The Fall of Pantheon, or just the Divine Fall as it is often referred to, is an important event in the history of the world of Final Fantasy XVI. The name refers to the destruction of the realm of Pantheon, following the aftermath of the Divine War.


After Viha had killed Maudin in the Divine War, the Golden Army was left leaderless and in disarray. Out of fear for her life, Devi had been taken to the mortal world and hidden with Ramuh to be protected. Without an evident heir, the Golden Army started to wage war with itself regarding who should take control. The forces eventually descended to kill each other, whilst some simply abandoned and joined Darkness. The only thing unifying the remnants of the Golden Army was a hatred for Darkness and wanting to ensure that it would not destroy all the realms of the Cosmos. From this hatred, a leader, Caedis, proposed to use a machine known as the Interitum. The device has the power to destroy the entire Cosmos, but the Golden Army decided to contain the destruction just to Pantheon, so as to destroy the Darkness. When the destruction was planned to happen, Viha was supposed to be in Pantheon, however, it emerged he actually wasn't in Pantheon at the time. The Interitum was activated and Pantheon was destroyed, with all Gods that were left in Pantheon presumably having been killed.

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