Cecilav.gif  Dance, sucker, dance
Name ChiefKakashi
A.K.A Chief, CK
Hometown Thatplaceoverthere (a.k.a. South Dakota, USA)
Date of Birth 10/28/91
Height 6'2" (1.9 meters)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Laterality Right
Spells Assorted Cookies

About Me

What's there to tell? You already know my name, but I guess you don't know things like my likes and dislikes. Well, I like a lot of things (especially Tifa, hee hee hee), there's plenty I don't like, and I have many hobbies which are none of your business...but I'll tell you anyway. I like rock, video games, hanging out with friends, stuff like that. I really dislike it when people try and tell me how I feel or what I can and can't do. My hobbies are listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends. Oh, and traveling. I love to travel. I've been all over the U.S. I've been as far east as Massachusetts, west as far as Washington state, north up to North Dakota, and as far south as Texas and Florida.

Just so there's no confusion, I should probably explain how I got my name. "Kakashi" is Japanese for "scarecrow". However, I first learned this from Naruto because of the character Hatake Kakashi. I did not simply steal the name. I like the nickname "chief" (especially after playing Halo, admittedly), so I put that in front. So that's how I came up with "ChiefKakashi". I hope this isn't confusing.



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