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Cpt. DB

He's a Captain. With a dark blade. Hence the name.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die...

Roy Batty, Blade Runner

Replicants are like any other machine - they're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem.

Deckard, Blade Runner

Stay Crunchy In Milk!

Cap'n Crunch

Cpt. DB Sprite He's a captain.
With a dark blade.
Hence the name.
Cpt. DB Sprite
Also Known As The Captain, El Capitán, Der Kapitän, Капитан
Age Not too sure
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Laterality Left-handed
Place of origin Durham,England (Also in Preston, England)
Weapons Hardedge, Drill, Betamax Player
Job class Red Mage/Machinist
Skills Auto-Crossbow, Trine, Flare Star, Cure-All, Grand Cross
Limit Break Quadra Ultima, Random Summon

...And I'm back. After a few months on a break (due to starting university), I've decided to return here and make myself useful. I think I left a walkthrough half-finished, so that will be a definate short-term target for me to complete.

About me (Non-FF)Edit

  • I didn't actually rise through the ranks properly to become a captain. I won the rank from a cereal box competition.
  • I have a unusual taste in music to say the least, and it changes from day to day.
  • It's nearly as bad as my sense of humour. Expect a lot of obscure references to 1990's British comedy shows in my writing. You wouldn't let it lie.... Please note that this is humour, not humor. But it doesn't really matter, does it?
  • I am present in every moment of time, having acheived time compression 3 years ago. Beat that Ultimecia.
  • If my body temperature goes above 88 Farenheight, I go crazy, as I have Dave's syndrome.
  • I once saw a blimp. Really.
  • Actually, I do a lot of things with music, and I can play guitar, trumpet, piano and a little bit of drums. A few months ago I created an album, "Collective Electronica", which is based on ambient keyboard loops and drum machine samples, but I have been unable to get it copyed under a label. Watch this space for more news on it.
  • Jack Nicholson's Joker is the best one. Really, he is.

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Current Projects On The WikiEdit

I usually do edits on the VI, VII, VIII and IX pages, and on the music pages. I'll also make edits about other things when it suits, but I generally keep to what I can write about. I've also created a couple of pages, such as:

I'm a patroller on Here, too. These pages are created by Sorceror Nobody, so that's a mark of quality!

Notable UsersEdit

  • Sorceror Nobody- An all-round good guy, with lots of sub-pages/random remarks which I've worked on.
  • Faethin- Excellent music-based editor, who has helped me out a few times.
  • Paramina- My personal favourite walkthrough guide writer- FFVIII and FFXII became a lot easier thanks to the pages on here!
  • BlueLionheart- A user with a heart of gold!
  • Chief Kakashi- Good userpage(s) for a quick laugh.

Golden Soldier AwardEdit

The Golden Soldier Award

This Award is given by Captain Darkblade to show recognition for certain FANTASTIC actions. Well done!


If you impress/distract/scare me with something cool/funny/downright weird (Delete as appropriate), you have a good chance of obtaining this award. I'll keep a list of recipients on here for your viewing:

Awards I've RecievedEdit

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This award shows that Captain Darkblade has done something that,
in the opinion of the Supreme Nonentity Sorceror Nobody, raises them
slightly above their fellow lesser mortal entities. Congratulations!



This picture is sponsered by Kefka's Demolishion Service. Need a demolishion job, quickly? Let the Light Of Judgement do the dirty work for you! Low-Cost and very efficient!

My thoughts on Final Fantasy And Other ThingsEdit

  • I actually thought that FFVIII was quite good, having played it first. The story is a little stupid, but I liked the idea of junctioning magic.
  • FFIX is better than VII. Sorry, but it is. The graphic style is better, it has better replay value, more sidequests and the plot makes more sense. The minigames were better, too.
  • Never underestimate IV, V and VI. The lack of graphical sophistication means more time and effort went into the plot, making them much more enjoyable games, particularly VI.
  • I intend to eventually have a go at FFXI. Eventually.
  • The Galbadian Soldier in the bar at Deling City during the Laguna sidestory on FFVII? Me.
  • You know that Pluto Knight with no number in Castle Alexandria? That wasn't Blank. That was me.
  • FFXII. Rabanastre. The soldier keeping watch near the bazaar? That was yours truly too. I don't fight. I just keep watch of places/people/things. How I was made a captain is an absolute mystery.
  • Aeris>Tifa. Need I say any more?
  • See above. I need to get that point across.

