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Hypello drawing.png
Name Cymbeline
Job Class Hypello
Weapons Who Need Em?
Ultimate Weapon Shoopuf
Spells Something Hypello-y
Limit break Shake yoor booty

About Me[]

Let's revamp this shall we? Guess what gang, I'm back and better than ever. I'm solely here to write walkthroughs because that's what I do best. And I've got the bug to do it again so that's what I'll be doing until the bug passes. Who knows when that will be but hey stick around for the ride will ya?

Oh and I made the Hypello thing when I was 13 and I still think they're the greatest race in all of Final Fantasy so like that info graphic is here to stay my dudes.


Most of these I wrote when I was dumb and 13 so like take them all with a grain of salt.

Post 13 Year Old Goodness.

  • FF XII-2 (I'll link it up eventually)