Is both cute and awesome

come on gang lets mosey
―cloud, FFVII

Terryaeroslash hello.

hi everyone i will be working at the kirby wiki for a duration, don't worry i'll check in now and again


Name bob
A.K.A terry
Job Class geomancer (what else)
sub job thief
Hometown embaros
other kirby clan members Pablo

Zeromus EG

currently following ChiefKakashi
IQ really smart
Weapon crystal blades
Spells geomancy
Summons shiva, bahamut, ramuh, chocobo that kind of stuff
limit breaks blast back, icecube, earthquake

My Pokemon Pearl Friend code, so you can battle meEdit


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Guess which one's fake.

  1. I listen to video game music whenever i'm on the computer. (currently i'm listening to checker knights from kiry air ride)
  2. My Best pokemon is roserade
  3. I shun all consoles not made by nintendo (except the origonal PS)
  4. I think yu-gi-oh sucks
  5. I rule at tetris
  6. My first Video Game ever was the super mario bros/Duck hunt packet
  7. My strongest pokemon was origonally one of my friends worst pokemon
  8. I've planned out a made-up video game right down to the final boss music

my tops Edit


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game ffIX ffV ffVI FFX-2
main man zidane bartz cecil tidus
main woman garnet eiko celes yuna
knight stiener ff1's knight cloud tidus
mage me of course vivi garnet there is no bad one
villan Kuja Kefka Sephrioth Cloud of Darkness


Category First Second Third Fourth
story final fantasy loz kirby mario
music loz final fantasy kirby metriod
gameplay ssb kirby final fantasy loz
graphics final fantasy loz kirby ssb
boss battles loz final fantasy kirby star oceon 2
overall final fantasy loz kirby ssbm

about bobEdit

bob was born in embaros and was always intrested in geomancy. while the other kids trained to be stupid stuff like warriors and chemists bob worked dilligently to be the best geomancer ever. bob eventully made his dream come true and is now a geomancer. bob's sub-class is a thief and can steal thoughts... and souls. bob wields two crystal shard swords. his species is a genome. in case you don't know bob loves final fantasy 9... a lot. in fact FFIX was his first game.


my medal for helpfullnessEdit

Ingus-Geomancer medal of helpfullness.

This user has been extremely helpful to newbies to this wiki site and deserves this medal from bob the geomancer.

bob's team membersEdit

bob is currently with a team of 4. the leader of the group is ramien, a skilled vampire dragoon. the white mage in the group is kate who is also the summoner.we also have the power house of the group who is ester, a masterful magic knight, and then we have me. we have banded together to defeat the evil overlord tetris.

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go here to see my reveiws


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music tourney

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!!!if you call within the next 20 seconds this user will give you a free car!!!
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current discussion: THE REVIVING!!!

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all hail the mightiness of banana kirby

favorite videos Edit


G-Force 199

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Alexander vs. Bahamut

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my bubble Edit


Ingus-Bard this is so i can get there easily

Ff5morph credits for this go's to Azul (i think)

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