Hello There! I'm that crazy person DTR, which stands for Dave the Rave. I discovered the FF Wiki following a link from Wikipedia, and was instantly impressed. I've been a fan of FF ever since I played FF9, which was brilliant. I live in the UK so I have to wait for Europe releases of FF :(. I also must apologize for the n00bish-ness of my User page.

On Wikipedia I go also by the name of DTR. I know HTML and CSS, so I can help out with that sort of thing

If anybody's interested, I have an MSN account: dtrave@hotmail.co.uk. I use Linux (specifically Ubuntu), mind, so don't expect anything to work properly.

Fantasies I've played:


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DTR (Dave the Rave) - Talk - 19:07, 28 August 2007 (UTC) - Insert witty comment here:
And this thing here's my Talk Template! Hurrah!
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