So, I, the great Catuse, found that there was only one FF5 walkthrough! This stinks, as while BlueHighwind's is good, it has spoilers, and spoilers = bad when they aren't in spoiler tags, so I decided to make another. Things to know:

  • A-button is select and B-button is cancel. That's the only real controls.
  • This game uses a Job System. Refer to Drake's guide if you want to know what jobs to use. I'll explain the system itself when we get to that point.
  • I will sometimes upload videos to YouTube to show tricks and traps.
  • I'm not here to persuade you to play FF5, that's a reviewer's job. My reviewal logic is flawed.
  • Do not sell equipment with special effects, or keep equipment that's outdated and has no special effects. Ever.
  • My preferred settings are the following, and I will presume you use them:
    • Battle/text speed = 1
    • Cursor position = remember
    • Auto-dash = on
    • All others = default

Without further ado, press your on button on your game, click New Game, watch the scenes, and...

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