Stuff[edit | edit source]

Ok, I am a Neurologist student at the University of Sydney, I only like the Final Fantasy games I - IX.

- Favourite Final Fantasy Character of all time: Garland (Final Fantasy IX)
  - Reason; Such a rich character when looked at from differnt angles. i.e. He is the ruler of a kingdom, but he is a creation, what is am I?, Kuja's betrayl, etc.
- Second: Hojo
  - Reason; Hilarity, personality

- Thrid: Edea
  - Reason; So much Character, hate it how Ultimecia replaced her, would have been better if Edea remained

- I Love Nobuo Uematsu's music, and Yoshitaka Amano's Art.

- I Loathe Square-Enix with a vengence.

- I have all the Final Fantasy games from I - IX on PSX.

- I liked the Spirits Within Movie, but Final Fantasy VII Advent Children was ok.

Misc.[edit | edit source]

- I am an Encyclopedia of Dune and Romance of the Three Kingdoms knowledge.

- I can fluently speak, read and write, English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

- I also like Halo, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, and Alone in the Dark games, Star Wars Original Triogy and Lord of the Rings.

- I Loathe everything but Diablo, that Blizzard makes.

- I especially loathe Warcraft and all related.

- I collect PSX games. Up to ~ 100 originals.

And so on and so forth...

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