Final Fantasy Wiki

Misc. details about my experiences with Final Fantasy. I mostly put this here in case someone needs info from this or that game or just wants to talk about one.

Of The Main Series

Completed (In Order) Partially Completed (In Order) Never Played
Final Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy 4 (75%) Final Fantasy 12
Final Fantasy 1 Final Fantasy 9 (99%) Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 6 Final Fantasy 3 (50%) Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 11

Various Tidbits
My first Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy 1, when I was very young. I still own it and it's battery still works.

When commercials first played for Final Fantasy 2 (FF4, as we all know), I was excited and proclaimed "I never thought they'd make a sequel to Final Fantasy!"

I saw Spirits Within in a movie theater the day it released. There were only 2 other people in the room with me, and both of them had left before the movie had ended.

Not much interest in Final Fantasy 11 because MMORPGs just arn't my thing.

I would say my top 5 favorite FFs would be:

1.Final Fantasy 7
2.Final Fantasy 9
3.Final Fantasy 6
4.Final Fantasy 4
5.Final Fantasy 1

My favorite character is probably Vivi, but I like Barret a good deal too.

Other Stuff
My favorite game series is the Metal Gear series. I also like Half-Life and Earthbound quite a bit.

My very first video game was Excitebike, in a Chuck E Cheese arcade during the 80s.

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics A2