I'm tempted to mimic this arrangement - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOHsDF9VnGQ - so it's actually singable.

Dancing on the wind[edit | edit source]

Transcribed the vocal parts. I might slow it down to add arpeggios for the strings.

Dancing on the wind up and down again
Round and round the bend
Fa la la la la la
From a flow'ry bed to the clouds ascend
Tumble down again
Fa la la la la la
Yet with each descent do we rise again
To our hearts' content
Fa la la la la la
Fly away my friend for a day and then
We'll begin again
Fa la la la la la

Down turn the skies[edit | edit source]

Till down turn the skies
Wonted quiet, wanton silence
For long do we lie
Wond'ring when we'll be
Still down turn the skies
Gentle song gently wand'ring
Along in the night
Joyous cries ring free

Do you love me not[edit | edit source]

All these stanzas are the same except the final line. I could make it more spicy by adding more "complexity" (more voices) each cycle. This is approximately what the original does. There's almost certinly a key change between each one too. I've basically figured the vocal parts of this beyond the key change, and the fact that the last line of each stanza

La la la la la
Lying lost in thought
Do you love me not?
Follow these
Petals cast aloft
La la la la la
Will you, when I'm gone, remember me?
Ring a ling a ling
Lovers in the spring
How the garden sings
Ever green
Spirits lush, we bring
Ring a ling a ling
Braving anything, together, we
La la la la la
Learn to play our part
Navigate the dark
Up we reach
Catch a falling star
La la la la la
Lock it in our hearts eternally
Ring a ling a ling
Flying without wings
Kites without a string
Loop and leap
To these crowns we cling
Ring a ling a ling
For we'll all be kings tomorrow

Autumn's whisper[edit | edit source]

Autumn's whisper soaring high
Lulla lulla lullaby
Baby's breath and butterflies
Sing in our sweet lullaby
Summer child with heavy eyes
Lulla lulla lullaby
Come our lonely angel nigh
Sing in our sweet lullaby

Time wilts[edit | edit source]

Time wilts and fades
Luster lost in the rain
Bows to the blade
Till the spring calls again
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