Final Fantasy Wiki

there is someone with a fuckin sonic the hedgehog avatar writing pages about keyblade wielders in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen

On Final Fantasy XIV I'm Aluf'a Bacchus of Faerie, and elsewhere I'm either aloofabacus or catuse. On Disord I am @catuse#2092. I even answer to "Kitty" irl, where I'm a Ph.D. candidate who researches the analysis of PDE.

My most important contributions to the wiki are largely technical, behind-the-scenes stuff the average viewer will never see: introducing first Autowikibrowser and then pywikibot (Intangir Bot!) and being an early contributor to Data modules. I am also a bureaucrat, so please send me nominations of users who should be promoted to wiki staff.

Things I am, or want to, work on:

  • Before Endwalker releases: update the FFXIV Data modules to support XIVAPI.
  • Transitioning the wiki from subpages to only tagged pages.
    • Subpages to go: Tactics, Theatrhythm, Dissidia.
  • This summer: Clear Special:UnusedFiles
  • Clean up MediaWikispace and Modulespace to get rid of all the outdated or buggy scripts we have.

A pipe dream would be to make "smart" Intangir Bot scripts. These would have somewhat more involved algorithms than just "download page from MediaWiki API &rt; parse and edit the syntax &rt; upload page to the API". Some things they could do:

Elsewhere on the internet you might find me playing video game music, blogging about video games (and math), and writing about math on Wikipedia.