there is someone with a fuckin sonic the hedgehog avatar writing pages about keyblade wielders in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen

On Final Fantasy XIV I'm Aluf'a Bacchus of Goblin, and elsewhere I'm either aloofabacus or catuse. I even answer to "Kitty" irl.

My most important contributions to the wiki are largely technical, behind-the-scenes stuff the average viewer will never see: introducing first Autowikibrowser and then pywikibot (Intangir Bot!) and being an early contributor to Data modules.

I'm pretty busy with life. Even so, if you contact me with a request I'll probably get what you need, in a timespan not greater than a decade. I can and should be reached on the wiki Discord. In particular, I amy @catuse#2092.

I manage Intangir Bot and handle the FFXIV Duty pages. Currently I am working on scripts to ease the splitting of the Bravely wiki from this one. Please bug me if they break something! One day I will update the FFXIV Data modules to support XIVAPI... some day.

I also do arrangements maybe...? Ha ha, just kidding...unless?

Here's some cool things that will never get done, but really should.

  • Set up Heroku to:
    • Automatically update the XIV Data modules
    • Automatically clear wiki maintenance reports
    • Operate Magitek Gobtalker, my new bot for Discord
  • Write "smart" Intangir Bot scripts:
    • To assign Etymologies to their historical origins
    • To automatically write disambigs for everything in Project:Articles to Move
  • BI for FFTA(2), but those games are clearly inferior to the glorious War of the RosesFive KingsLions

These projects will never get finished; two of them I've been allegedly working on since 2011.

see also this thing

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