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Unfinished Business:

About Me[edit | edit source]

I joined Final Fantasy Wiki on Valentine's Day 2007 out of a desire to fix a typo in the Guy article. Since then, I meant to expand on the Chocobo series articles, but never got around to it much due to horrible writing skill and procrastination. I made two walkthroughs during my stay here, and once participated in a collaborative fanfic effort that went really bad because nobody was really collaborating that much (it was here that part of the legendary Marty Stu Leeroy meme came about; Yuan did the rest). Afterwards I died here and lurked in the IRC. In the next life I'm now tending to Sardapedia as the lone sheriff/mayor/janitor, hoping and praying that one day it flourishes once more.

Random IRC Moment[edit | edit source]

Warning: May or may not be unfunny. Let me know if it is.

19:02 < DrakeyC> I just won a Flame Lance from a Flame Knight in Interlude
19:02 < DrakeyC> Of course, the only party member in FF4 who can use spears is Kain, and he isn't playable in Interlude
19:02 < DrakeyC> soooooo.....
19:04 < Jimcloud> XD
19:04 < Jimcloud> the ultimate in laziness?
19:05 < DrakeyC> I guess when Edge joins he can throw it
19:05 < DrakeyC> Actually looking at the weapons list it is one of the strongest weapons in the game
19:06 < DrakeyC> I think Interlude is an elaborate joke
19:06 < DrakeyC> The devs heard that people thought After Years was half-assed and boring
19:06 < DrakeyC> "oh, you want half-assed?"
19:06 < DrakeyC> "We can do worse!"
19:06 < DrakeyC> And so they did\
19:06 < Wikiblade0> .-.

Stuff I Did[edit | edit source]

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