Confessions Of A Nineties KidEdit

I decided to make a small tribute to what's considered the greatest decade ever. This page has been created for fellow children of the 90s to remember how brilliant everything was.

Alternative Final Fantasy MusicEdit

I've been able to expand this article so much, that it has been given a full page just to itself. You'll find it at User:Captain Darkblade/Alternative Final Fantasy Music. Just like before, however, any ideas, queries or thoughts about it can been placed on my user talk page.

Wyrm Skull ArenaEdit

I was browsing the Dragon's Neck Colosseum the other day, and a thought hit me. Hit me quite hard, in fact, and I've still got the bruise to show it. Why don't I create a different version of the battle arena, but have characters from the games pitted against iconic movie characters, literary figures or superheroes, as well as each other? So I've given it some thought, and this is it.


Please visit the Flan's Elbow Colosseum, too. It's also made by Sorceror Nobody, and it's excellent. Just say that The Captain sent you across!

An Independant ReviewEdit

I also made a review page for the three Black Mages albumss. It's right over here.

I Have A TheoryEdit

I've recently found out a thoery that British music icon David Bowie has secretly appeared in several Final Fantasies, being both a hero and a villain. It's quite a weird idea, but I found these images which show the evidence: [[File:Sephiroth_Bowie.jpg|thumb|center|250px|Here he is as Sephiroth...]] [[File:Balthier_Bowie.jpg|thumb|center|250px|...And Balthier...]] [[File:Seifer_Bowie.jpg|thumb|center|249px|...Starring As the villainous Seifer...]] [[File:Zidane_Bowie.jpg|thumb|center|250px|...And the Heroic Zidane!]] Pretty powerful evidence, I reckon.

Another IntermissionEdit

[[File:FF9 Sketchstyle.png|725px]]

I would recommend looking at this at full size. Really- it's pretty good by the standard of my home-made images


These are those table things for showing the world your most-and-least games and characters. These are mine.


Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Story IX VII VI IV X-2
Graphical Style XII VIII IX IV (DS) VII (Field Mode Only. The Battle scenes were much better to look at)
Cast VII VI IX V X-2
World IX XII VIII VI (World Of Balance) VII
Limit Breaks XII VIII VII X IX and VI (both were useless)


Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Male Lead Balthier Locke Zidane Cloud Squall and Tidus (Joint Honours)
Female Lead Aeris Garnet Ashe Rinoa and Terra (Joint Honours) Yuna
Male Supporting Role Vincent Basch Vivi Edgar Zell
Female Supporting Role Celes Tifa Freya Eiko Panelo
Temporary Character Reddas Sephiroth and Beatrix (Joint Honours) Laguna Seifer and Vossler (Joint Honours) Ghost/?????
VI Character Setzer Celes Edgar Terra/Gogo (Joint Honours) Umaro
VII Character Vincent Aeris Tifa Cid Cait Sith
VIII Character Rinoa Laguna Irvine Quistis Zell (Not worst, just least best)
IX Character Vivi Garnet Amarant Freya Quina
X Character Auron Yuna Lulu Tidus Wakka
X-2 Character >--> >--> >--> >--> All Of Them
XII Character Balthier and Ashe (Joint Honours) Fran Basch Reddas Panelo
Cid Highwind (VII) Fabool (IX) Del Norte Marquez (VI) Margrace (XII) Kramer/Pollendina (VIII/IV) (Joint Honours)
Villain Kuja Sephiroth and Kefka (Joint Honours-Too close to call) Vayne Golblez and Chaos (Joint Honours) Ultimecia
Minor Villain Shinra Inc., Including The Turks Edea Beatrix Judge Gabranth Gesthal
Recurring Boss Edea The Turks Kefka Seifer Sacred/Minotaur
Best Biggs And Wedge VIII VII VI Was There... ...Any Others?
Best Limit Break Lion Heart- Squall Chaos- Vincent Great Gospel- Aeris Double Black Magic- Vivi and Double White Magic- Eiko (Joint Honours) Cook- Quina

Word BubblesEdit

Cpt. DB

That's all I'm going to do for now. If you have any queries or advice, please leave something on my Usertalk page. Thank you!
Captain Darkblade

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