Kana N/A
Romaji N/A
Age 15
Weapon Ambiance (Crossbow)
Ultimate Weapon Excalibur
Eidolon Magus Sisters
Height 5'11"
Laterality Right Handed
Home Eden; Unknown
Crystarium Color Red
Primary Roles Commando, Ravager, Medic
Exclusive Skill Fire at Will
Japanese Voice actor(s) N/A
English Voice actor(s) Ashwin Sharma
Final Fantasy XIII Character

Relax means stop. And stop - means die. Taking it cushy, just ain't an option.


A handsome youth who never stops and is beacon of hope. Circumstances made him progress from a boy to a man, at a very young age. He has transformed his sheltered and protected life into one of stealth and stamina. Using the alias of 'Ash' to forget his past, he carries on with robust determination and supports his allies wherever he sees he can.

Online Description

Ash, real name Ashwin Sharma, is a secret protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII exclusively in the International and PAL releases as well as a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

He is initially shown to be a cold person, often distancing himself from his companions; however, as the story progresses, he is shown to have a caring but harsh side, especially during his time traveling with Hope Estheim, Oerba Dia Vanille and Lightning showing them the basics of battle and supporting them emotionally. He fights to achieve his Focus and ensure he doesn't become a Cie'th as well as get revenge on the Sanctum for what they have done to him in the past. Along the way, he discovers a new reason to fight - fight to end the fighting and save his friends.

Appearance and Personality

Ash wears a light green polo half sleeved t-shirt beneath a light blue tank top styled coat. He wears blue jeans and a pair of black trainers. He wears a golden chain across his neck.

Ash is determined, concentrated and independent. Initially, he is cold and standoffish to others. Much of his motivation is fueled from his hatred of being a l'Cie and his determination to not become a Cie'th as well as to find those responsible for the death of his brother and the kidnapping of his parents. Ash also grows bitter as he feels that others are responsible for his situation and starts to grow bitter as he seems to care about nothing but his mysterious focus and finding revenge. A massive plot element in Ash's story is trying to discover what happened to him in the past and his want to regain his memories. He starts to learn that he has a deeper connection to the fal'Cie than he initially thought - and it later transposes he was a l'Cie in a previous life, although not branded one by a fal'Cie but by a being far stronger. Over time, however, Ash becomes more compassionate. He starts to empathize with Lighting, Snow and Sazh and such feels it necessary to help them. He also finds Hope and Vanille's reasons of trying to end violence inspiring. His l'Cie brand is located just above his waist.


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Early Life

Ash used to live with his parents and his younger brother, Airon, in Eden. They lived in a mansion and were a very wealthy family. His parents used to always be away at work, leaving Ash and Airon to the care of their house keeper, Yang. It is revealed that when he was about 5, Ash's parents were taken away by the Sanctum for an unknown reason however Ash was told by Yang that his parents were killed in an accident. He was then raised by Yang with his brother for 2 years. However, Yang had to suddenly leave when he became an l'Cie. Telling Ash and Airon nothing, aside from the fact he had to go, he left them in the care of his good friend Amodar. Ash and Airon were raised by Amodar for 3 years, but following his promotion, he could no longer take care of them. After handing the brothers to the Sanctum, they were placed in a safe house. It is there he was introduced to Rygdea and Cid Raines. During his stay at the safe house, his brother was kidnapped while asleep and then returned - now an l'Cie. Ash, only 13 at the time was shocked and didn't know what to do. He turned to Rygdea and Cid for help - Cid brushing him off telling him to keep quiet about the fact that his brother was an l'Cie. However Rygdea helped them to escape the safe house out of pity for the two brothers. He warned Ash and Airon to stay hidden and to be vigilant and sent them back off to Eden giving them money and a house. Rygdea apologized saying he was sorry he could not do anything more for the two brothers - but Ash thanked him for all he had done already.

Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-

Please - I want nothing more than to spend one more day with Airon. If I get that - I will be overjoyed.

