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Crystal Tear
Name Crystal Tear
Kana クリスタルティア
Romaji Kurisutarutia
Job Class Red Mage, Dragoon, Knight
Born The Void
Hometown Valhalla
Weapon(s) Gunblade, Card, Chain Whip
Laterality Right-handed
Summons Phoenix, Leviathan, Amaterasu
Limit breaks Zantetsuken, White Wind, Shatterheart
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It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do.
―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

About me[]

Well, here we go.

To start off, I've got a very active imagination. I travel to many other worlds in my mind. I sail across Final Fantasy landscapes, enact powerful dramas in my mind, invent my own stories in film form that would make Advent Children look like a little children's film, and make us wonder why The Spirits Within was not like this. But I still have a passion for facts, and try not to let my enthusiastic attitude and imagination infuse my editing with speculation. On a side note, my native language is British English, but I shall be editing this wiki in American English unless it is specified otherwise.

I have a passion for the Final Fantasy XIII games, and the general Fabula Nova Crystallis series. It is my inaugural Final Fantasy, and holds a kind of charm that has inspired me for years. I like many of the others, but I am one that likes to support the underdogs and I have fallen in love with Lightning and Serah's story.

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Second, I don't see what all the ho-ha about Final Fantasy VII is all about. The thing's been out there ten years, it's got a story that's now antiquated and it's been casting an unwholesome shadow over the entire series since it was released. It's even got to the point when people want a remake to moon over rather than a new game, or even a new entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. I will remain impartial in my writing, but I will not be doing much editing on FFVII related pages.

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I love and have loved the Final Fantasy universe for years, and I love working on this wiki, helping to improve and write articles for every fan out there.

Favorite series characters/objects[]

Top females
Top males
Top villains
Top weapons
Top locations
Top summons

So into my special realm[]


Fabula Nova Crystallis, the mythos explored
Women in Final Fantasy, extraordinary figures examined
Final Fantasy XIII: Past, Present and Future, how the XIII games tell more than one story
Endings: Heartache and headache, a look at how the endings of Final Fantasy games can either warm the heart.. or seriously confuse the head.
My Top 5 Moments, the scenes in Final Fantasy which will stay with me forever.

Total fiction[]

Something that could have been there, but wasn't, as envisioned and interpreted by me.
A second something for those who, like me, were not overly thrilled by the efforts of Square Enix in expanding a universe.



Sandbox A: for articles
Sandbox B: for section rewrites

Articles/Categories created (A-Z)[]


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