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Zero Banduk
Name Zero Banduk
Fusil Mystery
True Name Zero Banduk
Kana ゼロの 銃
Romanji Zero no Jū
Job Class Gunner
Home Planet Dieu
Age 23
Height 6'0"
Weapon Type Guns
Ultimate Weapon Fomalhaut's Eclipse
Main Modi Gladiator, Augmenter, Strategist
Protector Shiva
Guardian Seraph
Savior Asura
Last Gear Satan's Trigger
English Voice Actor
Final Fantasy XVI Character



Shiva! Make 'em take a chill pill!

Zero summoning Shiva.

Shiva is Zero's Protector.


Seraph. I beg you to guard that which is beautiful.

Zero summoning Seraph.

Seraph is Zero's Guardian.


Asura. You remain my last hope.

Zero summoning Asura.

Asura is the goddess of beauty and functions as Zero's savior. Asura was Seraph's mother and loved her daughter very much. Seraph's beauty comes from Asura, as does the beauty of Shiva, her granddaughter.

Asura has 4 faces - all of them being juxtaposed to each other. Her faces are of benevolence, hatred, joy and sadness. Each face is beautiful, but the mask that Asura wears upon her face of hatred is the most beautiful object in the world.

Asura originally had only 2 faces - one of benevolence and one of joy. However, upon Seraph's expulsion from the Pantheon, Asura cried so much that her face of joy became her face of sadness, eternally locked in a sorrowful frown - one that was still beautiful. Then, as she was given Shiva to care for, Asura used her face of benevolence as her main face, covering her face of sadness with a dark veil, so that she could always love Shiva and not show her any sadness. Asura then molded for herself a new face of joy that she could show Shiva. However, as she arrived to see Shiva, Shiva was imprisoned into her Crystal. Asura's rage towards Shiva's captors transformed her face of benevolence into a face of hatred - so hideous it destroyed the captors on sight. Unable to free Shiva from the crystal prison, Asura built herself a new face of benevolence and used some of the crystal to carve for herself a mask for her face of hatred - a mask more beautiful than any object in the world. Ever since, Asura's face of hatred has been heralded as both the best and worst thing to see. Best, in that it is the most beautiful object to gaze upon in the world, but worst in that, upon removing the mask, Asura's hideousness will assuredly kill the beholder.