Name CinnaMan
A.K.A. CM or Robbie
Job Class Actor/Thief
Hometown Minneapolis, MN
Date of Birth October 3rd
Age 23
Height 5'9
Weapon Hammer! Hot Coffee!
Spells Scold, Scoldara, Scoldaga
Summons Columbian Coffee man
Limit Breaks Bean Grinder

Sipping coffee at sunrise is the best thing life has to offer, y'all!
―Cinna, Final Fantasy IX

Sipping coffee at sundown is the best way to stay up all night and play FF, y'all!

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About MeEdit

I'm an actor in the Minneapolis, MN region, and being that cinnamon and coffee are two of my favorite things, I couldn't see any better match than Cinna from Final Fantasy IX to be my 'mascot'... I've been a big fan of the Final Fantasy series since I first encountered it when Final Fantasy VII first came out. I had stayed away from the original FFs until recently, when I bought all the advance/ds games and have been playing them all in order. To experience games that had pioneered the rpg has been very exciting. I made half of a walkthrough for Final Fantasy III, but then quit, realizing just how much work and time and motivation you have to have to complete one. I now have a lot of respect for anyone who has accomplished even one walkthrough. I've been keeping an eye on the FF Wiki for a while now, and thought it was about time for me to make a username/page... I can actually vote on the Dragon's Neck Colosseum matches! YAY!

Ultros-field-ffvi-ios Uwee hee! Come to the Colosseum and vote on this week's fight:

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Played, but not to the endEdit

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I am on a mission to beat all Final Fantasy games, including all sequels/prequels and those in the Tactics series; so far I have completed I-VI and am working on VII again; all of the ones I am a 'fan' of are those I have played in the past but haven't beaten (except for VII, which I have completed a number of times). I hadn't ever played VI until really recently, and while I think it's a great game, I can't see how it could get anywhere near VII to beat it as best FF game. The story is too short, and a lot of the characters are super under-developed. I did really enjoy it though. Loved the Espers and Kefka was cool.

Hopefully before long you will see all of the games listed as completed!


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