Ash making a wish

Ash and Airon set up a new life in Eden. Ash - now 15, got a job and helped support his brother with the money he had and what Rygdea had given them. However, Airon's health suddenly deteriorated and Ash quickly realised that his brother's l'Cie brand was nearing its final stages. In horror, Ash pleads with Airon to tell him his Focus. However, Airon is completely clueless of his focus and Ash lashes out at him for being so incompetent. When Airon starts crying, Ash quells his anger and apologizes for his inability to control his temper. He resolves to tracking down Rygdea as he is certain the only person who can help him now is Rygdea - especially with his connections within the Sanctum. However - as Rygdea left Ash with no details of how to get in touch with him, Ash goes back to the safe house with Airon, hoping to find a clue. However, when he gets there he notices that the place is empty. On the floor however, Ash finds a letter from Yang, detailing Yang's address and explaining he wants to talk to Ash and Airon. However the letter is 5 years old.

Meeting Yang

Ash. You've grown up so quickly - it couldn't have been easy. Promise me... promise me you'll enjoy every moment of your life. Have a good life. That's all I ask.

Yang to Ash.

Ash, with nowhere left to turn decides to go to the address in Bodhum, Airon in hand. After travelling, he finds the house that Yang lives in. He knocks on the door and Yang answers. Yang is overjoyed to see Ash and Airon and they in turn run up to him and hug him. Yang quickly separates the two brothers by sending Airon of the living room to see some TV while he speaks with Ash in the bedroom. Yang closes the door and takes off his shirt, turning around and revealing his l'Cie brand. Ash is shocked to find out that Yang is an l'Cie and is horrified to discover that his l'Cie brand is in its final stage. Yang explains that this was the reason that he had to abandon Ash and Airon. Ash understands immediately and tells Yang Airon's fate. Yang breaks down finding out that one of persons he had tried so hard to protect is in the same predicament as him. Ash consoles him and asks if there is any solution. Yang resigns himself to admit that if Airon does not know his focus he is doomed. Ash quickly asks if Yang knows where Rygdea is and Yang replies he doesn't even know who Rygdea is. Ash starts to cry knowing that there is no hope for his brother. Ash apologizes and tells Yang he has to go home. As Ash calls down to Airon telling him they are leaving, Yang grabs his hand as tells him to stop. Ash - surprised - asks why. Yang asks Airon to come upstairs and tells him that he always loved him and wishes him the best of luck with his life, before telling him to go downstairs. Ash is bewildered and then Yang explains that Ash's parents were taken away and that they actually didn't die - and might still be alive. Ash understands why Yang didn't tell him and is overjoyed at thinking that his parents are still alive - but is fueled with hatred towards the Sanctum. Before he is about to leave, Yang grabs his hand again and tells him he wishes Ash a good life. Yang gets out a gun and Ash is shocked. Yang points it at his head and tells Ash that he doesn't have a lot of time left before he becomes a Cie'th and before Ash can stop him, Yang shoots himself.

Ash buries his friend and then he is about to go home with Airon, but before he can Airon reminds Ash that today is the fireworks display. Ash tells Airon they have to leave before Airon's l'Cie brand gets to its final stage - but Airon shouts at Ash and tells him to give up. He says he is ready to become a Cie'th and he knows he can't do anything to change his fortune. Ash slaps Airon in a fit of anger telling him that if he hasn't given up - why should Airon. But Airon consoles Ash and brings his temper down telling him that it is hopeless and he would rather live out his last days with Ash peacefully. Reluctantly, Ash gives in and sheds a tear. Airon wipes it off and hugs Ash telling him he has been the best brother he could ask for. At that moment Airon feels his l'Cie brand burn and Ash knows it is know at its final stage. Later that day, Ash and Airon get front row seats to see the fireworks display. Ash runs into Hope Estheim and his mum and him and Airon sit next to them until the fireworks start. The fireworks finally start and Airon's face lights up. Ash reminds Airon to make a wish to which Airon nods and bows his head, before raising it again and smiling. Hope tells Ash that making wishes is a childish thing, before his mum reveals she herself has made a wish. Ash smiles and bows his head making the wish that he can spend at least one more day with Airon.

The Purge

Airon. This is all my fault. I'm.... I'm so sorry.


