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THIS JUST IN: DOWNLOAD THE MOTHER 3 TRANSLATION PATCH NOW. Enjoy the sequel to one of the greatest games ever made.
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About me[]

Hey! I've been adding quite a bit of info, and created some needed articles, especially FFVI related ones. I'm also in the middle of redoing the Summons section making one article per summon, and a catagory for each game. I've also been finding rare Amano art that has been put up on various pages. (If you've played FFVI (my favorite in the series), or, more importantly, read the Nintendo Player's Guide, you've seen how amazing Amano is. I must say it was sad to see him go).

My history with Final Fantasy goes back to when I was in third grade and received FFIV for the SNES (as "Final Fantasy II") for my tenth birthday. When I heard the opening march, I knew I had found a series. I continue to play the SNES FFs regularly, trying out new experiments, and keep up with the series as I play most of the new installments (not lately, though). Still, nothing can top what was made back in the SNES days, with FFIV, FFVI, and Chrono Trigger.

Also, I am now the administrator here. If you have any questions about anything, any ideas on what to do, plese leave a note on my talk page. I still need a lot of help, as I am interested in formulating policies. However, I don't want to instigate ANY policy without community approval. If you don't like the set up of this Wiki, also leave me a note. I'll usually get back to you providing I'm not busy with school or sleeping.

Also, I was recently made a Bureaucrat, which is analogous to an admin on the forums (while an admin on the Wiki is analogous to a forum mod), meaning if I like you, you, too, can become an admin.

I also do work at Wikipedia on various projects. Here is my Userpage at Wikipedia.

Games I've played[]

This is a piece of fanart I drew of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama crossed with Edgar

  • The entire main series except FFII and FFXI. I'm right now in the middle of playing FFXII.

Games I've completed[]

  • All games I've played except FFIII and FFI.

Final Fantasy bests and worsts[]


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X-2
Story Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X-2
Graphical Style Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VII
Soundtrack Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy X-2
Character Cast Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VIII
World Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy X
Monsters Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII
Final Dungeon Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy X-2
Final Battle Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X
Battle system Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VIII
Level Up System Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VIII
Skill System Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII
Limit Breaks Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Cecil Balthier Cloud Tidus
Female Protagonist Terra Rydia Lenna Aeris
Male Supporting Character Edgar Kain Gau Irvine
Female Supporting Character Tifa Celes Freya Selphie
Female Love Interest Celes Rosa Garnet Rinoa
Female Bubbly Ditz Cara Relm Eiko Selphie
Temporary Player Character General Leo Reddas Beatrix Larsa
Villain Chaos Kefka Zeromus Ultimecia
Minor Villain The Shinra Judge Gabranth Gestahl Leblanc
Recurring Boss Ultros Gilgamesh Rude Reno
Cid Cid Pollendina Cid Highwind T.G. Cid Cid Kramer
Biggs and Wedge Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy X
Airship Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII
I Character Fighter Black Mage White Mage Thief
II Character Leon Gus Maria Firion
III Character Black Onion Kid Blue Onion Kid Green Onion Kid White Onion Kid
IV Character Kain Cecil Rydia Edward
V Character Cara Lenna Butz Galuf
VI Character Edgar Locke Terra Umaro
VII Character Barret Cid Highwind Tifa Yuffie
VIII Character Seifer Laguna Ward Selphie
IX Character Vivi Freya Steiner Quina
X Character Wakka Auron Lulu Tidus
X-2 Character Paine FFX-2 has good characters? *sigh* You haven't given up?? All of them
XII Character Balthier Reddas Basch Larsa


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
I Song Town theme Temple of Fiends theme Ahead on our Way Castle theme
III Song Battle theme Crystal theme Final Battle theme World Map theme
IV Song The Red Wings Hello, Cid! Battle with the Four Fiends Melody of Lute
V Song Battle on the Big Bridge The Four Warriors of Dawn Castle of Dawn X-Death's Castle
VI Song Locke's theme The Fierce Battle Troops March On Epitaph
VII Song Still More Fighting Cid's theme J.E.N.O.V.A. Fiddle de Chocobo
VIII Song Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec The Man with the Machine Gun The Landing Eyes on Me
IX Song Vamo' alla Flamenco Protecting my Devotion Jesters of the Moon Melodies of Life
X Song Blitzball Gamblers Attack! Ridess the Shoopuff? Thunder Plains theme
XII Song Mosphoran Highwaste Boss theme Esper theme Giza Plains
Chocobo Song Electric de Chocobo (FFVII) Samba de Chocobo (FFV) Techno de Chocobo (FFVI) Rock de Chocobo (FFVIII)
Town Theme Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy IV
Battle Theme Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy X-2
Boss Battle Theme Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy X-2
Final Battle Theme Zeromus (The Last Battle) (FFIV) Dancing Mad (FFVI) The last battle in FFIII The last battle in FFX


