There are many games out there, and I generally take my time and go for 100%. If I'm not having fun or I don't have the time I stop. It sucks being a perfectionist.

Finished 100%: I-GBA & PSP, II-GBA & PSP, III-NES & DS, IV-SNES & GBA & DS, XIII-Xbox360, Tactics Advanced-GBA, 2 Crystal Chronicle games-DS,

Mostly Finished 80%-99%: V-GBA

Working On It: Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection-PSP, VI-GBA

Played Over and Over and Over: I-GBA, III-DS, IV-DS

Minimal Completion/Speed Run: None

Tried: VII, VIII, X, XII

Favorites/Fell In Love With: I, III, V, VI, X, XII

(This is Really Difficult)Favorite Characters. At most, one from Each Game: II-Minwu, IV-Edge, V-Galuf, VI-Setzer, VII-Vincent, VIII-Laguna, X-Auron, XII-Balthier, XIII-Snow

(This is Really Easy)Characters I Hate With a Passion: Kain-IV, Selphie-VIII, Vaan-XII, Vanille-XIII, Hope-XIII

Epic Monsters Defeated: Chronodia-I, Iron Giant-III, Proto-Babil-IV, Omega & Shinryu-V, Long Gui-XIII

Honorable Rivals: Deumion-I Rubicante-IV, Gilgamesh-V & XII

Favorite Spells: Destory, Exaflare, Fire XVI, Firaja, Exadetroyaja MCMXCVIII

I have yet to play many games to their fullest, so this list is subject to change.

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