Both of them stay at a hotel that night and when Ash wakes up he is overjoyed to see that his wish came true and Airon is still next to him – not a Cie’th. However they discover that all of the town is quarantined due to the finding of the Pulse fal’Cie and the entire town is being 'Purged' and that PSICOM are on the lookout for l'Cie. Ash tries to get Airon and himself out of the fiasco but he is too late - PSICOM barge into the hotel and capture Ash and Airon saying they need to be purged. Ash and Airon struggle and in the struggle - Airon's clothes are ripped - exposing his l'Cie brand. PSICOM quickly seize Airon and take him out of the hotel with Airon screaming and Ash lashing out at all PSICOM in his wake to get to Airon. However Airon is taken somewhere different to Ash. Ash waits in silence for hours. Just before the Purge train is about to leave, PSICOM get both Ash and Airon to wear Purge Attire. They are reunited before being told they will board the Purge. Ash is elated to see Airon. They both get up and exit their prison. Airon is told to go first and as he leaves, PSICOM soldiers shut the door on Ash’s prison locking him inside. Airon is grabbed by the hair and taken into Ash’s prison cell as he is detained. At that moment – Dysley appears and tells Ash that l’Cie cannot be allowed to run around. As he says this, a PSICOM soldier enters with a gun and points it at Airon’s head. Airon looks up at Ash and smiles saying ‘you’ve been the best brother ever, Ashwin’ before closing his eyes. Ash looks on in horror as he sees his brother being shot in front of his own eyes. As he screams Airon’s name, the PSICOM soldier pushes the trigger and Airon slumped – his body lying still. Ash went motionless seeing the dead body of his brother. Dysley laughed and ordered Airon’s body to be taken away before telling PSICOM soldiers to grab Ash and take him onto the Purge Train.

During the time that Ash is being taken to the Purge he manages to quickly escape. He manages to locate Airon’s body and quickly buries him. After saying an emotional goodbye, he is captured by PSICOM soldiers and returned to the Purge train.

Final Fantasy XIII

Need a hand?

Ash to Lightning.

While boarding the train, he sees a familiar face – Amodar. When Amodar comes close, Ash grabs him and asks him for the truth. Amodar says he cannot apologize enough for the loss of Airon. With regard to his parents Amodar says that at the age of 10, he didn’t want to tell Ash the truth. Amodar looks at Ash and realises he wants revenge. Amodar tells Ash to find Lightning as he says she is on a mission to save her sister and she wants revenge on the fal’Cie and as an extension, the Sanctum. He says she is a strong ally to have and gives him the crossbow Ash used to train with when he lived with Amodar. Ash thanks Amodar and Amodar warns Ash that he has to be vigilant and that next time he and Ash meet, he will have no option but to apprehend him. As he leaves Amodar, Ash realises that there is no more room for friends – only for allies.

Ash realises that the train has stopped and walks around to investigate. As he is walking about – he overhears Sazh Katzroy utter Lightning’s name. He follows him and sees Lightning fight off PSICOM soldiers. Ash is impressed at her strength and takes out some of the soldiers in her way with his crossbow. She thanks him and both have a quick conversation before going off together.

Confronting the fal'Cie

C'mon. Get up. We can't give up.

Ash to Hope.

Lightning, Sazh and Ash quickly fight off PSICOM soldiers and make their way to Anima's throne. When they get there - they find Serah who begins to crystalize. Lightning's fury at losing her sister causes her to rush off and attack Anima - something which Ash advises against. As PSICOM bombards the Pulse Vestige, Anima brands the party as l'Cie. As they fall down towards Lake Bresha, Ash has the same dream about Ragnarok as everyone else. In Lake Bresha, Ash sees Hope's reaction at becoming a l'Cie - and cannot help but feel the same way, although he is able to stifle his tears. He is instantly suspicious of Vanille and thinks she has something to hide, due to the fact she is so upbeat - regardless of their situation. However, before he can interrogate her, the group is surronded by PSICOM. Ash helps get Hope to safety and then helps dispatch the PSICOM soldiers. Shedding a silent tear in the knowledge that he is a cursed l'Cie and with thoughts of the fate of Yang and his brother in his mind, Ash marches on. Lightning later finds a crystalised Serah and Snow and Vanille desperately try to break Serah free. However, Ash stops Vanille and looks at Lightning who shouts at Snow for not being able to protect Serah. Snow says he will save Serah but Lightning simply strikes him in anger and insists the group follow her.

When the group leave Snow due to his persistence of wanting to stay with Serah, they encounter a Garuda Interceptor. After killing it, the group board an airship, but are pursued by PSICOM soldiers. Lightning gets them away at towards the fal'Cie Phoneix. As they are in the sky, a news bulletin appears showing Galenth Dysley condoning the Purge. Ash is fulled with hatred, remembering how Dysley laughed as he killed Airon, and demands to know who he his - to which Sazh responds. As more PSICOM appear and they get closer to the fal'Cie, the airship is brought down and the group have to make a crash landing in the Vile Peaks.