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
IV Summon Odin Bahamut Leviathan Chocobo
V Summon Odin Ramuh Leviathan Remora
Esper Golem Fenrir Tritoch Crusader
VII Summon Knights of the Round Titan Bahamut ZERO Alexander
Guardian Force Cactuar Diablos Cerberus Carbuncle
Eidolon Bahamut Ramuh Fenrir Atomos
Aeon Anima Bahamut Magus Sisters Yojimbo
XII Summon Zeromus Chaos Exodus Cúchulainn
Overall Odin Tritoch Bahamut Carbuncle

Job classes[]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Fighter Steiner Cloud The original Fighter Tidus
Thief Locke Blank Marcus Vaan
Paladin Beatrix Cecil T.G. Cid Ashe (she rules the least)
Black Mage Rydia Vivi Palom Lulu (again, she rules the least)
White Mage Rosa Garnet Porom Aeris
Summoner Rydia Garnet Eiko Yuna
Blue Mage Strago Kimahri Galuf in his Blue Mage attire Quina
Ninja Edge Shadow Amarant Yuffie
Samurai Auron Edge Sephiroth Cyan
Gunner Balthier Barret Vincent Irvine
Dragoon Kain Freya Basch (I always give him spears) Kimahri (a third time, he rules the least)
Monk Yang Sabin Tifa Amarant
Gambler Setzer Wakka Cait Sith Selphie
Dancer Mog Faris in her dancing attire Butz in his dancing attire Panelo (I intentionally misspell it)

Top five males[]

  1. Edgar
  2. Leo
  3. Locke
  4. Kain
  5. Barret

Top five females[]

  1. Terra
  2. Rydia
  3. Lenna
  4. Beatrix
  5. Tifa

Worst five males[]

  1. Tidus
  2. Squall
  3. Edward
  4. Tellah
  5. Cait Sith

Worst five females[]

  1. Selphie
  2. Aeris
  3. Yuna
  4. Quistis
  5. Yuffie

Top 10 characters[]

10. Wakka

9. FFIV Cid

8. Rydia

7. Terra

6. Cecil

5. Barret

4. Kain

3. Leo

2. Locke

1. Edgar

Top 10 Final Fantasies I've played[]

10. Final Fantasy III

9. Final Fantasy X

8. Final Fantasy VII

7. The original Final Fantasy

6. Final Fantasy IX

5. Final Fantasy V

4. Final Fantasy Tactics

3. Final Fantasy XII

2. Final Fantasy IV

1. Final Fantasy VI

Top 10 games of all time (not necessarily FF titles)[]

10. Super Smash Bros. Melee

9. Warcraft 3

8. Super Mario Bros. 3

7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

5. Final Fantasy IV

4. Kirby Super Star

3. Earthbound

2. Final Fantasy VI

1. Chrono Trigger

FFXII Voice Actors[]

In case anyone is insterested, Gideon Emery (the guy who does the voice of Balthier) has quite the online presence. Well, kind of. He has a blog and a YouTube channel. According to his blog, he's going to be the voice of Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four 2 video game of the movie. I think that's pretty cool. Here's his showreel from his YouTube channel:

On YouTube

Another fun fact: the guy who does the voice of Basch, Keith Ferguson, also voices Bloo on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network here in the USA (not sure if it plays in other parts of the world). That's right:

Now, that's range, people. Dang.

Continuing the Foster's theme, Tom Kane, the guy who voices Marquis Ondore, also voices Mr. Herriman on the same show.

There's a TV commercial for Charter cable featuring a presumably teenage boy. Can you guess who that was? Why, it was Bobby Edner, the voice of Vaan (Not surprising, since Charter happens to suck almost as much as Vaan). It was definitely kinda weird. O_o Here's a short clip of him on an episode of Veronica Mars:
On YouTube
Also, for some reason, there's an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Bobby Edner videos. No joke. O_O

See Also[]

FF challenge accomplishments[]