I moved to frontier territory. You can reach me there instead.
Otherwise, I'm on IRC. See you there.

Unfinished Business:

About Me[edit | edit source]

I joined Final Fantasy Wiki on Valentine's Day 2007 out of a desire to fix a typo in the Guy article. Since then, I meant to expand on the Chocobo series articles, but never got around to it much due to horrible writing skill and procrastination. I made two walkthroughs during my stay here, and once participated in a collaborative fanfic effort that went really bad because nobody was really collaborating that much (it was here that part of the legendary Marty Stu Leeroy meme came about; Yuan did the rest). Afterwards I died here and lurked in the IRC. In the next life I'm now tending to Sardapedia as the lone sheriff/mayor/janitor, hoping and praying that one day it flourishes once more.

Random IRC Moment[edit | edit source]

Warning: May or may not be unfunny. Let me know if it is.

20:11 < Chocolancer> Blue: if you can talk shit about EA and Activision...clearly you have more shit to throw at Squeenix
20:11 < BlueHighwind> they changed opening when they turned evil
20:11 < BlueHighwind> OH, SQUARE ENIX
20:11 < BlueHighwind> honestly, no
20:11 < Chocolancer> how sad...

Stuff I Did[edit | edit source]

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