Parting Ways

Well... why don't we meet in the middle? Walk... and talk!


Here, Ash suggests the group get together and introduce themselves to each other properly. However Lightning dismisses the idea, but a persistent Vanille starts off discussions. Lightning reiterates that it will take up too much time and Ash suggests that they get moving and talk on the way. As the group are conversing, more PSICOM troops arrive and the group start running. Sazh and Vanille break away from Lightning and Hope. Ash initially follows Vanille and Sazh but becomes worried about Hope and whether he can stick it out. Vanille also says that she is worried about the kid - with Sazh simply saying he is worried about all the kids. When asked why he is worried, Ash fumbles - hiding the real reason, simply saying that Hope may slow Lightning down and so she may abandon him. Although Sazh isn't sure that Lightning would do that, he agrees that the duo will probably face the majority of fighting and could do with a hand.

Ash quickly traverses the Peaks and finds Lightning and Hope soon after she acquires her Eidolon. As the three lay down to rest, Hope asks Ash why he decided to follow them, to which Ash responds he thought Hope might need a bit of help. Hope suspects there is more to it, pointing out he has Lightning to do the majority of the fighting. Ash says that within Hope he can see himself - a worried boy - to which Hope laughs saying that Ash is a lot stronger than he could ever be. Lightning sees the two chatting and quickly gets Hope comfortable, before talking to Ash. She asks Ash about his past and why he fights. Ash is reluctant to reveal all but says he been between various people. He mentions Amodar, a name Lightning recognizes, and she reveals how Amodar used to be her superior. Ash asks about Serah and Lightning says that Serah was her sister and that she became a l'Cie. Ash is surprised how she keeps on referring to Serah as having been her sister - as if she isn't anymore. Lightning says that's because Serah is lost. Ash tells her not to give up hope and that just because her sister is a crystal, doesn't mean she's dead. He instantly starts to get emotional - remembering Airon - but stifles his tears.

The Gapra Whitewood

That's handy. So much so... I happen to have one just like it!


The next day, the three go off to the Gapra Whitewood. As Hope takes the lead, Ash and Lightning hold the back. Hope acquires Lightning's survival knife and Ash comments on its usefulness - coincidentally pointing out he has one just like it that he carries. After Hope reveals his intention to get revenge on Snow for the death of his mother, both Lightning and Ash say that it wasn't Snow who killed his mother, with Lightning pointing out it was the Sanctum. Ash agrees and proposes they all take down the Sanctum together. When Lightning asks why Ash holds a grudge against the Sanctum, Ash stumbles but before he can answer, they are surrounded by more monsters.

Showdown at Palumpolum

Even now... after you've gone... you're keeping me alive. If only I'd been as good a brother.


After they emerge, Lightning and Ash find Palumpolum awash with PSICOM. Hope is instantly scarred but proposes that they go down the underground route as to avoid fighting. However both Lightning and Ash realize there are simply too many troops to even contemplate a crossing across to the tunnel. In turn, Ash quickly says to Lightning to take care of Hope and rushes out into the crowd of soldiers. Hope shouts his name but Lightning pulls him aside and rushes in the other direction. Ash keeps the soldiers busy and has to fight off a lot of them. He is able to run away from the majority but a small group of soldiers follow him. Luckily, Ash remembers his trip to Palumpolum with Airon and with Yang and is able to navigate the streets. He quickly looses the soldiers and has a personal moment where he reflects on how Airon just saved his life and starts to cry remembering how he failed to save Airon's life. However he looks up at the sky and sees Eden and bitterly concludes that he will avenge Airon's death by taking down the sanctum and Dysley. He runs around town being careful not to run into any soldiers. He is worried of where Lightning and Hope would have got to, but just then - he sees a news flash showing them both being surrounded by PSICOM soldiers. He instantly rushes off too help them.

As Ash is running towards where he saw Lightning and Hope in the news flash, he encounters Lightning and Fang. He isn't sure who Fang is and Lightning quickly briefs him with what is going on. Ash acknowledges the situation and rushes off with Fang and Lightning to Felix Heights. When they arrive, Fang and Lightning help Hope fight while Ash helps Snow and heals him.

