Salutations! It's me, Craving for Another Killing, the Scott who wishes he was Finnish, the metalhead who actually knows very litle about the genre, the social retard, the trannyfag, the freak that none of you really know and none of you really love. My username, in case you were wondering, is the name of the song I was listening to when I registered, by a kickass Swedish band named Hypocrisy. I'm not actually homicidal in any way.

As for the whole Final Fantasy thing, I've only ever played through III and VII, and am currently on world 2 of V although I'm using a walkthrough as I suck ass at all video games and there's no way in hell I'd ever get through it on my own. I don't edit on any other wiki, except some past vandalism on Wikipedia because lets face it, I'm a fifteen year old boy (kind of), and fifteen year old boys find replacing walls of text with 'TRIVIUM ARE GAY!!!' funny. So why did I choose a Final Fantasy wiki rather than a place where I had more expertise in the subject of choice? I have no fucking idea. I probably won't edit much, and when I do it'll most likely be reverted for being inaccurate. But whatever.

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