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Name Christina
A.K.A Tina
Job Class White Mage
Hometown Ft. Shawnee, OH
Date of Birth July 7, 1989
Age 20
Height 5 foot 4
Weapon Staves, Rods, Books, etc.
Spells White Magic
Summons Alexander
Limit breaks Advent
Blood Type O+

Table o' Preferences Edit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
IV Character Rydia Edge Yang Tellah
VI Character Edgar Celes Shadow Umaro
VII Character Aeris Cid Nanaki Cait Sith
VIII Character Quistis Edea Zell Rinoa
IX Character Zidane Vivi Freya NONE!
X Character Auron Yuna Lulu Tidus
XII Character Ashe Balthier Basch Vaan
Hero Zidane Balthier Terra Tidus
Villain Kefka Kuja Vayne Sephiroth
Summon Bahamut Alexander Ixion Yojimbo
Battle Theme IX VIII VI VII
Boss Battle Theme Mystery Sword Dancing Mad J-E-N-O-V-A VIII Boss Theme
Character Theme Terra Aeris Steiner Cait Sith

Talk template! Edit

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Cockatiel VS Chocobo

Gallery of Early FFX Artwork Edit

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