Later on, the group are at Hope's home and Ash talks with Fang about who she is. Fang's answer is interrupted when PSICOM invade the house. Ash helps tie up Bartholomew Estheim and then boards The Lindblum with everyone else when Rygdea arrives.

One board the Lindblum, Rygdea and Ash hug each other and sit down. When probed, Ash dodges questions about how he met Rygdea, simply saying he was a family friend. Rygdea goes along with the rouse but later asks him what happened and where Airon is. Ash breaks down as he tells Rygdea what happened to Airon, telling him that Airon died just yesterday. Rygdea is overwhelmed and starts crying himself. Ash reveals that Galenth Dysely was directly involved and he wants to confront him. Rygdea stops Ash and tells him that taking out the heart of the Sanctum is no easy feat. Ash acknolwedges this but points out that everyone on board has something against the Sanctum. Rygdea agrees to help Ash, now that he knows of Airon's untimely death.

Boarding the Palamecia

If you don't become Ragnarok, then his sacrifice would be in vein. As would theirs...

Galenth Dysley directly to Ash.

Upon landing on the Palamecia, Ash and the others set out to find Vanille and Sazh and then find and kill Dysley. However, upon landing, the ship's security systems send waves of soldiers to try to stop them. Fighting their way through waves of opposition, they eventually find Vanille and Sazh, who themselves have broken out of their imprisonment. Fang and Vanille have an emotional reunion and they all head towards Dysley. Upon reaching him, Ash is fueled with hatred and rage towards him. When Jihl Nabaat is killed, along with all the other humans on the ship, Ash gets out his crossbow and tries to shoot Dysley, even though Lightning tries to stop him. However, Dysley deflects it and then throws Snow back when he tries to attack. Dysley then unveils himself as the fal'Cie Barthandelus and Ash and the others defeat him. Upon reverting back to human, Dysley tells the group of their focus - to become Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon. Ash is visibly shaken but Dysley looks him in the eye and alludes to Ash that Airon and his parents could be connected to Ash's focus. Dysley then sends the party away from the Palamecia as it is attacked and downed.

Exploring the Fifth Ark

Smoke and mirrors it may have been... but there's no smoke without fire.

Ash to the group.

After Dysley's shocking reveal, Ash is visibly desolate.

Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-

A new life. A new me. Wherever you are Airon - I succeeded - all because of you.

Ash to himself.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before

I know that within you lies the future leader of the human race.

Ash to Hope.

Following Lightning's disappearance, Ash became even closer to Hope. He was shortly "adopted" by Bartholemew Estheim who saw the close friendship that Ash had with Hope and how Ash likely needed a stable home. Ash became engrossed in studying and quickly became a star student. Ash helped Hope found the Academy and was involved closely with the working of it.

Ash frequently visited Snow, Serah and Sazh, affirming that all of them should stay closely together, believing that the bonds they'd developed when they were all l'Cie shouldn't be forgotten.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

I'll stay. He'll need a guardian, as will the world, by the looks of it.

Ash to Snow.

One day, while Ash was accompanying Sazh and Dajh on an airship, which Sazh was piloting, the Airship was pulled into a vortex due to a Paradox. While Sazh was separated and taken to Serendipity, Ash and Dajh were both transported to the Void Beyond. In the Void Beyond, multiple Rift Beasts manifest from Chaos and start to attack them, forcing Ash to defend both of them. Ash fights monsters until he becomes worn out. Ash is so tired that he is almost killed, but is luckily saved Snow who appears in the Void Beyond. Snow explains that he had seen Sazh floating in the Historia Crux and followed him into the Void Beyond. Snow proposes that Ash and Dajh leave with him to the Coliseum where he is going to become stronger, but Ash finds that Dajh is unable to leave the Void Beyond. Uncomfortable leaving Dajh with all those monsters, Ash decides to stay in the Void Beyond with Dajh.

Ash and Dajh keep traversing the Void Beyond when they encounter the Gogmagog trying to find its way into the material world. Ash is daunted by its appearance and knows that those who were in the material world would face a huge foe should it break through.

Ash and Dajh stay in the Void Beyond, unable to escape. Then, Sazh emerges, having successfully gambled his way through Serendipity. He comes to recover Dajh and a portal opens up to Academia 500 AF. While Sazh and Dajh walk through, Ash is unable to leave with them as the Gogmagog emerges and tries to break through. Ash holds it off, but the portal closes behind him, leaving him trapped. Ash fights the Gogmagog and succeeds in stopping it from emerging in other areas.

