile
There's a 50% chance that they will be sleeping

Hello! Test Test
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