In this part:

  • Meeting Lenna and Galuf
  • Recruiting Faris the Pirate
  • The Wind Shrine
  • Shopping in Tule

Tycoon MeteorEdit

You start this game controlling a guy, who doesn't have a name, riding a chocobo. Ride east to the meteor which doesn't look like a meteor; you can't dismount your chocobo for some reason. Go around to find an unconcious girl and two Goblins you must defeat. This isn't hard: just attack them and be done with it. You now have to enter the main character's name. Bartz is default and the one I use in this walkthrough. Go north and talk to the sleeping old guy. Lots of sleepy people who can't remember much. Maybe they were knocked amnesic during a sleepaway camp?

Lenna remembers we must go to the Wind Shrine, so it stands to reason we have to go. She and Galuf run off and leave Bartz behind. Mount Boko the chocobo and follow the trail past the mountains west (the ONLY way to go). We now must save Lenna and Galuf from Goblins AGAIN. Way too easy, all you gotta do is attack.

Lenna and Galuf join your party!

It's a good time to look at stats by pressing B. Bartz is level 2 wielding a Broadsword; Lenna is level 1 with a Knife; and Galuf is level 1 and unarmed. So he won't do much. Head north to the cave.

Pirate CaveEdit

After heading north, Bartz notices a hot spring. Just like in MOTHER 3, entering it will restore all your HP/MP, but without the weird haiku. Head north into the next room to find a Leather Cap, and then press the skull to let yourself in. Go around to the left exit, and you'll see a skull and crossbones. PIRATES!

So it seems we need to steal the magic ship to get to the Wind Shrine, whyever we need to be there. Head east to board the ship. Walk up to and select the steering wheel to cast off... or not.

The obligatory surrounded-by-people-who-want-to-kill-us scene plays, and then:

Faris joins your party!

It ain't every day you get four of the main characters right off the bat. One of Faris's lackies offers to drive the ship for us, since there's nothing better to do just yet, just let him. He takes us straight to the Wind Shrine.

Wind ShrineEdit

Dock the ship, enter. Go over to where the old ladies are running around and select the container to restore HP and MP. Head east and go up the stairs.

On the second floor, head west to find a Tent. In the next room is a consecrated circle with which you can save and use a Tent if you want. However, you just healed, so why bother? After that is a Leather Cap to the east, stairs to the third floor to the west.

On the third floor, go around to the door on the left. Inside is a Broadsword. Since Galuf is unarmed, it should go to him, y'know? Talk to the giant bird for our first boss battle.


Go to the fourth floor and in the door... and a very long scene plays, but be at least glad it isn't as long as the average FFIX scene.

New job classes, so now we are no longer just Freelancers. Take the teleporter out of there, and Boco will explain how to use Job Classes. Essentially, setting a character's job class will give him/her stats and abilities specific to one job, along with a single ability from another job. Here are the jobs we have so far:



Looking a little dull there.

Freelancers can equip anything... anything. Otherwise, they have no notable attributes, so they should not be used. Until the end of the game that is. What happens then? Well, every time you "Master" a job class (meaning you learn every single ability it has to offer) all of its abilities and positive stat bonuses (not negative) are added to the Freelancer. So by the end of the game, Freelancers are gods on earth.



Where's the horse?

Knights are all-out physical attackers, so they have lots of defense and offense, but terrible magic. They also have abilities for guarding allies. Great at first, eventually they become non-notable because there are better physical jobs. Cover' and Guard, combined with your allies' HP all at critical, means your party is completely immune to physical attacks until the knight's next turn comes around. Worth mastering - the boosts to freelancer are good for tanky characters.



Bartz, you are not Vaan, and you should be proud of it

.The greatest job in all of the Home World! Well, not really, but whatever. Even before they learn Counter (which automatically counterattacks) and Barehand (which deals huge amounts of damage without a weapon) they can use those abilities... you only have to learn them to use them with other jobs. They're very cheap to maintain -- no expensive mail or swords for them, and with their massive HP (augmented by HP+30%) means they don't need it. Mastering this job transfers HP+10%, HP+20%, and HP+30% to Freelancer. Do it. Really. Use the magic healing jug, then set up your jobs using the job command:
  • Bartz and Faris should be physical jobs, preferable Monk or Knight. Blue Mage is also acceptable.
  • Lenna and Galuf have better magical stats, so they should be Black or White Mages. Blue Mage is also a good choice. **Black and White Mages should also be in the back row, as their spells are long range. Rows can be changed by pressing the left arrow key on the menu, then pressing A when you select a character.

Me, I made Bartz and Faris Monks, and the others Blue Mages for now. See, Blue Mages learn new spells by being hit with them, and Goblins cast the Blue spell Goblin Punch. Goblins are common in the Wind Shrine. As for Monks, they don't need a weapon so they're pretty economical, and they counterattack sometimes. Off to Tule in the west.


Stop by the armory (has a shield on it) and buy 2 more Leather Caps for equipping. Also buy every magic spell in the house (the shop as a flail on it). At this point I made Lenna and Galuf White and Black Mages respectively, since they now have spells to cast. You can stop by the weaponsmith to buy new weapons if you want, or the large building west of the town entrance to learn basic adventuring tips. All this (except the adventuring tips) is very pricy, so if you need to, you can get money by killing Goblins outside of town.

When you're done, head north to Zok's House (the big mansion at the back of town). You get the canal key and can now sail further east! Hooray! Return to the world map and save your game. That's a wrap.

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