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I've been saving this one for you!
―Tidus, Final Fantasy X

Redxiii advent children.jpg

I want one of these...

Name BrodyGunner
A.K.A Matt
Job Class Paladin
Hometown None Of Your Damn Business, Canada
Date of Birth Dawn of Time
Age 20
Height 5'10"
IQ High...enough
Weapon Longword
Spells Confuse, Sleep, Blind, Flare
Summons Fenrir
Limit Breaks Polite Request to Disengage

About Me[]

My very first RPG was, in fact, Final Fantasy IX. I thought it was alright. Now, I consider RPG's my favourite genre and Final Fantasy my favourite series. Question is, what happened between playing IX with a "Meh" reaction and loving the series as a whole? Simple, I played Final Fantasy X. I loved it beginning to end, the characters, the story, the strategic gameplay, right down to the Chocobo music. X got me thinking, "Wow, this is awesome and a half, I should go back to IX..." I listened to myself and did just that. Turns out I do, in fact, love Final Fantasy IX as well! Crazy, no? Since then, I've effectively lost control and purchased every main series Final Fantasy available for my systems, and even a few spin-offs! I've yet to finish them all, life gets in the way, but the fantasy lives on...

And yes, that IS the lamest thing I've ever heard.


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Final Fantasy Preferences[]

Let's do this!


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII
Story Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII
Graphical Style Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy IX
Soundtrack Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X-2 (big time)
Song Maybe I'm A Lion Cosmo Canyon Wandering Real Emotion
Summon Bahamut Ifrit Phoenix Carbuncle
Job Class Summoner Paladin White Mage Bard (Doesn't even make sense!)
Final Dungeon Memoria Inside Sin Moon's Core Sky Fortress Bahamut
Final Battle Ultimecia The Undying Shuyin Necron
Limit Breaks Omnislash(!) Blitz Ace Bansihing Blade Death Gigas


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Protagonist Cloud Strife Tidus Zidane Tribal Fighter (Even he's awesome)
Male Supporting Character Auron Nanaki Edward Geraldine Adelbert Steiner
Female Supporting Character Tifa Lockhart Yuna Rydia Eiko Carol
Female Love Interest Tifa Lockhart Yuna Rosa Farrell Aerith Gainsborough
Female Bubbly Ditz Rikku Selphie Tilmitt Edward Chris von Muir Eiko Carol
Temporary Player Character Reddas Beatrix Blank Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
Villain Sin Golbez Kuja J-Pop (Final Fantasy X-2)
Minor Villain Garland Garland...from IX Judge Gabranth Zorn and Thorn
Cast Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy XII

Minor Details...[]

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