Ash continues to fight the Gogmagog in the Void Beyond, but starts to struggle. When he is fighting the monster, he is aided by an unexpected source - Valfodr. The Knight helps him and strikes down the beast to help Ash.

Serah and Noel

Serah, you look... well. And whose this handsome critter with you?

Ash to Serah and Noel.

A baffled Ash is then shortly visited by Serah and Noel who are lost in time travel. Ash is relieved to see Serah well and happy to learn that Hope has blossomed into a successful leader of the Academy. Ash asks if he can accompany them on their adventure, admitting that in the Void Beyond he has seen visions of Lightning fighting a man dressed in purple, which fills Serah with hope - confirming that Lightning is alive out there.

Ash, Serah and Noel emerge in the Sunleth Waterscape where Serah has a vision of Snow being defeated. Ash, Serah and Noel then encounter Snow and help him defeat Royal Ripeness. They venture into the Coliseum, where they receive a fragment, and then to the Archylte Steppe, where they defeat a Faeryl. Returning to the Sunleth Waterscape, they fight and kill Mutantomato. Snow fades away, distressing Serah, but Ash reassures her, reminding her of what Snow did when she was in Crystal Statsis, and how he wouldn't just leave her.

Upon returning to the Void Beyond, Noel explains who Paddra Nsu-Yeul is. They all arrive in Academia where people are being transformed into Cie'th. Fighting their way through the Cie'th, they chase after Caius Ballad and encounter Yeul. When Yeul dies, Ash uses the fragment to open up a Time Gate. They go through into the Augusta Tower. Ash is amazed at the location, admitting that he'd dreamed that one day the Academy would develop a location like this, but he never thought it would be possible. Ash, Serah and Noel solve the anomalies and discover that the Duplicates killed the Academy's staff. Horrified, Ash finds the Proto Fal'Cie Adam and they fight it. When Serah shouts out to Hope, complaining about the Proto Fal'Cie, Adam disappears and they find Yeul. Yeul tells them more about Caius and directs them to Academia 4XX AF.

Emerging in Academia 4XX AF, Ash is overjoyed to see Hope again, and is amazed at how much he has grown since the last time they met. Hope explains his man-made Cocoon will be made airborne through the use of Graviton Cores. After bringing Hope the cores needed Alyssa gives Ash, Serah and Noel an artefact to open a new gate in the city. Promising to meet Hope and Alyssa again a century in the future, Ash, Serah, Noel and Mog enter the Historia Crux but get separated. Manipulated by Caius, Alyssa gave them a booby-trapped artefact to save herself from disappearing due to being a paradox herself.

The Void Beyond

So Caius Ballad's song is one of woe after all.

Ash confronting Caius.

Arriving in the Void Beyond, Ash is separated from Noel and Serah. Ash is traversing the Void Beyond when he finds Noel lying motionless on the floor. Terrified, he fears that Noel is dead and then hears Serah's voice. He then sees Serah fighting Caius, but before he can intervene, he witnesses Caius impale Serah. Horrified, Ash confronts Caius. Caius explains that neither Serah nor Noel are deceased, but they are trapped in a Mirror World. Caius then offers to bring Airon back. Ash doesn't understand how he could bring back his brother, but Caius explains that by plunging Ash into a deep sleep, he would be able to be with Airon in his dreams. Ash asks what Caius's intentions are. Caius explains that he wants to end Yeul's suffering. Ash wants Caius to bring back Serah and Noel, but Caius strikes him down.

Entering his Mirror World, Ash imagines himself in Bodhum, reliving his time there before the Purge and seeing the fireworks. However, he is joined by his parents. He remembers the fireworks show and staying at the hotel. Ash's parents see the commotion outside as a l'Cie boy is captured by PSICOM. Ash sees the boy and seems to recognize him. Ash's parents insist they go, but Ash walks into the crowd. Ash's parents offer him a definitive - to go with them or stay. Ash chooses to stay. Then, his parents vanish into Chaos and the only person left is the l'Cie boy who was being apprehended. As he gets up, the boy is revealed to be Airon's spirit, who embraces Ash for choosing the truth over a deception. Finally having a chance to apologize to his brother, Ash begs for Airon's forgiveness, but is stopped by his brother who tells him that he doesn't need to apologize for anything. He states that his death was inevitable and Ash tried to do everything to avert it. Airon thanks Ash for avenging him by destroying the Sanctum, but warns him of the struggle that is to come. He tells Ash that Caius aims to destroy time so as to end Yeul's suffering. He opens up a portal to Valhalla and tells Ash to go there, where he knows Caius will attempt to kill Etro. Before he goes through, Ash asks if he'll be able to meet Airon again, which Airon assures him will happen, but could take 'anything up to 5 centuries'.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After

I did not offer you salvation to then curse you with hell.

