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This is your story.
―Auron, Final Fantasy X

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Username BusyBee1993
Real Name Eoghan Ryder
Gender Male
Age 16
Date Of Birth 30/9/93
Place Of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Height Around 5'12?
IQ Dunno?
Job Class Sky Pirate/Monk
Weapon(s) Fists/Gloves, Machine Gun
Element(s) Water/Wind
Summon(s) Siren, Leviathan
Limit Break(s) Duel, Shot/Desperado

Hi, i'm BusyBee1993 to you, the reader, but to my friends and family, i'm just Eoghan. I'm a total Final Fantasy NERD (as most of you are as well...) and it has a huge place in my life. It sounds totally sappy but I don't care, i'd be a sap for Final Fantasy any day. Moving on, I plan to achieve elite staus on this Wiki as I need to achieve something worthy in my life, right? I'm going to create pages dedicated to Visual Design in Final Fantasy as it is my forté and no one has made any yet. I also want to edit the Music sections as there is not enough information on individual songs in my opinion and I may also edit character pages because i'm such a rebel. I may also write a couple of walkthroughs if i'm enthusiastic enough (and awake...). Be sure to look out for all of the above and remember: DRAGON QUEST SUCKS. I'm only joking...*giggles*...

Me, Myself And Final Fantasy...[]

I started my long and ongoing relationship with Final Fantasy sometime at the start of the last decade when I played a demo of Final Fantasy X. Everyone remembers where they first met Final Fantasy and the magic it brought into their lives. It really is something special. Anyway, I was playing this demo that was just so out of this world (in a good way, obviously...) and visually astounding, I nearly wet myself (I was only 8 or 9 at the time you know...). I had never played something like it in all my life and it really had an impact on me. I can't really explain it and I don't think anyone else can either. There's just something about the series, it's just...WOW. I'm more of a PlayStation kind of guy so I can't really say much on the Nintendo games in the series although I would like to play the first six games someday. In their original versions of course, not the remakes. One of my goals in life is to play every single Final Fantasy title in order, in their original forms, on their original consoles. Also, my dream job is to work at Square Enix as a Graphic/Character Designer or Creative Director. Perhaps, one day, you'll see an advertisement for Final Fantasy XXVII and my name will be under the title. I've played Sqaure Enix games more than any other kind of game so I thought i'd lay out a list of each game i've played by the Japanese maestros (completed or not): Final Fantasy (PSP), Final Fantasy II (PSP), Final Fantasy VII (PSN), Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (PS2), Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP), Final Fantasy VIII (PSN), Final Fantasy X (PS2), Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2), Final Fantasy XII (PS2), DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy (PSP), Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories (GBA), Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2), Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days (DS), Vagrant Story (PSN), Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King (PS2). I'm naturally drawn to Tetsuya Nomura's charater designs more than Yoshitaka Amano's or Yasumi Matsuno's as Nomura's characters have much more life and vibrant colours in their appearences than Amano's dull, abstract albeit incredibly detailed characters and although Matsuno's characters are most definetely the sexiest Final Fantasy characters, his designs don't really have that Final Fantasy feel if you will. One of the main attractions to the series (for me) is the visual design. That's why I want to write those articles as it is an important aspect of the series in my eyes. The music in Final Fantasy really stands out for me compared to other video game series. The Nobuo Uematsu soundtracks are some of the finest ever made for any entertainment medium. He's practically the John Williams of video games. I particually love the ambient, slighty funky feel of the music in Final Fantasy X and the techno magic in Final Fantasy VIII. They are my favourite Final Fantasy soundtracks to be honest. I'm looking forward to hearing all of the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack as it sounds bloody brilliant. When I first heard the battle theme for this game back in 2006, I just knew it was going to be something incredible.

There Is Just TOO MANY Of These Things![]

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