Hey,Braska. Ain't this supposed to be a grand occasion? Where're the cheering fans? The crying women?
―Jecht, Final Fantasy X


Kneel before my knowledge of the code!

Name BushidoMaster
A.K.A The Greatest Samurai Ever
Job Class Take a guess
Hometown Wutai
Date of Birth May 27, 1991
Age 17
Height 6'2"
IQ At least 140
Weapon The Masamune if I could wield it, otherwise a simple katana
Spells Curaga, Holy, Blizzaga, Ardor, Wall
Summons Carbuncle, Diablos, Bahamut, Anima, Shiva
limit breaks Finishing Touch, Dragon Fang, Banishing Blade, Zanmato

Hello. My name is BushidoMaster and I have joined this Wiki to distribute my opinions on the greatest RPG series of all time! Now, while I have not played every single game in the series (cough* Mystic Quest terrible *cough), I do believe that all of the games in the series I have played are top notch, but all have their shortcomings. I hope to be active in editing articles and providing walkthroughs (especially for XIII whenever it comes out), However, since I am still a student, this might not be possible at all times. But whenever I can, I hope to be active on this wonderful website.

FF Games I Have PlayedEdit






FF X-2


Other Great Game SeriesEdit




Metal Gear Solid



My Final Fantasy GameEdit

Seeing as how I wish to major in Game Design and Development when I go to college, I should start hashing out my ideas on this website. So please continue reading below.

Background: 30 years ago, the parliamentary government of Tierre was overtaken in a bloody coup by the Malvaisimo political faction. At first, it seemed like these new leaders would carry on the traditions of the past. But soon, under the iron fist of the one party oligarchy, Tierre became a brutal world of oppression, prejudice and unfairness. Ten years ago, Malvaisimo issued an edict; when a resident of Tierre turns 18, they must either join the party, or expect a life fleeing from the party's secret police. Seven years ago, the sister of Kelven Cabalero, Selsia, decided to join the party to be with her boyfriend, Alek. Four years ago, Kelven refused to join the party, and is now a member of the most widespread underground resistance force, Request for Eminent Dismissal of the Oligarchy, or RE-DO.

Story: 3 weeks ago, Selsia was banished from Malvaisimo for attempted sabotage, and forced underground just like a majority of Tierre. She meets up with her younger brother, and eventualy joins RE-DO. Elsewhere, the secret police raided the hideout of another resistance group headquartered in the town of Fartop. The secret police normally takes prisoners, but this time they massacred the population. Selsia and Kelven investigate this strange occurence.

Main Characters:

Kelven Cabalero-Human-22- A fierce opponent of the new government, Kelven has joined the resistance to topple the oppressive regime. He is a great judge of character and always has honest opinions. However, he does get hot-headed if not shown the proper respect. He fights with honor, never using weapons to get the job done. (Class: Monk)

Selsia Cabalero-Human-25- Once a proud member of Malvaisimo, Selsia was excommunicated from the party 3 weeks ago under hazy circumstances. She now fights alongside her brother to fight the current regime. She is adept in her knowledge of Tierre's past, and knows the secrets hidden beneath her surface. Selsia is laconic and shy, but will always protect her little brother. (Class: Black Mage)

Other Playable Characters:

Lobos Bufalo-Human-24- A sniper in RE-DO, Lobos is never without an opinion. His cousin was one of those destroyed in the Fartop massacre, and he will not cease until he finds those responsible. He is very protective of anyone who earns his respect. (Class: Gunner)

Ryian Ester-Human-33- A professor at the Unviersity of Delti City, Ryian is specialized in teaching biochemistry. He is caring toward his students, and acts as a father figure to Kelven. (Class: Blue Mage)


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Obligatory FF PreferencesEdit

Based on what I have seen, in order to be validated as a user of this wiki, you need to include these charts.


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Game VII VI XII X Mystic Quest
Story VI VII VIII X Mystic Quest
Graphical Style XII VIII X IV II
Final Battle VII VI VIII XII X and X-2
Battle system VI VII X-2 X VIII


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Male Protagonist Cloud Cecil Squall Zidane Tidus or Vaan
Female Protagonist Terra Aeris Yuna (X) Rinoa Yuna (X-2)
Male Supporting Character Vincent Auron Balthier Cid Highwind Cait Sith
Female Supporting Character Tifa Quistis Rydia Rikku (X) Yuffie or Selphie
Female Love Interest Tifa Aeris Yuna (X) Quistis Yuffie
Temporary Player Character Seifer Sephiroth Laguna Ward Kiros
Villain Kefka Sephiroth Golbez Vayne Shuyin
VII Character Vincent Cloud Tifa Aeris Cait Sith
VIII Character Squall Quistis Zell Rinoa Selphie
X Character Auron Yuna Wakka Lulu Tidus
X-2 Character Nooj Paine Shinra Rikku Yuna
XII Character Balthier Basch Ashe Fran Vaan


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
VII Song One Winged Angel Fight On! J-E-N-O-V-A Aerith's Theme It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet
X Song Zanarkand A Fleeting Dream Assault A Contest of Aeons Suteki Da Ne?
X-2 Song Are there any good ones?
XII Song
Town Theme
Battle Theme
Boss Battle Theme VII
Final Battle Theme One Winged Angel Dancing Mad Nothing else matters


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
IV Summon
V Summon
VII Summon
Guardian Force
Aeon Anima Magus Sisters Bahamut Shiva Yojimbo
XII Summon

Job classesEdit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Fighter Cloud Squall Tidus
Thief Zidane Rikku (X)
Black Mage Vivi
White Mage Aeris Yuna Terra
Summoner Yuna Rydia
Blue Mage Quistis
Samurai Auron Nobody else matters
Gunner Vincent Balthier Irvine Yuna (X-2)
Dragoon Cid Highwind
Monk Tifa

Top five malesEdit

  1. Vincent
  2. Balthier
  3. Auron
  4. Cloud
  5. Basch

Top five femalesEdit

  1. Aeris
  2. Tifa
  3. Yuna (X)
  4. Quistis
  5. Terra

Worst five malesEdit

  1. Cait Sith
  2. Vaan
  3. Tidus

Worst five femalesEdit

  1. Yuffie
  2. Selphie
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