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So, I, the great Catuse, found that there was only one FF5 walkthrough! This stinks, as while BlueHighwind's is good, it has spoilers, and spoilers = bad when they aren't in spoiler tags, so I decided to make another. Things to know:

  • A is select and B is cancel. That's the only real controls.
  • This game uses a Job System. I'll explain the system itself when we get to that point, as well as going over the advantages and disadvantages of each job.
  • Do not sell equipment with special effects, or keep equipment that's outdated and has no special effects. Ever.
  • Once you get to Drakenvale or so, you should be able to afford keeping about 30 Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs, and every status-heal item in your inventory at all times. It will probably save you. It saved me.
  • I presume you have basic knowledge of Final Fanatasy: what Poison does, etc.
  • I give away user boxes often. I'll start with the one at the bottom of this section.
  • My preferred settings are the following, and I will presume you use them:
    • Battle/text speed = 1
    • Cursor position = remember
    • Auto-dash = on
    • All others = default

Without further ado, press your on button on your game, click New Game, watch the scenes, and off we go.

Whenever you get lost, remember, it's not over till the fat lady sings you can't find it on the walkthrough index... Edit

Home World: Alright everyone, let's mosey. Edit

  1. The Wind Crystal Awaits!
  2. To the Water Crystal! Redundantly named mountains and cute murdering demons await!
  3. The Fire Crystal: Wow, this is getting repetitive
  4. Kweh! Kweh! Kwehhhhhh! (Translation: Hey look, a page without crystals in it.)
  5. The Shifting Sand Land, and airship adventures
  6. The Earth Crystal, plus some incidents of Deus ex Machina

Alien World: Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! Edit

  1. The Clash on the Big Bridge! Starring... GILGAMESH!!!
  2. My Kingdom for some Dragon Grass, and GILGAMESH!!!
  3. The Talking Turtle, and other Tales with no GILGAMESH!!!
  4. The Parting of the Ways Worlds, and GILGAMESH!!!

Merged World: You're all probably too tired to even stand up after all the fighting. Edit

  1. Cue annoyingly long sidequests here
  2. An omniscient guy, a minotaur, a cloaked guy-a-Gogo, and some zombie pigs, all guarding the best skills in the game
  3. The Final Summoning Summons, as in monsters, not an FFX story element
  4. Banished to... the Void!
  5. Welcome to Superboss Heaven
  6. FFV: Bringing Death to Exdeath since 1992
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