Proeliator Termini roughly meaning "Warriors of the End" is an assistance group headed by me, Cecil the Paladin with the goal to help new users in any way we can and offer them a friendly start in this wiki. Each member of the group will be assigned another task depending on their skills and/or preferences, such as helping with coding, expanding stubbed articles, uploading images, etc. It is also a way to socialize and make this tasks more fun to encourage more wiki users to edit around and help the wiki.There will also be really interesting group projects. So if you desire to join, please ask me or progman in our userpages, or contact me via email, messenger, or MySpace, all found in my userpage.

Requirements to join[edit | edit source]

Actually, none, other than the desire to edit and help the wiki as well as socializing with us. Once you join, you should create an extra Talk Bubble to use when representing the group. You may also create an alias as a knight. For example I am the "Lunar Knight". The best way to decide this is by looking at your own username, although, any other characteristic can be used. Thank you and I hope you enjoy being a part of our group.

Userbox[edit | edit source]

Our userbox:

Fiveraces.jpg This user is an avatar of judgement and serves alongside the Proeliatores Termini!

Once you're a member copy and paste the coding {{User Proeliator}} in your userpage to identify yourself as member!

Current Members[edit | edit source]

Listed in order of membership acquisition:

  1. The Lunar Knight (Founder, Leader)
  2. The Apocalyptic Knight
  3. The Winged Knight
  4. The Lion Knight
  5. The Cerulean Knight
  6. The Bandit Knight
  7. The Fallen Knight
  8. The Cow Knight
  9. The Judge Knight
  10. The Spiral Knight
  11. The Silver Knight

Assigments[edit | edit source]

This goes to all users who are qualified: Helping new users get the hang of the wiki rules and editing is our utmost priority. This is not determined by your edit count or contributions, if you know the general rules of the wiki, reffering to:Basic coding, rules of editing and The Manual of Style, then you're good to go. Please let's avoid conflict and not mention any user's edit counts, while many users would like to brag and boast about it, others are discouraged by it. I will post links for the pages on the topics listed above, which should already be at the welcoming template of your Talk Page: Basics of the Wiki, Manual of Style, as in what kind of language and terminology to use when editing mainspace articles. Other helpful pages are: The Basics of Editing, a guide on linking, something crucial for editing.

Preferred Assigments[edit | edit source]

Please place here what you would prefer doing:

  • The Spiral Knight-I'm a jack of all trades (except images). I'll do just about anything.
  • The Silver Knight-I can do almost anything concerning FFI, III (DS), IV (PS), D, and WoTL stuff. Except images.

List of Assigments[edit | edit source]

  • The Lunar Knight-Expanding stubbed articles, mostly from main series games.
  • The Prog Knight-Uploading Images.
  • The Cerulean Knight-Uploading Images and Editing Music Articles.
  • The Judge Knight-Categorizing pages with incomplete tables/pictures.
  • The Oblivion Knight-Best image uploader of the group.
  • The Silver Knight-Welcoming newbies, fixing tables.
  • The Spiral Knight-Welcoming newbies, grammar checking.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • A Group Wide Walkthrough for any main series game. Place your statements on whether or not you would like to be a part of this and what game it should be about.
    • Nah, it would be too complicated. SilverCrono 01:00, March 6, 2010 (UTC)
  • A big... group... thing. Like something we're ALL good at, and we can all contribute to. (Not a wakthrough, would require a bit too much planning). -SilverCrono 01:00, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

Questions from new users[edit | edit source]

If you are a new user, and more importantly a new user already part of this group, place any question you have below (please remember to list them by placing a* before your question. This also applies for the suggestion list above):


Updates[edit | edit source]

All members always be vigilant for updated information. Place any comments in the Talk Page.

Update #1-February 20, 2010-Since the number of members has increased and it's harder to actually ask everyone of you what you would be most usefull doing, all members please post what you would be best at/like doing for the wiki in the name of the group, in the new section above. Thank you- Cecil the Paladin

Update #2-March 31, 2010- Due to many circumstances in my life right now (good and bad) I have been absent from the wiki for more than month, with no activities, neither in my edits, assigments in the group, or any managing of the group whatsoever, some of these circumstances have been present from the day I joined this wiki, (some two years ago) and will probably be present until the day I move out, for this I apologize, not only because of my absence now, but because it has happened before. Which is why, from now on, users who want to join, can feel free to post it here automayically instead of "asking for permision" in my talk page, and continue with any assigments you can or had assigned in case you were already a member. I will do my best to be here regularly and help with what I can, if not, then I will consider relinquishing leadership of the group to a more capable member. That is all, thank you and have a good day. Anyone with questions, feel free to contact me at my myspace or MSN where I am active more regularly. The addresses for these can be found on my userpage. Please do not judge from my absence that I have lost interest or that I am lazy, as that is not the case Cecil the Paladin

UPDATE #3-19:30, May 5, 2010 (UTC)- According to project leader Tenza, the group is closed. Sorry. SilverCrono

Update #4-August 3, 2010- Okay then, case closed. It's a load of my shoulders! Thank you everyone for your help and those who should interest you have my sincere gratitude and apologies!- Cecil

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