Etro to Ash.

Ash's chapter in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After reveals what happened to him after his encounter with Airon in his dream world. Entitled 'faith and future', the Chapter details how, before Ash was able to walk through the portal, he felt a warm glow coming from behind him. Thinking it was Airon, he turned around, but he saw a small, bright light instead. As he stared at it, the light took a physical form as the Goddess Etro. Etro told Ash that her death was inevitable and that there was no point him fighting Caius. Etro informs Ash of the Chaos that lies within the Unseen Realm and how the balance will be shattered the second Etro dies. Ash asks if anything can be done to save Etro, but she shakes her head, stating that the end is near and that death shall in fact be a welcome release from her burden of having to protect the Visible Realm. Ash implores Etro to pass on the responsibility of maintaining the balance to him, desperate to ensure the world survives, but Etro refuses, saying that the duty is too much to ask of Ash and that it is too late anyway. She tasks him with another, more important duty instead. Etro asks him to take her knowledge of the world and existence. Etro explains that, when the world is flooded with Chaos, Bhunivelze shall awaken, and he would likely seek to destroy humanity. Ash doesn't understand why the creator of humanity would wish his creation destroyed, but Etro explains that, as humanity is born from her blood and has Chaos in its heart, thus meaning humanity's souls are invisible to him, Bhunivelze would seek to purge humanity, for he'll see them as an impurity in his lust for eternal power and as a threat to his existence. Etro collates her knowledge and memories she has gained from the Chaos into a single orb of light, which Ash absorbs. Having imparted her knowledge unto Ash, Etro tells him to go to Valhalla and help Noel and Serah, saying that even though their success shall mean her death, she doesn't want them her children to die, and then fades away.

Ash, now with knowledge of the origins of the Gods and the true nature of Chaos, enters Valhalla and makes his way to Etro's Temple. He sees a crystallized Lightning seated upon Etro's Throne, and senses Caius' arrival into Valhalla. Using Chaos, Ash summons Odin to his side and sends him to help Noel and Serah. When Noel and Serah are falling into the depths of Chaos, Ash uses the Chaos to create an illusion of Lightning to rescue them. After Caius' death, it is Ash who opens up the portal back to Academia 500 AF for Noel, Serah and Mog to use. After they go through, Ash looks at Lightning, mutters the words "see you soon" and dissipates into Chaos.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

All creatures fear not the dark, but the unknown horrors that could lurk within. The unknown is our biggest threat, with the potential to destroy everything we've created. For a being like God, who has no other fear but the unknown, what would you do if you couldn't discern the nature of humanity?

Ash to Lightning.

Knowing that the world shall eventually be destroyed, due to the effects of Chaos, Ash works to secure humanity's future.

Having gained the knowledge from Etro of Bhunivelze's true ambitions - to purge humanity of their sentience and their memories by destroying the souls of the dead - Ash works to avert Bhunivelze's plan. Sensing that Lightning could be used by Bhunivelze, Ash uses his knowledge of Chaos to construct a physical form for the denied feelings that Lightning hides away - feelings of wanting companionship and support from others, along with her selfishness, fear and loneliness. Creating Lumina, Ash uses her as a vessel for Serah's soul, asking Lumina to safeguard Serah for Lightning. Ash tries to find Airon's soul, but is unable to do so.

Ash lives in Etro's Temple, surveying the world and the state of the Chaos. Following the destruction of the timeline, all the souls of the Yeuls throughout history, as well as Caius, gather into Etro's Temple. Ash witnesses the Yeuls slowly fade into Chaos, as their love and devotion to Caius adds to the swirling Chaos and keeps him prisoner there. Ash tries to control the Chaos that keeps Caius chained, but is unable to do so and tells Caius that he is beyond anyone's help. The Chaos that swirls within Etro's Temple becomes too much, even for Ash. He laments that no human can possibly survive in this Chaos, and thus leaves Etro's Temple.

