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Well... That's up to you, Cloud.


Multiple IPs working (We don't have the power to use Light of Judgement...

Silver Mage 13:29, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Hello and welcome to my very own Userpage!! I am cloudintheskies and recently joined FFWiki (I think it was July (2009 :P)) and am now learning the ropes to using the Wiki to help add information and general Final Fantasy knowledge.

To start off my FFWiki Career please do post in my talk page about and spelling/grammar errors that you are... Too busy to fix and will be sure to try and sort that out.

Oh yeah, if anyone could help with my learning of how to work the Wiki (by that I mean Wikimarkup), I would be very much obliged...

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^Well, that AND Toriyama

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My Cait Sith's Slots Limit Break Tutorial...


Just a reminder that I want to take a look at Instant Death later...

Well it looks like I won't get to take a proper look because I've decided to make a SNES walkthrough for Final Fantasy V... :S
Lol, another page I want to remind myself about, tis stub is terrible...Sylvanpoth