Final Fantasy Wiki
Wiki Name CylindrusAltum
Real Name Nunya Biznuss
Job Class Gambler/Chemist
Weapons Darts and Dice
Special ability Rager Roulette
Ex Mode Alcopop-art
Limit Break Beer & Skittles
Date of Birth 1993
Residence Sydney, the Glorious State of New South Wales

¡This user doesn't care for character boxes!

About me[]

What's up curious traveller? I am CylindrusAltum, but you can call me Alt. Slayer of bandwidth, begetter of wordz, blusterer of titles, respirator of air...

I'm here for the sole purpose of writing Walkthroughs for the games that I love, and for random editing purposes. If you need help with walkthroughing or something else, don't hesitate to contact me through my walk page. 100px|right


Stuff I've done? Not bloody much. Well, there is this...

Plus, I randomly edit stuff on the wiki. Mostly Dimensions, because it's wide open and not many people seem to have played it (and I get a thrill out of being a pundit on a game that few people know/care about because I'm like that). I have edited certain pages quite frequently, but I'm rather embarrassed by my low edit count...