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Flag of englandThis user is from England and wouldn't want to be from anywhere else.
Userb male This user is a male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
User aries This user is an Aries.
StraightsymbolThis user identifies as heterosexual.
Userb watercrystal This user is of the Water element.
Userb enon This user believes that an edit count doesn't necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions.
th_Wikipedia-logo.png This user is also a member of Wikipedia, under the name BritBoy.


IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
VThis user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
VIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
VIIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
X This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
XII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XII.
th_Khcom-sora.gif This user plays Kingdom Hearts.
AC This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
LO This user is a fan of Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.
CC This user is a fan of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
TSW This user is a fan of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


FF4PSP-CecilPSprite This user is One to be Born.
FF4PSP-KainSprite You'll see soon enough that this user is superior.
FF4PSP-TellahSprite This user thinks you are a Spoony Bard.
FF4PSP-CidSprite This user is gonna kill the lot of ya if you don't come back safe!
FFV iOS Gilgamesh Field Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! As for this user... It's Morphing Time!
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
FFVI Setzer Gabbiani Sprite iOS Ante up! This user's life is a chip in the pile.
Userbox ff7-vincent This user's occupation is... forget it.
Sephiroth icon This user is an Heir to the Planet.
Rufus-shinra-userbox This user knows that a little fear will control the minds of the common people.
Userbox ff7-rude This user's mission's finished...
Zellmenu D-do you have any hot dogs left for this user?
Irvinemenu What is this user's department? Guns and women of course.
Seifermenu This is the scene where you swear your undying hatred for this user!
SeeD Logo 2 This user is an elite SeeD operative.
Flag of Galbadia This user is a soldier of Galbadia.
Kimahriface This user thinks only those who try will become.
BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?


Squallmenu This user thinks that Nomura's art is better than the others.
GTA.png This user plays the Grand Theft Auto series as well.
th_CnC_Nod_logo.jpg This user plays the Command & Conquer series of games as well.
th_Triforce.gif This user plays the Legend of Zelda series of games as well.
th_User_browser_IE7.png This user prefers Internet Explorer.

th_Pronintendo.jpg This user supports Nintendo.
th_Promicrosoft.jpg This user supports Microsoft.
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