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This article does not contain hentai. You sick fuck.

About Me[]

Stuff goes here that I canonically care about. ... Canon. Canon. Cannon is something you shoot things with.

  • FACT: Kain Highwind couldn't kill Kain Highwind. That's how tough he is.
  • FACT: Sephiroth killed Aeris/Aerith/whichever one you prefer to save her from the horrible bloody gruesome death that Kain Highwind would've dealt.

My Faves[]


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game FFV FFIII FFI Any one not listed other than II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, and IX
Main Dude Bartz Cecil Fighter Tidus
Main Chick Lenna Refia Terra Krile
Warrior FF1's Knight Firion Cloud Tidus
Mage Me FF1's Mages Vivi Shantotto
Bad Guy Garland/Chaos Exdeath Sephrioth Dark King


Category First Second Third Fourth
Story Final Fantasy Kirby Sonic Zelda
Music I hate to say this, but Action 52 Final Fantasy CastleVania Call of Duty
Gameplay Smash Bros Sonic Mario Final Fantasy
Graphics Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Final Fantasy
Boss battles Zelda Kirby Final Fantasy Mario
Overall Final Fantasy Kirby Zelda Action 52, as opposed to most people's opinions

Moar Stuffs[]


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