As he is wondering around the Wildlands, Ash sees Odin who laments that Lightning is now in crystal. Ash offers Odin a chance to fight with Lightning one last time, when she awakes. Agreeing, Ash transforms Odin into the Angel of Valhalla and tells him that when Lightning, his true master, awakens, she will find him and need his help.

Over the next few centuries, Ash tries to control the Chaos from stopping it harming humanity. However, he is only able to control it to a degree. The Chaos still devours Nova Chrysalia, though Ash is able to slow down the process, and there are still countless chaos infusions. Ash slowly realises that controlling Chaos has had an affect on him. He feels that, just like Mywnn and Etro before him, he is fading away and will eventually become part of the Chaos. Ash panics that, because he is human, the effect will be worse with him. He tells Lumina about his worries, stating that, as a human, he feels that his affinity towards Chaos and his control of Chaos is leading him to becoming insane. Lumina tells him that he should let her and Yeul worry about Lightning and Bhunivelze's plan, and that he should try to find Airon's soul (like he did with Serah's soul) before he is driven mad with the Chaos.

As he tries to find Airon's soul, Ash continously fails to detect Airon's soul. Realising that he may never actually find Airon himself and so awakens Vanille and Fang from Crystal Statis, gifting Vanille the ability to see and hear the souls of the dead, in the hope that she would be able to find Airon.

13 years later, Lightning awakens from her Crystal Statis and Ash's worries come to fruition when she is made God's Savior. Ash finds her in Luxerion, after Lumina tells her about the prophecy in which Noel will kill her. When Lightning greets Ash, he summons a Chaos Infusion around the two of them. Covered in Chaos, Ash orders Lightning to die, stating that as God's savior, she is against him and doing the wrong thing and, thus, must die.

Abilities and Equipment

Final Fantasy XIII

In Battle

Let's finish this!

Ash in battle

Template:See Also Ash majors in Commando, Ravager and Medic roles. As a player - Ash is good for beginners being able to comfortably raise his stats, attack, raise a stagger gauge and heal himself when need be. His physical and magical attack stats are mediocre but his weapons grant him good stat bonuses and his defensive is the highest in game - meaning even though he is weak in the Sentinel role, he can take damage well. Ash's Full ATB Skill - Fire at Will - raises the chain gauge heavily as well as dealing massive non elemental and physical damage.

Base Statistics
Stat Beginning L'Cie Mastered Crystarium
HP 100 300 17,000
Strength 20 40 2,000
Magic 10 25 1,400


Take trouble - and make it triple!

Ash before performing Delta Attack with Magus Sisters's Gestalt Mode

Ash's Eidolon, Magus Sisters, takes the form of 3 humanoid robotic women - one very tall and skinny, one rather short and medium build and one very short and very fat. In Gestalt Mode, they transform into a helicopter with various gun weapons, while Ash stands inside and wields his crossbow. In non-Gestalt form Magus Sisters uses a combination of all elemental attacks as well as some physical attacks. Ash has multiple ways to help with both his Ravager role to boost the enemies' chain gauge, and his Commando role to keep the gauge high.

The Etro Script on the Magus Sisters is:

Etro praedicatus. surge sorores irae benevolentia et gaudium. Egredere – sorores vindictae. Nomen in sanguine et pactum in unitatis est. Magus Sorores vinculi coniunctum eternum et inexorabilium se leventur.

In English, it is translated as:

By the grace of Etro, arise sisters of anger, benevolence and joy. A name in blood, a pact in unity. Magus Sisters shall rise - their bond eternal and unyielding.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By the time of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Ash has achieved nearly God-like wisdom and power. Etro imparting her wisdom upon Ash gave him knowledge of Gods, fal'Cie and men, as well as Chaos. His understanding of Chaos is such that he is able to use Chaos mercilessly.

Musical Themes

In Final Fantasy XIII, "Ash's Theme" is a soft, haunting, piano-only melody. The track's sad composition is reflective of the inner guilt and sorrow that Ash endures regarding the death of all those dear to him, including his brother, whilst it's gentle nature is reflective of the youth and innocence that Ash has had to lose in order to survive. The track plays at pivotal moments for Ash - including when he remembers his brother and after he obtains his Eidolon.


  • If one looks closely, Ash can be seen listening to Ayumi Hamasaki's "MY ALL" on his phone in one of the cutscenes.

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